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Gyllene Tider enters singles chart at #24

Written by Roxryder-V2002 on February 10, 2005 to .

“Jag borde förstås vetat bättre”, the third single off Gyllene Tider’s “Finn 5 Fel!” album enters the Swedish singles chart at #24. The triple platinum album rises from #53 to #48 on its 24th week on the albums chart.

  Both “GT25 Live!” and Marie Fredriksson’s “The Change” fall out of the Top 60.

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OH! Pooor The Change album!!!
I think it’s one of Marie’s best albums!

@patolucas Well, it was a pretty long time ago when The Change was released.
And about Gyllene Tider. It’s the 3rd single from the album, so I’m not surprised with the results.

Solsken entered at #22 or something, didn’t it?

So #24 isn’t too bad in the circumstances.

FFF is doing very well! Anyone remembers, how long Mazarin was in TOP60 charts?

#24 is VERY good (almost too good) for a song like that! (Still thinking about 72...)

Well, 72 (along with Speciell) is the least interesting track on Finn 5 Fel for me...

Jag borde förstås vetat bättre was a favourite of mine when I first got the album, and I still think it’s really nice...
Surprised it wasn’t Varje Gang Det Regnar released though - I remember everybody here was very keen on that back in the first few weeks after release.

Gyllene Tider stinks lol

Bad news!

#24 for GT????

@kibkalo: Mazarin was in the charts for 65 consecutive weeks! FFF on the other hand only managed to stay in the Top 60 for 20 weeks and then re-entered the charts a few weeks later...

Don’t forget Marie has done next to no promo for the album so that it made number 1 and hung around for a while was pretty good :)

Wonder how she is doing...?

“2nd Chance” entered the chart at #8. It spent 13 weeks in the single chart (the last week was in January 13rd). And the “The Change” was the #18 best selling album of 2004. An excellent achievement after just 2 months of sales, without any promotion, tours or video clips!

I don’t like GT. That’s the reason I won’t make any comment (good nor bad) about GT single.

Not bad for a release almost 12 months after the album!

I’m living in Sweden and Marie Fredriksson released an album some two months ago. I have NOT on ONE single occasion heard her voice on the radio. It struck me the other day, what ever happened to Marie Fredriksson’s much anticipated album. I mean, Agnetha Fältskog’s single got a lot of airplay when it was released last spring. I wonder why the radio stations ignored Marie, especially since her album got so good critics.

Hey AnnaLisa:

I got Agnetha’s new album, and all the singles too (EU and UK releases). I think “If I Thought You’d Ever Change Your Mind” is a wonderful song too...

Weird Marie didn’t get so much airplay. “The Change” was the # 18 best selling album in 2004, after just two months of sales. It’s strange it didn’t get any radio airplay. Some people said “All About You” single is hard to find even in Sweden. Is that true?

Being #24 was very low, but hey! This week it’s really better... #23 baby!!!

The album rises from #48 to #44 - 25 weeks and counting...

And Yay!!! Ms. Bolyos re-enters the chart at #57 - 15 non consecutive weeks and counting...


Good news:)


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