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Two Grammis awards for Gyllene Tider

Written by tevensso on February 7, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM - Gyllene Tider, nominated for four Grammis awards, received two awards tonight at The Grand Hotel in Stockholm. Gyllene Tider was selected as “Pop group of the Year” and their DVD “GT 25 live! En scen vid en plats i en stad” was “Music DVD of the Year.”

  The biggest award, “Artist of the Year” went to The Hives.

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woho, grattis!!!:)

Cool GT ..... two is better then none at all ...
Thanks for the greatest summer of 2004 !!

Yeah well done!!!!!

2 out of 4, not bad really!!! Congratulations!!! I love You!

PS Is it possible to watch the awards show somewhere on the net?

grattis!!!!! well done boyz :D


GT 4-ever!

Yea! Congratulations!

But what is “Arets lot?” Why not “Tuffa Tider/En Sten”?

4 Tider!

@Auryte: Webb-TV on , as always ;-)


Whole show:

Only “Popgroup of the year”:

Poor Christoffer got a new surname thanks to Micke... *LOL*

And an interview with Per Gessle after the show (”Gyllene Tider är over and out nu’)’: mms://!8367,T1L!.wmv

what does he say in the interview? I’m sure it’s not really much, but still, maybe one of the Swedes here can translate it.
thank you.

Can write down some things he said...

He thinks that it’s nice to get a grammis...

And that he is very happy to win and be nominated because Swedish music is really great and there is so many great boys and girls...

He sais that he won 4 grammisar with Mazarin and that was a little better, but this was great to...

He also sais that Gyllene Tider is over and out and that he’ll make songs on his own and we’ll see when they will be released..

He said that he was really hungry because he hadn’t eaten since breakfeast...

that’s prettie much it... hope u think my summary is good enough...

i sure think it is! haha. thanx daniel!

actually it wasn’t much, but it was comforting to hear once again that the pg future looks pretty bright (and so our future, as followers and listeners...)

Hej Per, NO “thank you” for MARIE?


Exactly, why??

finally, per has better hairdo. 2 months, and he’ll be looking like in twatg times ;)

there’s no need of colour-changing. i like it the way it is.

The GT guys got it once more! Grattis!!! :-)

Hope we won’t have to miss PHG this summer!!! Can’t imagine a summer without “här kommer alla känslorna” and “solsken”... It wouldn’t be a real one!

Because Marie is much ill and a very good friend of him!

A nice photo!

And thanx Starrox!!!

Zelda, so? Marie has nothing to do with F5F...

Look at the guys‘ faces. M.P. and Micke look sort of bewildered, they seem to had been expecting a different result.

Well done!

But Per, please go to see your hair-dresser! ;-)

Per hair-do is perfect.

Question: why didn’t Per kiss Asa when He won???

couple of questions: #1 is the Grammis like the Grammys in the states? #2 do you think there will ever be another Roxette album now that Capital has purchased the rights? it seems a lot of “past” bands are coming back w/ new material-curious-what do you all think?

@above: hopefully... I guess we’re all waiting for the new Roxette album.

The Grammis is like the Grammy, but the Grammis has pretty low status. I don’t know the status of the Grammy.

grammis is not worth much these days, but cool to see the guys again :) Hehe, Micke was it just a slip of the tongue? >:-)
I want the GTlive 2004 hairdo back on PG...


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