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Instinct magazine highlight’s Marie’s “fantastic” album

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on January 16, 2005 to .

NEW YORK - In an article about about “10 fantastic items uncovered,” the editors of Instinct magazine (a gay magazine with the largest circulation in the United States) have chosen to feature Marie’s new album. “Look what we found in the import bins this month,” they write on page 19 of their current (January) issue. Along with an image of the cover art, here’s what they had to say:

Album: Marie Fredriksson, The Change (MaryJane Music)

You might be asking who Marie Fredriksson is and why we care? She’s actually the female half of Roxette (you know, “that Swedish band from the early ’90s”). Pull the curtains back and you’ll find that Roxette is still very much alive, yet on hiatus due to Marie’s battle with cancer. Since her victory over the disease and the removal of a brain tumor, she has released her first solo international album in English. Getting back to her roots in blues, R&B and even gospel, the album has been the therapy she’s needed for her fight. Marie delivers each song with the strength, the anger and the pure lust for life she has gained from her recovery.” —Steve Espinosa

Order The Change from www.

The other import item mentioned is Kylie Minogue’s new single, “I Believe In You.”


Oh great! That’s a nice article! :)

;) fantastic

WOW! That’s great to her!!!

Nice, positive review.

Nice! :)

The writer’s name rings a bell, I think... Someone from the fandom? ;) *thumbs up*

@roxgirl: I had the same feeling... but, oh well! (-:

Kylie records are imports in the USA? Why? She had a big hit with Can´t Get You Out Of My Head and album Fever.

A US website - can’t remember the URL - even listed Kylie Minogue as a “one hit wonder”. From the European perspective she definitely isn’t one, and the maker of the list had been contacted by several Europeans about his “mistake”.

Nice review :) The name does ring a bell...a fan perhaps?!

Steve has been a RoxFan online as long as I have. It’s nice that Marie got a mention in a national US mag, but my question is, how long can Steve keep “astroturfing” Roxette products and keep his job as Art Director? Is it proper to publish personal choices without the input of others as the “top import” such and such, like ATAY single? (Forum post linked above.)

Yeah it’s a large-circulation gay mag, but I guess the question is, how many people will read this and try to import the album?

(By the way, I love Marie, I hope she does well, and I am all for catharsis through music. If her album made her feel better, I am glad. :) But there is no question in my mind that her husband’s influence did not “help” her music, and the resulting album I find a slap in the face to a solid music carrer up until now. That’s my personal opinion.)

It IS nice that Marie got a mention in a US mag. Please be positive and keep it at that. Does it really matter if Steve is a fan? Think about it... All reviews by editors are opinions no matter what anyone can argue otherwise. Just look at Fred Bronson from He is a Roxette fan and he writes stellar reviews about Roxette in the US as well.
Just because you obviously dislike Marie’s album doesn’t mean a good review is wrong, even if it from a fan. But this is just another “opinion” isn’t it.;) Just like yours.
Also just to let you know, I’m an actual subscriber to Instinct magazine. I love this magazine and I’ve noticed that Steve may be the Art Director but he also writes and reviews. Having some background in how magazines work, I’m sure everyone there in Instinct’s editorial department probably has a hand in everything.

why shouldn’t he write about artists he likes, if he has the chance to? I have done the same in our local gay magazine, wrote about both Marie and Eva, why not anyway?

Roxette (xtra Marie) has a lot of fans in the gay community!

Some of us in the “breeder” community like her too.

Just for the record.


That´s great! It shows that the US still know about them.

Yeah! But I can’t say I like the album, but it’s great anyway! Marie is good, but without Gessle..... Not my style

See? Roxette (Marie’s or Per’s) material has what it takes to make it big in the states, when are those people ever going to learn to listen to good music instead of having people combine styles over and over again? EMI is losing a lot of money by not having representation for roxette there.We can hope that Marie (or Roxette) can become in the long run idols of a large community as the gay comunity is and thus obtaining an outstanding mention in that country

Finally some publicity for Roxette in the USA~~! :D

I miss the good ole days when Roxette was known all over the US and played just as much if not more than Britney Spears...I am so tired of her. Does anyone know when this Album by Marie will be realeased here in the states. If not does anyone know of a website that is in English that I can buy the album from? I have looked and just can not find it. sells it for a ridiculous price of $32.49, but you can get it much cheaper from one of their marketplace sellers:

As I’m writing this, the lowest price is caiman_com’s $22.99 plus shipping.


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