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Gyllene Tider takes home two Bears

Written by tevensso on January 16, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM - Gyllene Tider was nominated in three categories in Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet’s prestigious award Rockbjörnen. Gyllene Tider received two, namely Best Group and Best Album! “It’s like scoring in the World Championships!” Per says happily.

  Neither Per nor Marie received a personal bear this time.

  The awards show was held at Cirkus in Stockholm, at 20:00 CET. Highlights will be shown on ZTV Jan 18 and again on TV3 Jan 23.

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YESSSS!!!!! (-;

But what’s with Marie???

I think we guessed that they would win!

You guys deserved it!

I wanted Marie to win :(
But im glad for GT!!

Excelent... 2004 was yours !! Congratulations ! :)
GO GT GO !!!!!!!!!!!

So, any information about the show? Did they perform?? Plz, anyone who saw it, let us know!

surprise surprise! ;)

congrats, guys!

kibkalo, the show hasn’t start yet.

Congratulations you deserve all the best,love roxie argentina

Sad that Marie didn’t win! :( Her album is just fantastic! Lena Philipsson?? ...hmm..sorry not my taste at all...

Congrats to GT!! ;o))
Sad, that neither Per nor Marie received it

There was short GT chat on Aftonbladet’s site. Nothing new. I asked about Roxette and Per answered that’s time out for Roxette.

edit, here:,2789,589612,00.html

Marie deserve an award!!!

that just made it once more clear to me that award don’t mean a thing. marie delivered a great album and it has nothing to do with her fight against cancer. it’s just great album. it’s musically very good and it is ten times better then what per writes.
because it is straight from the heart and not that simple written like per most of the time does. (no effense to per fans).
look at the mtv awards most artist you don’t see back next year.
so what. as long as there are artist out there who make other people happy that’s all that counts/
don’t you think!

Two bears to Anastacia OMFG
Crap at its worst

Rockbjörnen is voted on by fans, so if Marie didn’t get one, she just wasn’t popular enough. There’s no jury deciding who should get this award or not.
All Swedish artists regard this award as the most important one, as opposed to the Grammis who no one likes (even though they state that when they receive one.)

Edit: Changed Grammy to Grammis.


OOOOH! Shit, that I wasn’t here, yesterday!!!

Happy about Gyllene Tider!!! They deserve this.

Sad about Marie. Well, what can we do??? Let’s listen to The Change.

Okey. I was there. Gyllene Tider recieved 2 “bears” yes. Me and my friends was standing right at the catwalk where they recieved the prizes. *smile* Nice view of their behinds. hehe... Oh well. The catwalk was not high at al, so it was just to reach out your arm and “oups... did I touch Pers leg? And oh.. there was MP’s shoe”. *smile* PERFECT.

And after the show we were a bit confused. Ofcourse we wanted to meeet them afterwards and so on. Who wouldn’t? So after some looking around we got to the right place and met MP’s fiancee. She told us that “the boys” were to come down to the party in a while ’cos they were doing interviews and stuff at the moment. So we got autographs from Dogge Dogelito (A shame that I didn’t have my “I survived the latin kings-t-shirt on me) Anyway, after just a few minutes Per, MP and Göran came, and we were all happy. I don’t know where Anders was... perhaps he had come down earlier since some girls said they’d met him before we came. And Micke was in New York so he wasn’t there at all. Too bad.
Anyway, it was a very happy evening and well worth the travel to Stockholm and back.

weiiii! grattis to the golden boys :P

good call, Per Gesslealso got a mention on MTV news (aired in Sweden). oam.

Great story Baby-C !!! (-:

How does Per looks with his “new” hair-style ??

Don’t like Anders’s new hairstyle.

But the “GT30” banners were no hint at all what people want. ;D

Yees !!
Ixtlaner also told me that MTV mention Per and Gyllene tider in the news yestarday :-)))))))))))

Is there a way to download the videos from aftonbladet? It´s flashplayer so I don´t know how to dowload.

Great party! And a lot of screaming “G(essle)T” fans! GO Gessle, Gooo!

I‘ve just downloaded the videos from GT! Very easy-take flashplayer and a special programm.

Gyllene is worth 100000 bears.


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