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Per about the upcoming Rockbjörnen awards show

Written by Helene2000 on January 14, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM - Aftonbladet interviewed Per Gessle about the upcoming Rockbjörnen award show (Sunday). Per has received 11 bears over the years but only recently realized he only had five at his office. “So I special ordered six new ones from Aftonbladet for 5,000 kronor (€550) a piece!” Per says. The bear family resides in his office in Stockholm. Per loves the Rockbjörn, he feels this is the highest praise you can get.

  Gyllene Tider received the first Rockbjörn in 1982. “What?!” Per exclaims. “We didn’t get one until 1982? That’s outrageous, 1981 was our big year!” Per tells Aftonbladet that when they got a Rockbjörn 1982 for “Sommartider” and “Puls” he felt that they were down on their luck, so it was nice to be encouraged. “Roxette’s one in 1988 is nice too, that was before our real break through. And all of the ’Mazarin’ hoopla, a total jackpot! Those bears I value!”

  On the question whom he would give the Rockbjörnen he says that for Male Artist of the Year and Record of the Year he would give the award to Alf Robertsson for his album “Augustibrev”. Regarding Female Artist of the Year Per would give the award to Marie Fredriksson (“I love her new album”) and as Newcomer of the Year he would present the Rockbjörnen to Anna Ternheim.

  The Rockbjörnen is held on Sunday Jan 16, 20:00 CET at Circus in Stockholm. A summary will be shown on ZTV Jan 18.

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And will Gyllene attend the ceremony? Whould they perform? :)

I read somewhere (TDR?) that they will... Maybe they will even perform like they did at the Grammis in 1996?

kibkalo: Read the third article on this page and you’ll know the answer to the first question ;-)

Why wasn’t Per asked whom he would give the award for the best group???


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