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Thumbs down for TV4’s Gyllene Tider documentary

Written by tevensso on January 10, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM - Swedish TV4 aired a 45-minute Gyllene Tider documentary last week. The documentary seemed more like a preview of a longer documentary which is expected to be released on DVD later this month. Basically nothing new was mentioned in it, so the hopes for the DVD are now higher.

  Of the 45 minutes, about half was from the live DVD released last fall. A TV critic wrote in Aftonbladet that “…TV4 should be ashamed of themselves airing a one hour commercial for Gyllene Tider.” Be that as it may, it was a decent documentary, with all that should be there - fans, friends, parents and old teachers talking about the Boys. It could’ve been a tad more interesting from a fan’s point of view, however. It was clear that this documentary was aimed to the “common man,” since the basic story of the program was “this is Gyllene Tider, they have toured this year, and it was all huge.”

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Oh man the Gessle Girls are gonna go NUTS over that topless Per photo!

Sexy Gessle picture!!!!!!!!!
Hope to see the documentary sooooon!



*drools a bit*

that pic brightened up my day :P

Time: 29:08 - You can see me running through ELMIA! (-;

btw: FANTASTIC docu!

All Live-Documentaries seem to be a bit the same I agree ...anyway...I’m very interested in the full DVD-version!!! Hope it’s longer!! And I hope it’s coming soon!!!!

Well, I liked what I’ve seen, despite the fact that my computer was rather slow. Waiting for more!!!

PS Fantastic picture. I was in heaven when I saw it in the docu...:):):)

topless Per, thumbs up, he’s got NOTHING to be ashamed of...all good! on_a_mission.

I think the documentary was really interesting. But what pisses me off is that ANOTHER DVD will be released. It almost feels like PG&Co. are trying just everything to squeeze out every little coin from us this time. Sure, I think it is fun having new stuff to look at, but when DVD after DVD is released with 50 mins here and an hour there I get a bit fed up. Why not fill the DVDs when we now have such a nice medium? I don’t feel like paying 200 SEK every month for another 50 mins.
Here I think Marie did the right thing in 2000 when releasing a FULL DVD AND a CD in the same box.

:O MY Goooood !!!! This picture made my day and all my year for sure!!!!!
I hate to not be able to see this documentary. They should show it in some cable tv for all world :)

why is everybody so obsessed with per’s body you can’t really see that much and what you see is not that special. it’s just an 44 year old body

@ frisso well, PER’s body doesn’t look old for me...

@frenandna-brasil you can watch the docu on

@frisso: Don’t bother about them! If Prince Charles was a member of Roxette they would think he was hot as well.

@frisso: my thoughts precisely.. his body isn’t that special.

@per_mson: good point :D


But I guess it’s about the fact that ppl never saw him without a shirt that he is in good shape! :D

Yes, I also think that it has to do with the fact that it‘s the very first time, after 15 years of being a fan, at least in my case, that we see Per Gessle without a shirt. It’s not that we are hot!, je, well, not me at least.

Yeah well, in that case it’s understandable :)

:-O i loveeeeee the gessle topless :-O ohhh my god

Can someone make me a copy of this? Some fans cannot get this material :(


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