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Ullevi concert to be shown on Swedish TV4

Written by daniel_alv on January 6, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM - TV4 will broadcast one hour of highlights from Gyllene Tider’s concert at Ullevi last summer. The program will be shown on Wednesday, January 12 at 20:00 CET.

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...on Per’s birthday..?!

KANON!!! (-;

How was the documentary yesterday ?? Hope to see it at

Do you really think that we will get to see the documentary on webb tv BEFORE the release of the DVD?

I didn’t think the documentary was so good.. Not much new information and a lot of it was taken from the other DVD... Återtåget is 100 times better...

@daniel_alv: Tell us more please...

Sorry, about what “yesterday” documentary you are talking about??? Where could I watch it???

Waiting for this one!!!

TV4 showed documantary about tour. It is available via webbTV (need to register to view)

Oh, that was cool!Nothing really new though...
Is there any way to have it saved?
my slow computer made everything look a little bit boring with all the buffering-jobs...

too much like atertaget though...don’t you think so?

I think it was boring... It was a great beginning when they showed a lot of people singing GT songs and it was like text like “two people likes GT”, “Five people likes GT” and then u saw pictures from Ullevi and then the text was “59***” likes GT

the end was cool to when they talked about people who knew GT and stuff...

Don’t think u can save it, but it will come on DVD..

I donät think it was so much like återtåget, återtåget is much better...

@roxgirl_germany: YES! I think so!!!

Thank you for the link.

Gezzle ...topless! *wolf-whistles* ;)

Wooohoo, I’ll second that! ;)

some funny old pictures from the early days...

Where can I watch that docu about GYLLENE TIDER that was broadcasted on the 12th of January???


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