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New Gyllene Tider single out in January

Written by tevensso on December 27, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Both Aftonbladet and Expressen have met Per Gessle to summarize 2004. In Aftonbladet Per says he will be back in 2006 with new material, “so everyone else should cancel that summer” he says laughing. Expressen writes that a new Gyllene Tider single will be released in January, and that the old albums possibly will be repackaged and put out again, without bonus tracks. Also the documentary DVD mentioned earlier, after that Gyllene Tider goes back to the back burner again. “Quite honestly I’m really sick of Gyllene Tider now and it’s good if that group gets some rest. I’m a solo or a duo man.”

  Per may instead record another solo album in English, as he needs to find a way to renew himself. “I’m sure an album will be out in 2005, I can’t rest much.”

  Per Gessle has never experienced a fever like 2004, he’s sold over 43 million albums, but nothing beats the tour this summer. “I’ve never seen a fever like this, not in any context. It’s totally unique and will be hard to beat, for all of us.” Per says.

  Update: The new single is “Jag borde förstås vetat bättre” with the b-sides being the T&A demos of “Speciell” and “Tuffa tider”. The sleeve will be something really special: a sun-bleached photo from 1966 of the Gessle family’s red brick house in Furet in Halmstad, with a little tyke standing in front of it wearing yellow pajamas “eagerly awaiting the Dumle lollipop of the day.”

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Another GT single? *yawn*

Well, good to hear that 2005 will definitely be a year off for Per. Time to save money for 2006. ;)
And honestly..his words are quite clear, aren’t they? Roxette won’t ever come back.

if per will be back in 2006 with new material, what happens with roxette...

bittersweet new............................

Hope on the next single we get that vanilla, chocolate song, or whatever it’s called...

And let’s hope for a sequel to TWATG in 2006!
With Marie on vocals for one or two songs... like on ’I’ll be Alright.’

He says he is a ’solo or a DUO man’ which is hardly a pessimistic statement...
I don’t think he means ’Lonely Boys II’ or an album with him and Tom Jones...

What about Roxette? Not that good news...

Maybe even more GT stuff, hopefully also Heartland remasterd..and more Per solo stuff would be awesome!!!

Roxette album would also be great!

I reserved 2005 to Eva anyways ;)

MORE GT STUFF?:) i think they beat any records....

“DUO man” that’s good news! Roxette must come back!

And 3rd single from F5F? hoping for Speciell

I don’t want a TWATG 2 in 2006. :( Per is tired of GT and I am tired of Per. :) Well, but maybe that will have changed until 2006. :P

I don’t care much about Roxette as a music group, since I really “grew” and appreciate Marie’s music a lot more. Actually I had dreamed about a little Roxette comeback in 2006 just to see that she is really fine and feels up to it, but as I said many times before: she will need a lot more time and I am ready to give her all the time she needs. If she doesn’t want to do it - well fine. ;)

Ah, huh, errr, Per? Remember this girl who likes singing? ah what was her name? Ah yes! Marie! Remember her!? And that thing called Roxette. Just one question: When???

I don’t think it’s Per’s fault or anybody’s fault. It’s the same as this past two years TIME. We have to wait a little longer. She proved she can sing again but Roxette represents a lot of energy (and exposure) she may be able to gain during the new year or more.

Just yesterday i was listening (and falling in love again with) The World According... It’s really good! So picture The World... + Mazarin + whatever in his mind = something very promising and he deserves it.

I don’t think it’s the end of Roxette. He says:

I’m a solo or a Duo man.

As always time will tell, hope soon.

After reading this, I still think there is a chance that Roxette may return some time. But anyway, a solo album from Per in English would be great as well!

Hey!!, hey!!, hey!! People!!!!
Don’t be pessimist!!!
Do you remember Per saying the truth or clear things? I don’t remember it.
I think......
1.- The latest news from Marie: She’s on vacations
2.- Per words: “I’m a solo or a duo man” ; he will be back in 2006 with new material

So people, I think Per is going to write new songs to Roxette. If Marie is not fit to sing with Roxette, he will record a solo album with those songs.
But I’m still thinking It will be a new Roxette’s album (maybe the last one) with or without tour.

Well, what do you think about what I’m saying?
Sorry for my english!


– Jag tror att det blir ett album under 2005. Jag är inte den som kan slå mig till ro.

So much for taking a year off... *g*

I want “72” to be a new single!!! Or “Ta Mej...” of course. :)

A new English solo-album would be fantastic !

@Starrox: Doesn’t that mean that he will try to record it under 2005 and release it 2006?

Comment removed by author

43 million copies is all in all, NOT only GT..

@Kiwein: *shrugs* But in any case, recording an album doesn’t qualify as “taking a year off” IMHO ;-)

True! :)

A message to Per:

1st) Take a couple of months off.

2nd) Record some of your new English stuff in a solo album

3rd) A little summer-tour in Europe (Sweden, Germany and Spain, for instance) would do you no harm

4rth) Call your friend M.F. and ask her: hey, how are you? Are you in the mood?

5th) Record the best of your new material with that fantastic Swedish duo. Which was its name...?yes, I think it was Roxette or something like this.


PS: Of course all this is a joke, but it will help Per know how a lot of fans feel...if he ever reads this message, which I doubt... :P

Never trust a popstar talking about two years in the future....;)

Where is the link from the aftonbladet article?? Didn’t find any summarizing there. “Only” an artists-list of “goods and bads” in 2004. Or was it that what you meant?

The Aftonbladet article isn’t available online (yet?)...

He said exactly: “I’m sure an album will be OUT IN 2005, I can’t rest much.”
That means - a new solo album will be released in 2005!!!!! :D

I doubt the Aftonbladet article will come online at all. It was in the paper edition on Sunday.

Great news!!!
I love you Per!!!!
I want more GT!!! Yes!!!
More DVDs, more Singles, more Reeditions (I like them), more Gessle!!!!


cover.. special and fun I bet ;)

Interesting choice, that’s one of the songs I really didn’t expect to become a single! But I won’t complain as long as the b-sides don’t change... ;-)

speciell (demo) & en english solo??? What a beautiful begining of the new year!!

Cool for Per! ;-) ... but which will be the destination of Roxette???... :-S

GREAT SONG!!!!!!!!

Hey Roxette is going to have its 20th anniversary in 2006, so maybe that’s why he mentioned that year in particular, and that he is tired of GT.....hopefully Roxette are coming back!!!!

Rox On!

wow! GREAT NEWS! this fever called “gessle fever” can´t stop making songs and that is really great for us all!. “PER IS THE KING”!

Coooool cant wit!! :D

it looks like some of you forget it’s not really Per who is to decide when Roxette comes back, it depends on Marie’s health. Whenever she says “I’m ready” they’ll record something, it may take more or less time, but they will. Meanwhile Per is keeping himself busy doing other stuff.. what should he do, sit and wait and waste songs? :)

Yes, great comment Judith!

We can be so happy that Per is a workaholic and that he will never stop making music!

Summer 2006? Not such a good timing, because I have to write my final thesis for uni then :-(

At least I can save the money in 2005... Unless there comes something unexpected...

And please people: save your “I don’t like Gessle-Comments” There are still many people who like him. I don’t think there’s a competition between the solo-work of Marie and Per because you just can’t compare them!

We are all Roxers with different preferences when it comes to their solo-work.

Nice choice of single & b-sides :-) Rich

Great News! Wow! Cool Songs for b-side demos of the new single!
Nice to hear that some new material is under process...

go for duo, thats why it all begun in the first place I guess.

I don’t believe that ROXETTE’s 20th anniversary will pass with no notice...
Hopefully, in 2005 we’ll have more PER stuff and 2006 will be the year for ROXETTE, ahhhh!!!

Great news, my appetite for Gessle/Fredriksson products is insatiable (-: We might not get anything new from Roxette in the next few years that was recorded after Marie became ill, but we may get to hear some of the stuff in the proverbial can that Per’s always talking about, maybe as bonus tracks in the long-awaited Roxette Boxette or something. We can always hope!

I really wish they’d picked a different single, “JBFVB” is such a cheesy song it makes me cringe... but at least there’s something new to look forward to, so I’ll complain quietly (-:

I want my ’choklad vanilj och jordgubb’!!!!!!!

Per has to understand there´s a lot of fans that do NOT speak Swedish... so it´s time for ROXETTE ALBUM.

what happened to the icecream -or whatever it was-song?


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