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New Gyllene Tider documentary to be aired

Written by tevensso on December 25, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - A new Gyllene Tider documentary, “Gyllene Tider lite från insidan” (“GT, a little from the inside”), will be aired on Swedish TV4 on January 5th at 21:00 CET. The program is 55 minutes long, minus approximately 10 minutes of commercials. This documentary is presumed to be released on DVD later this winter.

  TV4 will rerun the chronicle on Feb 5th.

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That´s great!! I only know the old documentation “Återtaget”. But why couldn´t they broadcast it 2 weeks earlier- when I´ve been in Sweden?
I hope they´ll release a DVD that is not soooo expensive.


WOW!!! Gessle rocks! -)

Another 55 minute long DVD ...?

Gyllene Tider forever!

Will it be available to watch the documentary somewhere on the net???

Good news!!!:)

I guess it will appear on the TV4 web site like the Marie one did!

honestly I can´t wait for this!

Great news!
I wish they also add some extra material on DVD

Great! I have to buy digi box, so I can watch and record this documentary.

Another DVD? my god...
The “En scen...” DVD has enough free space to put a 55 mins documentary. This is a shame.

I‘m sure that they will put some extra material on the DVD or the Doku showen on tv is a shortet version as the one on the dvd. I mean if they put no exrtas on the dvd no one would buy them because everyone has record it from tv.

subtitles anyone? ;)

Or posters?

silly “translation” topics?

Great news!! Can’t wait!

great news!!!!!!

what happend??
give us some info about documentary.

Iam from Sweden and I wonder were Per Gessle live. In Stockholm, I knowe that he live on Strandvägen but I don’t knowe where on strandvägen. Please tell me!
And in Halmstad where is he’s house there? And he’s son in which school go he in?


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