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“The Change” released in Brazil, but with spotty distribution

Written by Grasi on December 21, 2004 to .

RIO DE JANEIRO - Marie’s new album “The Change” has been released in Brazil, and can be found in the Brazilian music shops. The album appears on the front page of EMI Brazil´s site and Marie has a place on the “artist” section of their site.

  Many fans around the country who intended to buy it for Christmas have told The Daily Roxette that they are having some difficulties finding the CD in the shops until now and only one internet retailer (CD Point) has it listed.

  Several stores located in shopping malls, when questioned by TDR’s Lars-Erik Olson, who was vacationing in Brazil, said that they expected their copies to be delivered soon. A chain called “CD|Company” had multiple copies available in several of their locations with a price of R$26.90 (about $10 USD).


Would someone get me a copy? :)

EMI Brazil again making us crazy... I bet we will be able to find the Album only next year...

I’ll get one for you!
Check your mail...


I’m going to by mine tomorrow :D

haha another item for collectors :P

I would also like to have a copy, please!

spotty distribution?????????

Hello Eds - can we get some English language proofing going on here?

Is it a different version???

Of course it’s different. It’s made in Brazil. The songs are the same, though.

so its not diffrent just has a diff # number ;) and says made in brazil on it

oh my article published on TDR :D
thanks Lars ;)

well, although the album is hard to find right now, I´m sure every music shop here will have it avaliable until January.

Why do Brazilian EMI do that? I don’t understand. We cannot buy an album (and do it a big success) without promotion. I makes me (and million fans) angry :( ?

Please DO promote this album. Neither me (a huge fan) Knew about it until now !!

Think about it. You’re losing an big opportunity!!


Please, someone send to me a list of stores in São Paulo where I can Buy it.

P.S: For all Roxette and Marie fans a very-very Xmas!!! :D


in Switzerland, “The Change” is in some stores, but there is almost no promotion at all. In one store in my hometown, it was in the shelf with other new cd’s, but I only saw one little article about it in a newspaper. too bad...

please email me to [email protected]. I have a question for you but I don’t have your email address.


you can buy the album on the following website its £8.99GBP. I use this site all the time for most of my albums dvd’s and games so it comes highly recommended. Good luck....

CD-WOW only has the holland edition, not the brazilian one.


PS: does anyone know where can I get the russian edition? (Is there any?)

As far as I knew, the album would only come out in january...!!!...better that way...

I’d really like to listen to it in Jovem Pan at least, which is one of the most messed up radios when it’s about programming...ur never able to know when it’s gonna play...i’d rather listening to Mix Radio...

If only Educadora played it would be awesome...a pitty that most of people don’t know here that Marie’s name it is actually Marie Fredriksson...they mostly think her name is ’Roxette’ 2002, people said...’did u see? Roxette is sick...’ would u believe that? hehee...perhaps the radio guy will have to say ’and this is ’2nd Chance’ from Marie Fredriksson...she’s Roxette singer’...sigh...

Lars-Erik in Brazil...hmm...I only wonder where he could possibly be taking vacations...hehehe...hey lars, a tip: go to the south region nex time...if u didn’t now, I mean...u’ll find a lot of half swedish/half brazilian girls...hehehehe...

I found the album at Cultura bookstore here in São Paulo.
I called to emi and the guy told me the problem is that the cd was released after all big stores had just conclued their orders for X-mas. Only Cultura and lojas americanas ordered this cd untill now here.
He told me it will be easier to find in January when all them will order again.
I couldn’t wait January so I bought mine now. It’s fantastic. I loved :D

Yes, Fernanda is right! I finnaly found my copy from “The Change” in this shop (from another city though)! I bought their last unity, soright now the CD is sold out there! :D


Is “The Cange” to buy in the Netherlans or alone on the net. E-mail me at: [email protected]


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