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Grammis nominees revealed

Written by tevensso on December 16, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - The Grammis nominees have been revealed and are as follows: Popgroup of the Year: Gyllene Tider, Composer of the Year: Per Gessle, Artist of the Year: Gyllene Tider, Song of the Year: Gyllene Tider: “Tuffa tider/En sten vid en sjö i en skog”, in total four nominations.

  You may view the list, in full, at

  The Grammis Award show will be held at the China Theater in Stockholm February 7. The following party will be held at Bern’s Salons, next to the China Theater. TV4 will air the show “live”.

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I can’t believe that Lena something is nominated and not Marie. I don’t know if the lyrics are any good, but her music says nothing to me. Marie deserved at least some honorary award for her return.

Good for Per and The Guys!!!

great for per and gt :)

curious: who is this Marit? Never heard of her and she got 5 nominations, is she good?

No Marie??

Thought that Change was something the jury would definitely be fond of!!

Really too bad that Marie isn’t nominated, as the Change is really an exceptional album, that would for sure have deserved a nomination. But great news for Per and Gyllene Tider!

Go GT Gooooooooo !!!!

Greaaaaaaat news... and I´m not surprised about the fact that Marie has no nominations... “The Change” is a very weak album.

GT RULES !!! :)

@ Gunman (or something...)

To be honest F5F is a LOT weaker than The Change! But I guess the Swedish jury is still under Per Gessle’s magic spell... Not that there’s anything truly wrong with that.. But still! :/

Hej, I’ve written two comments here, but it seems they are gone....

The change isn’t commercial enough? ;)

The Grammis jury goes for things that AREN’T commercial.

well I wouldn’t call Ana Johansson, R&M, The Hives, The soundtrack, Lena Philipsson, Di Leva, Alcazar, Gyllene Tider or Melody Club NON commercial. At least these have been in the top of charts for some months with one thing or the other (cd, single...). Can it get more commercial than Lena Ph’s “Det gör ont”? :D

Besides Marie’s album was out late October, I really doubt an artist would be nominated with a (non-commercial) album out only 2 months ago when most had their albums /singles out before summer ;)

The Change weak album?

what about Tuffa Tider? have you listened that song? it sounds like pop with cumbia....
I cant belive Tuffa Tider is nominated as song of the year...

hmmm The change is very personal, not weak.

F5F? Quite good, but below Per’s standards. Mazarin was waaaaaaaaaay better. But this is GT :)

I share Judith’s opinion. Marie released The Change too late to get the Grammy nomination. That could also be a reason.

If GT wins the “Best Song” category I fear there will be debate over the fact that they actually have two songs (Tuffa Tider AND En Sten) competing against the other nominees...:S


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