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“Gyllene Tider sold too many records”

Written by tevensso on December 9, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - “No more mr. Nice Guy,” Anders Nunstedt, columnist at Expressen writes. This week he stabs the most overrated albums of the year in the back. He doesn’t mean anything bad with it, really, it’s just that the most overrated albums of this year must be selected…

  Gyllene Tider’s “Finn 5 fel!” tops his list. Anders comments “Oddly enough the weakest tracks of the album, “Tuffa tider” and “Solsken” became the singles, and that makes the album bleaker. A quarter million copies sold are, in spite of the pop craftsmanship, unreasonably many.”

  Anders Nunstedt’s list in full:

1. Gyllene Tider: “Finn 5 fel!”

2. The Libertines: “The Libertines”

3. Mattias Alkberg BD: “Tunaskolan”

4. Jens Lekman: “When I Said I Wanted to be Your Dog”

5. Dizzee Rascal: “Showtime”

6. Usher: “Confessions”

7. Joss Stone: “Mind, Body & Soul”

8. Nerd: “Fly or Die”

9. Di Leva: “Tiden faller”

10. Loretta Lynn: “Van Lear Rose”

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Booo hisss...

Wow, I must be getting really old!!
Apart from GT, Di Leva and Usher (which I can’t say I ever heard) I never even heard of the other groups! ;-))

the guy has a point, about the singles anyways. and yea, the rest of the albums are overrated.

but anyway ’Down with!’

in a way I understand this.. because F5f isn’t better than GT’s first 2 albums ;)

Per: don’t worry, I don’t know any other name besides the 2 u mention either :D

Loretta Lynn is an old country & western singer. So I know one more!

I agree with this article.

loryetta lynne doesn’t deserve to be on that list however usher and nerd should have tied for number one they both suck

well, I don’t think Joss Stone should be included on that list. I love her voice and music!

Solsken is the weakest track? No, I disagree with this.

I would be hard-pressed to think of better singles than the ones they chose... “Hjarta Utan Hem” would complement the three that made it to radio nicely, but I think those really *were* the best single choices from “F5F” (unlike Marie’s “All About You” I must add (-: )... anyway, “F5F” wasn’t as good as “Mazarin,” so it deserved to sell a bit less, and it did, so it’s not over-rated :-D

F5F is a good record...But all in all I think it did sell too many units...It isn’t THAT great! Don’t get me wrong, I just never would’ve imagined that an album like that would do that well...

I never paid much attention to articles like this, did I?

AURYTE: It’s not even an article, it’s a column.

I’m having a hard time understanding how he came to the conclusion these albums are overrated.

He can’t mean by the recordbuyers since a lot of these didn’t sell that many copies in Sweden (and 250’ copies worldwide is nothing so he can’t mean most overrated worldwide).

And he can’t mean by the critics cause quite frankly F5F got ’ok’ reviews but they weren’t that fantastic (3’s and 4’s I think, out of 5).

So he must’ve mixed these two together. And that’s fine I guess. After all, this is just based on his opinion.

Personally I think F5F sold more than what it was wort h (in comparasion), but I still find the hitcollection to be even more overrated.
Halmstads Pärlor 2nd edition (with the EP included) is a way better collection IMO.

But must overrated this year (by the consumers): Anastacia - Anastacia (sold platinum


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