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“2:nd Chance” enters German radio chart at #10

Written by Jud on December 5, 2004 to .

STUTTGART - Marie Fredriksson’s song “2:nd Chance”, which hasn’t been officially released as a single in Germany, entered the listener’s charts of SWR3 at #10 tonight, being this the highest entry of the week.

  “2:nd Chance” was introduced to the listeners last Sunday and these have had time to vote for the song via Internet the whole week. SWR3, one of the biggest radio stations in Germany, presents the 33 songs that get the most votes during the week on Sundays from 19.00 to 22.00 CET.

  In addition, “2:nd Chance” entered at #3 in Jump Radio listener’s chart last week and moved up to #2 this week.

  Kiwein1 contributed to this article


Not suprised its a great great song, i was singing it in shower this morning, ’its a beautiful morning sun shining on me for the 2nd time da de da da hehe’ it has real feeling behind it .

Greats news!!!!!!!!!!!
I´m hope that the song will be a great hit, the song is excellent and i want that the song will be realesed in Argentina too.

this just goes to show that this is a great album and that marie still has that universal voice that still can entertain millions.

please release the albums and singles in australia please!

Hey is the album already out in Germany??
Does anybody know its chart run?

It was released October 15, but it hasn’t entered the charts yet. The single was not released here.

Yes, this is great news, but don’t excpect too much! Roxette always enters SWR3 charts (and they make it #1 there very very often) => this doesn’t have a big effect on the sales charts usually (mostly Roxers vote at SWR3, don’t forget: it’s not the airplay charts)

But anyway, this is very good!

R o x e t t e 4 e v e r!!! I’m soo proud of you, Marie


Fantastic news!!! MARIE roxes on! I’m so happy that SHE is doing so well abroad and at home, of course.

Let’s make it to #1!!!:)

let’s vote on swr3, so she can reach a better position in the charts!

If you want to vote:

Name = name
Deine Straße = your street
PLZ/Ort= Zipcode/ your city

Abschicken = Send

If you want to vote again click on the link “Zurück zur Charts-Übersicht”, next to 2:nd chance it says “Abstimmen” = vote

I’d like to add, if you are not from Germany, you could fill in only Name and E-mail sections. That’s also OK.

I’d like to ad that it’s enough to just click the “abstimmen” (=vote) button.
Let’s gonna make her number one!

she’s #8 now, well done... keep on voting!


I’m glad to hear that the single did such agood job in Germany Will it be released in holland> Send me an answer on:[email protected]


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