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And the winner is...

Written by tevensso on December 1, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - In the sleeve of the triple platinum selling album “Finn 5 fel!” there was a contest, and now the winner has been selected. Cecilia Gyllin from Kungälv is the happy winner, who received her very own platinum award yesterday at a dinner with Gyllene Tider!

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:D Per looks like Joey Tempest with this look/hair :D

Cool! And most of us who thought that there would be no prizes ;)

Any posters?

Cool jacket! And Anders is elegant, as allways.

Wow, dinner with GT and a platinum award... nice prize! :o


Cool! Congratulations to the winner!

PS. Am I the only one who has never heard anything about this contest before?

PPS. Gay Bar???? :-)

woww good news

Gay Bar... mmm very intesting! I can only guess why that was chosen; Anders & Per prolly wanted to chck out the scene!?!

Per’s hair ... rather QOR era don’t ya think?

per looks sooooo great!!! :D

It might have been at this Tipp Topp in Stockholm? :)

Oh no pers hairdo is hmm not so good :)

But Goran, as always, very very good hair! :) Congratulations to his hairdresser !:)


i think Per looks just great... his hair looks better a bit longer :D

Moveover Eva & Efva; Per and Anders are the new faces for Sweden’s hottest gay couple!!


What’s with Per’s hair?

Aargh! bad hair,

I assume they knew about the Gay Bar sign. Poor Göran...

Wow!!!! Per’s got so cool hair cut!!!! Best one ever since 1996.
Gay bar? Well...... GTs rule!!!!! ;)))))) LOL

Per, you need a haircut!! :D

Hehe, Joey Tempest is cool!! The hole Europe is great, and it‘s great to have them back=) but I think that Per looks more and more like he did in the Joyride days=) great!!

yes Europe are great and Joey’s haircut fits Joey ;)

his hair is wicked longer yay!

It should have been titled “The winner is PER’s hair!!!” LOL

Congratulations to the winner. I wonder if she is from The Daily ROXETTE community, so to speak.

And I PER’s hair. I always HIM to have longer hair like in the CRASH!BOOM!BANG! days.

Well... I just LOVE his picture! They all look so... so.... oh I can’t find any words. GREAT Anyway. And congratulations to the winner. She must be sooooo happy right now!

Maybe Per is changing his image, and then ........:-) !!!

don’t miss out the picture at ;)

Gay bar> ??

Per face looks so strange. His smile is strange too. Too much botox maybe?

Gay bar???

@Kattunge: Looks like Botox very much..especially on the pic from

Guys are gorgeous, especially THE guy :o) I am a bit worried bout the hair though...hope it won’t turn as dreadful as during the infamous Unplugged session. Gessle beware ;)

I like Per’s hair. It reminds me of the Fingertips-period.

it’s a great picture ;D

LOL I think we are all fearing the Unplugged Look II :D

“Kiwein1 12/2/2004 14:44

@Kattunge: Looks like Botox very much..especially on the pic from “

What a pity.
He was so much cuter before.
In some years his face will look like a mask if he doesn´t stop.....

I have this picture in my head for the rest af day and night and morning and day... PER looks great!!!

Which are those 5 mistakes?


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