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Gessle: “Our new CD will be a real power-pop bomb!”

Written by tevensso on October 29, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - As previously reported by The Daily Roxette, Gyllene Tider will release a live DVD, and live CD this fall - “En scen vid en plats i en stad.” What’s new is that the CD is now mixed and ready. “It sounds like overkill [releasing both a CD and a DVD], but it isn’t,” Per Gessle says. “For the album we sat down and listened to the ten best gigs this summer. Then we chose the best songs from these, and removed all ballads. It will be a real power-pop bomb!” he says laughing.

  From what The Daily Roxette remembers there weren’t really any ballads this summer so we’ll see how it looks like…

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Suppose this means that “När alla vännerna gått hem” will not be on the CD??? ´Cos that’s is a ballad for sure ain’t it? VERY SAD if it’s been removed. But otherwise I can’t remember any ballad... could be if they count Kung av Sand as a ballad, although I don’t think it really is.

man, got really excited for a second... I read it as “our new album...” :P

And I hoped with “our new CD” Per was talking about Roxette. Sorry, but all these GT releases are not satifying me anymore, it is too much, I want a Roxette album! Still hoping.

This is great!

Billy is a ballad, too - I guess it’s out then.

and I for that matter AM truly happy and can’t wait!!! Go Gyllene Tider!!! Hope Vännerna stay well as Kung av sand. This just means that Varje gång det regnar played in Halmstas is going to be skipped...sniff... but well let’s rock!!!!


@ Zargo... me too!! LOL

Sounds great! I guess they would have needed to make a double CD to include the whole concert so they have cut out the ballads to make a power-pop extravaganza. Yum ;-) We’ve got Billy and När Alla Vännerna Gått Hem etc. already, and they’ll be on the DVD, so it sounds like a good plan, although I hope Tuffa Tider makes the cut. All the best, Rich

I still don’t understand if this wil be CD and DVD together in one box or seperately DVD and other CD, just the release date would be the same??

@purps - shhhhhh! this is great news!!!!!! GO GT!

Too bad he ain’t talking about Roxette...

boring and don’t you just love the timing as well?

They removed all the ballads actually BEFORE the tour.
And how I wished they’d had played “To play with fire” LIVE!

@coyboy: Yeah, Gessle seems to need some limelight. :P



if they remove Billy I ain’t buying it. Yea, its a ballad in that it ’tells a story’. might buy the DVD though.

that good idea, to extract the ballads...

If you wanna hear Billy live just play En Mazarin alskling dvd :) I am curious of other gt songs, especially Tuffa Tider and En Sten... :)

Great job GT!!

I still wish I saw Vannerna on CD

Jeezes, When I just read the title “our new cd will be...” I was so happy cause I thought it was about Roxette. :s

I’m really tired about GT!!! I want Roxette, no GT!!!


oh Geez... I really think some people here have a real problem with their heads. Sorry to say that, but it is just the feeling I get from reading some of the comments.
It goes without saying that ALL of us here want Roxette to come back. But it is time to grow up one day and wake up. Per and Marie won’t always act according to our wishes, especially not now when Marie is still on her way to recovery. She needs time, support and respect from our side and that’s what we should be here for - to back her up and NOT put forward DEMANDS. Can’t understand how selfish and egoistic some of you are. Can’t you learn to appreciate all the goodies we got on the way so far? I think it’s fair enough to say EVERYONE got something for their taste - Gessle fans got Mazarin plus the tour, GT fraks could join the tour and now recall it all with the use of DVD+CD, finally Marie fans - and I can’t picture anyone NOT really having been looking forward to it- her latest CD. Isn’t it just more than enough to stop moaning for more? Noone said Roxette as a project is dead, their time to be back in the limelight hasn’t simply come yet.

I though he was talking about Roxette :((((( pity
Please Per make a new Rox album in 2005!!!! It´s time to leave GT behind.

Ok, now I’m confused! Wasn’t the live CD supposed to be a double-CD? If they removed the ballads, I’m guessing that won’t happen... :-(
In short: bad, really bad idea IMHO!

“If you wanna hear Billy live just play En Mazarin alskling dvd :)”

Uh, no, not the same thing at all! Sure, the lyrics are the same, but the way they played it was totally different! On one hand we have Per and Christoffer playing acoustic guitar, on the other drums, two electric and one bass guitar and of course a Farfisa...

did he say he wanted to be out of spolight for a while?

I always like the power-pop songs more then the ballads. So I am very curious what the result will be.
Sounds good to me at least!

Actaully I immediately thought about ROXETTE when I read the heading:):):) But still, I’m happy that GYLLENE TIDER are doing great.

@misteryman: Actually, yes! :)

yawn ! (again) I was hoping it was RS live dvd and cd never mind ! i should have known better! lol

Yes, but GT has released a lot of stuff recently. I’m not a selfish. I’m not putting a gun in Marie’s head, pushing her to the record studio. I just want an official live Cd or an official live DVD. That’s all...
And about GT... what can I say? They split up... and come back then, to release a new album. I think GT is a dead band, that just want to gain some money with its “comebacks”...

Dead bands don’t release new albums

First of all: Great, can’t wait to hear the CD and see the DVD! But it’s sad if they skipped kung av sand, när alla vännerna gåt hem and Varje gång det regnar but they can cross out Billy in my opinion :-D

@ gyllene tjej: Well spoken mouse!

GT have been very successful of late and have had a recording breaking tour as we all know, and as a result a dvd is unavoidable. Im looking forward to it. Roxette compared to GT sound terrible live. Roxette are too produced. A RS live dvd is a bad idea because there is no money in it, nobody would buy it, and thats the reason there isnt and will never be one.
The whole music industry is about money, nuff said.

Anomymous- i think more people would buy RS dvd than Pop & Ballad Hits dvd.

I also think that roxette live is great, i love roxette concerts, but GT is also very good.

@ Anomymous - out of interest, have you seen Roxette in concert? Sure, their recent studio albums are over-produced compared with Gyllene Tider, but their live concerts are great with lots of raw talent and natural moments. I’m really excited for the GT25 DVD, but I’d love a Room Service one as well, although I see the point that it may not be a massively lucrative move for EMI! Oh well. All the best, Rich :-)

Yes I have seen them live and enjoyed it. But for me, hearing them on Crash!Boom!Live! etc they just dont sound good. Just my opinion. Even Per has said “live cds are like 2nd rate greatest hits albums”. We sometimes get different versions of Roxette songs that are hard to play live which is a bonus. If a RS live DVD came out (which there is no chance now) I would still buy it.

Fair enough! All the best, Rich :-)

If there won´t be all songs on the CD I won´t buy it - of course! So I will buy only the DVD....

the day rox is getting bigger again we ill probably get re-release on dvd of the VHS’es

However, I would prefer ROXETTE DVD to GYLLENE TIDER DVD.:)

If you don’t want another GT release... then don’t buy it. Simple. But stop complaining about it. Some wants this and some wants that. It always is like that but both sides never get what they want. NEVER. And I don’t see the point in requesting a RS DVD now... 3 years after the RS tour. Download the live songs available on the internet if you want them on CD. I did that years ago... sure, they are not BEST quailty, but they are good enough.

So this CD is gonna be the best “alarm-clock” for me to drag me out of the bed in the morning :-D

I really got excited when I read the heading. I hoped he was talking about Roxette.
I like GT, but it’s really time for another Roxette recording. So please, please, please...

for those thinking it was Rox..

>>> Gyllene Tider | By tevensso on 10/29/2004 11:32 | TT

It clearly states the topic is GT ;)

@ Judith. But what can we do with our wishes???

I really hope the next Roxette album will sound like that...
I quite like power-pop bombs, hehe...


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