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Swedish newspapers review “The Change”

Written by Jud on October 27, 2004 to .

Various Swedish newspapers have published reviews today of Marie’s new album, “The Change”.

  Hallandsposten’s Jan-Owe Wikström gives the album 4 out of 5. Wikström believes that Marie doesn’t really care about the album’s position in the charts or about sold units, “she has already won the biggest victory by releasing the album,” Wikström writes, “there must have been many moments of despair and doubt in these past two years.” The album, which has worked as a therapy for Marie, is a step back to her roots, to blues, r&b and gospel. “That’s why ’The Change’ is different to her other albums, this is more what she used to do every summer with her husband’s band Sugarcane in the basement of Penny Lane in Halmstad.”

  Aftonbladet’s Per Bjurman joins Wikström by giving 4 out of 5 to the album. After stating that he doesn’t make this review “out of pity or to escape being mean,” he goes on writing Marie’s come back is a triumph and that the album is very strong, “too strong sometimes.” Bjurman points out that the album isn’t as dark as one might think, “often one can feel the anger, the lust for life, the gratitude for love and for the fact that the day actually starts.” He also compares the naked feelings in “Mother” with John Lennon’s song by the same title and ends his review by telling that the album is totally private, “till such an extent that one has to hold the breath in order to listen to the album some times.”

  On the other hand, Göteborgsposten gives the album 3 out of 5. Lindqvist compares the album with a diary made with music and thinks Dylan’s “Blood on the Tracks” or Ulf Lundell’s “Den vassa eggen” have one thing in common with “The Change”: the fact that one’s creativity and inspiration becomes strong when one goes through a crisis, as Marie has in the past two years fighting against brain cancer. According to Lindqvist it’s hard to criticize music this personal and even private. “What I can say after all is that Marie Fredriksson’s singing has never been this frank. She’s always had the ambition to put her soul into her songs, and on occation she has succeeded.” But on these songs she just sings, “from the inside and out.” “The Lenny Kravitz rock that takes a lot of space is not really fresh. On the other hand the single ’2:nd Chance’ is nice, and ’All about you’ is a tender love song full of soul,” Lindqvist feels.
He concludes writing the album is a “very brave album. A letter signed from the couple Fredriksson/Bolyos who has one message: love conquers all.”

  Many other Swedish newspapers report about the fact that “The Change” will be released internationally, “it will be released, more or less, in countries where Roxette has released some albums. South America, South Africa, Europe, Japan, Indonesia and so on,” tells Li Lindebäck from EMI to TT Spektra. Lindebäck also reveals that the album has already shipped in 30,000 copies, which means gold in Sweden.


Thanks :D

Hey... Gold ain’t bad for such an person “Thank you, Universe” album!!

I’m sure it will sell platinum (60000) :D

how strange is that! Swedish newspapers are much more positive and sensitive in their wording about the new Marie Fredriksson release than the website that is actually run by fans of Roxette with their possibly well-meant, but rather clumsy and negative moderators’ review... just think about it...

Good to see that the swedish press are being quite positive about the album sais that their is no digipak avaiable... will there not be a digipak anymore?

At least there is a digipack, I have one in my hand.

cdon says mine is ready for shipping.. i hope it’s true :S

Now we’re talking! And it’s great to know that it will be available in South America!! Listened to some snippets last nite (yea, couldn’t resist! :P) and I felt this album should be great!

Its what all us Fans wanted i think! (well i do) A real piece of personal work. Something ’real’.

but CDON has deleted the digipak... and has that it’s not avaiable anymore..

I think that digipack was a myth, in fact...

How can it be a myth when Thomas has got one? :)

Marie thanx for a great album!!

SouthAmerica?Where?Maybe Argentina?Someone knows something about this?

I Also got the digipack..

I had hoped for another couple of snippets from Aftonbladet today. I fear my copy won’t arrive for a few days. Rich

Well, I didn’t care about FFF and I didn’t care about the arrival of the Mazarin singles and Mazarin DVD. But THIS time I CARE and I want this damn ALBUM NOW!

*mugs Thomas of his Digipack*

Thomas... seeing that you’re not a MF fan what do you say about me performing a sexual favour for that digipack; finances are rather tight here at the mo’!

After 2:ND CHANCE had topped the charts at #8, I didn’t expect THE CHANGE to do so well. It’s already gold!!! A good start:):)

PS I was also surprised to find out that Swedish newspapers had such positive reviews, really more positive than some people out here...

How can it be a myth when Thomas has got one? :)

@Kiwein: But why it’s almost impossible to get it??? Anyway, I don’t care about digipack. If I can’t get it, I will buy the one in jewel case. The most important thing is the disc, not the case!!!

There was no digipack in Göteborg, too bad coz i wanted it ;-)

THAT digipack is already taken ;) (if I don’t get mine that is ;))

HINT HINT: cdon is listing it again :P

I bought one digipak today at Skivhuset, Drottninggatan, Stockholm... they had many left...

That’s so thoughtful of you Purple. :D I have to decline though.

This is truly the MOST incredible, brilliant and fantastic album Marie has ever made!!!!
I have never been so overwhelmed by an album like with this one, soooooo PROUD on HER!!!!!:-)
I hope it goes MULTI-PLATINUM world-wide!!!!
“Mother” - is the most POWERFUL song I have ever heard from her, “the Change” just so, “April Snow” haaaaaaaaaave mercy!!!! “table in the sun” incredible song, “Many times” blew me away, “All about you” so sweet.....all of the songs....brilliant!!!
NEVER WANT ANOTHER Roxette album if she continues to make albums like this!!!!!


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