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New label by Marie Fredriksson and Micke Bolyos

Written by Jud on October 27, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - In conjunction with the release of “The Change,” Marie Fredriksson has started a new publishing company together with her husband Micke Bolyos. MaryJane Music was mainly created “as a home for Marie’s solo albums,” states the label’s website, “but as the musical collaboration between Marie and Mikael continues and expands, don’t be surprised if you find other exciting projects with some of their musical friends released on this label.”

  The website features information about Marie’s new release as well as pictures taken at Vinden Studios and Polar Studios during the recording of “The Change” and the documentary that will be shown on Swedish TV4 on November 24th.


so we will really get to see Marie PERFORMING the new tracks *yay*!!!

I think so. Some of the songs were kinda recorded live :-)

I wondered what ’Mary jane’ was aswell hehe.

Iv just been on the website which is nice, but i have to say im alittle shocked by how ill marie looks on some of the pictures, she doesnt look herself at all must be all the treatment ect. But all the innner beauty is there still. just taken back by them thats all.

Oh those photos are sweet! People can say she’s fat all they want, she looks adorable with her little round face. I’m proud of her for not hiding until she’s “perfect” =)

She sure does look wonderful in the pictures... :)

I don’t care about her look. She’s back, she’s fine and her voice is amazing, so are her songs!

I’d like to see her on a club tour. :P (

yes definetely it would be great to see a club tour!!! :P~

I think it’s quit stupid when people say that Marie looks fat...Did anyone think about the fact that this can be the result of her medication? Let’s all enjoy the fact that Marie is back and healthy, instead of nagging about her looks.

is there anyway you can save those pictures?

i hope no one thinks i called her ’fat’ i never said that’ , i just was alittle shocked that she looks so ill on them, i know they are the result of medication i wasnt being nasty i think she is still beautiful. But she does look poorly in them pics :-S.

@NaturalbornRoxer: yep!

roxkurliew: I totally understand what you meant. It can be a little shocking to see her looking ill. But I think she looks so cute, and I hope she keeps a bit of extra weight because she was much too thin before!! I think she looks so natural and healthy in the new promo pics with her fuller face.

If you wanna save the photos you have to be the “print screen” button on the top right of your keyboard. Then open a program like Paint and paste the photo in there. Then just save it!

Hey rox-kuryliw, you´re right ..... Marie looks very ill on those pictures. I was totally shocked when I saw them, but it doesn´t matter how she looks now..... Marie is back with new power and “SHE IS ALIVE”. Thanx to GOD and JESUS CHRIST !!!
When she´ll put the medication away (one day) she will look like in the past ..... beautiful and a little bit skinny ..... I like it ;o)
Her illness has changed everything and “Things will never be the same”.

Dear Rox-Kuryliw, I didn’t write my comment because of what you said, so please don’t feel offended.
I read somewhere that “people can say she’s fat all they want” and that’s the sentence I was responding to.
So no hard feelings...

I will find hard to get used to marie round face but I know that in time that will go away ... the energy and her soul are very present now ....
Älska dig Marie

Oh God I want this album NOW!!!!!

I’m so happy and proud of MARIE:):):) And the pix are interesting.

I like the pictures.She looks so happy:). I need the album in my hands now!!!!

Im glad people didnt think i was being nasty with my comments, it was more out of real concern to how ill she has been, and that we must have been close to losing her :-S. I So cant wait for the album, it should be with me In the next few days :-))))) Im looking forward to the doc aswell. I dont care what she looks like at all, she would always be a beautiful soul.

sparvogamarie wrote: If you wanna save the photos you have to be the “print screen” button on the top right of your keyboard. Then open a program like Paint and paste the photo in there. Then just save it!

Thanks for the tip! I was also wndering about how to save the pics... *smile* Thanks to you I was able to do that!

Woow happy pix’s ;-)

The photos were a little shocking at first and I can’t say I want her to stay like that but it really brings home how brave she is and how proud I am of her releasing this album, she will always be an inspiration to me :)


Hmmm. Does anyone know why the label is called MaryJane? Cheers, Rich

Well... Mary Jane is a best friend to some people...

hmmz... i wonder why so many ppl r concerned so much ’bout looks. ppl, feel this! Marie’s back!!!! and she’s not alone! go-go Micke! and they both - Marie och Micke inspire me to go on (and i suspect, haha, wa a word...) that they inspire more ppl than they can even think... please go on, our dear Marie!!! Please go on Micke being so great support for Marie.... i told too much... plz everyone be happy!!! :)

i wonder if she had thryoid cancer? because the bloating of her fasce even with the medication has been very prolonged

What a cool website!!!! I’m also curious what these two boxing people are symbolizing....also this person in elevator entertainment...where do our fave artists get all these ideas all the time ;D

Well and for those who still can’t handle Maries new’s time for us all to understand that it’s also a change for us!!! We cannot go on where we stopped two years ago...did you really think that???What did you all expect?
Of course I have to get used to our new Marie now too. Sometimes I get really confused when I read thru this forum...

Go on Marie!!! It feels so good to have you back!

what are you all talking about. it’s not like marie has gain weight, it’s just the medication. she will turn back to normal.
and now shut up about it i’m really getting sick of this.
how do you think marie would feel with you talking constantly abourt her looks!!!!

...I ask myself all the time if it would be so good if she reads this forum sometimes......yep “naturalbornroxer” you’re right it will disappear again. Let’s just hope that nobody of us has to go thru something like that too one day. I’m not sure if I would have the strength

Personally, I would rather have a round-faced, happy Marie, with a new lease on life and making new music, instead of a Marie who’s become a recluse, or worse, six feet under. Let’s all be grateful for what we have, guys!

I love Marie’s beautiful face so much!!! A bit round, so very sweet, really. I LOVE IT! I LOVE MARIE and proud what she is a very rare woman, who consider her age as positive on her own face, I read it in some of her interview and believe in these words of this wise and strong woman. Do you know really many people, mostly women in her age, they start making operations after 30, hi, hi, hi. I am proud of Marie because of this point of view of her. BRAVO, Marie!!! She looks to be a bit less thin than before, my God, in her age and after all. Isn’t it the sign that her health has improved. Every one of us came home whit some more pounds from a weekend or a wellness trip. Well, I can only say one more time, I find the new Marie look extremely pleased. I have a pix on my computer of HER in a crowd made by anyone(?) she is smiling and has so pretty round cheeks. Lovely!!! Do you remember her pix before she married Micke – mostly a bit sad. And after? “Stralande som en sol” Shining like a sun…

Such worst habit has some people to find mistakes in every beautiful thing…

MARYJANE. Wow… Looking for Jane ( wrote by Gessle)…I am so excited and surprised.

Hey, Marie!!! Hey Per!!! Hey Roxette !!! Love,


I’m still interested why it is called “MaryJane”?

Me too. Why not MickeMarie?! Rich

Is Amelia Music Maries company?

maybe they like Spider Man?

daniel: yes :)

OK, what other interpretations do we have???

Guess that Mary Jane isn’t such a good name considering that it means marijuana in the US. Not that this CD ever will be released there, but still.


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