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New promotion pictures of Marie Fredriksson

Written by Jud on October 25, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Marie Fredriksson’s new album “The Change” will be available in the Swedish stores on Wednesday. Everybody seems to be awaiting and getting ready for this day: one can read many “I cannot wait any longer!” messages in any Roxette & co forum; today Aftonbladet started its own countdown with streaming two snippets off the album and Capitol Records Sweden has made two more promotion pictures of Marie available, which you can find to the left and right of this article [click to enlarge].

Dates to remember:

- October 27th: release in Sweden and Hungary

- October 29th: release in South Africa

- November 15th: release in Germany

- November 22nd: release in Japan, Poland and Russia

- November 29th: release in Austria

More dates to be added soon.


Nice pictures :) on the first pic she looks so happy and friendly!


my girl is looking STUNNING!!!!


she looks happy :) and relaxed

Holy Moses!!!! Haaaaaaaaave mercy!!!!! She is too BEAUTIFUL for this world!!!! You look FANTASTIC Marie!!!! always!!!! Love that serine look in the white, with that cuuuute look on her face, contrasted with that typical Marie pose in the black outfit!!!! Waaaaaaaaahhh!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

Electra: you should calm down :D Still many things to go thru (album, docu) .. take care of yourself and your heart :P

Can’t wait for the release date of Switzerland... :-D

Wow wonderful pictures, Marie looks stunning.... :)

I can’t wait. I want to know when this GREAT album will be release in Spain!!!
Marie Foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Wow! clapp!!!! Marie looks so sexy!!

We believed in you, Marie!!!!! So happy to see you back!!! ;))))
ilia, spb, rus

Welcome back, MAIRE, once again.

If it is 22:nd lol for Russia and Poland, then, I guess, for Lithaunia as well.

@lonely_girl: Do you know anything ’bout the release in CH? Try to ask Pozzi if they’re working out something...

Marie you look so beatifull, like allways, “I love you more than ever”.
In Argentina all your fan´s are waiting for the album, but is not confirmed the date of release yet
Marie you‘re the best for ever and ever.

Marie looks so happy and beautiful!!!!!!!!!:)

:-)Nice pix’s, one sees her very animated;-)

Marie is simple great as always!!
She looks extremely cool!
I love u with all my heart!

Amazing pics!!

It feels so great to see Marie again, smiling and looking strong when just a few short months ago we had no idea when or if she would ever come-back, I am so happy for her! Obviously there is still the evidence of the treatment but it makes this whole release even more special that she can do it under such circumstances.

Marie we are SO proud!

You can see on the pictures that Marie suffered from a very serious illness. I don’t want to say that she looks beautiful, but she needs time to retire from all the treatments and medicin.
You are always in my heart, Marie! I wish you all the best!!!

@ RoxVan

As far as I am concerned there’s nothing animated in those pictures.

She’s great!!!!
She looks better and better!!!!

It’s amazing to see her once again!!!


Great pictures! She looks really good in those!

Edit: Yes, please, keep us informed about the release dates in the rest of the world!

Cool piccies!

I hope that there’ll be some cd’s that will be printed in the plant here in Holland will be released in Holland :-)

@lonely_girl: go to and check the release date. they say it’s going to be 25 november.

It´s great to have Marie back, she is so wonderful and amazing ;o)

Whatever ..... we should go on with our prayers - GOD bless Marie 4ever !!!


It’s very nice to see Marie again. She looks strong!

@animalkingdom: LOL! In Spanish the term “animated” is often used to refer to a person that is in a “good mood”. That’s it.

*Picking myself up from the floor*


Can you believe it, I’m here in Sweden and the album is released tomorrow. And - my stupid boss is making me take her clients around Stockholm because they’re Australian and so am I. I’ve waited FOUR YEARS for this album and instead of rushing to the store and rushing back home to play it, I’ll be dragging around Sthlm with bloody Aussies. WAAHAHAAHAHHAHAAA!!!!!! *Bangs head on table*

LOL Marie calm down, you still have to go thru listening to the album and the docu, take care of ur heart and head ;)

I see we have no UK release date yet.... typical....

LOL Jud, well I’ve just had like 3 heart attacks from looking at those gorgeous photos, so I’m gonna be half dead tomorrow =)

Does anyone know how to get a copy of those promo cards? Can you buy them or....? I don’t have a printer so I can’t make wallpaper out of them for my boring room =(

Did I mention she looks FABULOUS??!!!

You can send the jpgs to Fuji digital to get “real” photos.

Hey thanks Tevensso that’s good advice!!

Marie looks GREATT!!
:O) :O) :O) :O) :O) :O)

stupid music companies–no chance to get album from always.. :-(

lol isnt that illegal?

Xaarr actually I think you’re right. I got some digital photos copied at a store and they checked it for copyrights because they were not allowed to print an official photo. So I doubt that Fuji would print these for me. But maybe I can get the official promo cards from a store here in Sweden, I found a place once that sold promo pics (they were expensive, but those pix of Marie are worth it!!)

IT IS breaking copyright law... but I’m pretty sure they cannot catch everyone... I have the original one printed a few weeks ago, came out wonderful, it’s not going into my new Roxette gallery...

It should be legal for personal use. But you’re sure not allowed to sell the photos.

@Sparvogamarie - yeh i know.... i work in a camera/photo shop and we’re always having to turn people away because of copyright laws. after all, the photographer makes money out of photos... and if a person is getting illegal copies then the photographer loses out. we can get fined majorly for printing those.

Russian release! Cool!

I guess we’ll never see the album stateside either - good thing I’ll be visiting relatives in Norway next summer! Waiting is the hard part...

At the 15 November it will be release in Germany. Im looking forward it. I can´t wait to get it.

edit: The pictures of Marie are great. Nice to see them.

one may not say that its bad, its really a nice pictures, anticapating more pictures to see


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