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Listen to “The Change” in Aftonbladet

Written by Jud on October 25, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet will stream snippets off Marie Fredriksson’s new album “The Change” starting today and until Wednesday 27th, when the album is released in Sweden. In addition to the snippets, you will be able to read Marie’s comments about the songs.

  Today Aftonbladet streams “April Snow” and “All About You”. Marie explains that she wrote “April Snow” long ago when two good friends of her broke up. “One gets inspiration from many things in life, not only one’s own life,” she tells Aftonbladet.

  On the other hand, “All about you” is a love song written by Micke for Marie. “Everybody should have a love song dedicated…”

  Tomorrow Aftonbladet will stream two more songs.

  Aftonbladet also published an article about the documentary and the recording of “The Change” yesterday. Marie explained that they started to work with the album a year before she was diagnosed with cancer. They went on with the recording afterwards. “We could play for three days and then stop for three-five months,” says Nicci Notini (drums) to Aftonbladet. The documentary will show these recordings, tough moments, but also funny parts like when Marie and Micke’s kids joke in front of the cameras. “This isn’t a dark documentary but bright and forward-looking,” says the producer of the documentary, Anette Beijer.

  Kiwein1 and SparvogaMarie contributed to this article


Great ones - love the choir! :D

“April Snow” sounds jazzy but the chorus is amazing! I’m looking forward to hear the rest.
When they play Nora Jones at the radio stations (abroad) they can also do it with these songs.

Great news!!!
I’d love to see the recording of the album...
wow... how would it be? I can’t imagine marie recording an album...


Good for those that did not get the snippets last week.... ;)

No chance to get it - I’m at my little place and no ADSL... So it would take ages and cost a lot of money... :-””(

WHY do they have to have that choir?!?! One can’t hear Marie!! The music is the same quality as the two songs on the single - very poor. Pity! I think Marie herself could have done much more out of the songs than Micke. So two more flops for me... unfortunately! :-/

@per_mson: are you sure you’re a rox-/marie-fan?
maybe you just try to listen to a different band instead of complaining all over again!

i absolutely LOVE both of the songs and i think that “all about you” really shuts those quiet, who have been complaining that micke’s arrangements are alway the same.

@lonely girl: there are two different versions of each song, the one is for modems (probably it’s a bit of a lower quality?). i have a very very slow modem, too, but it took me maybe about a minute to download the songs, so go ahead and try! :-)

you can hear Marie, you have to listen closer - those snippets are only 96kb.. ;)

Long life to different tastes! :P

I´m with you in a bit per:mson I dont like the song because of the xhoir toooo much gospel

I was just wondering if the choir sounds a bit strange cos it is just a snippet or so. But actaully I love these songs even more than 2:ND CHANCE, though it is a wonderful song as well. And now I’m even more in need of documentary.:)

that Marie’s good comments, I hope to read soon every comment of the songs :-)

April Snow IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!GREAT CHOIR!!!

Marie’s voice sounds lovely in Table In The Sun :-) Rich

all songs pretty weak I’m afraid

@Roxeanne: I have a question for you: Do you have to like everything Per/Marie/Roxette are doing just because you are a fan?!?!?! There are plenty of songs I don’t like of them and I still think I am kind of a fan. The reason for that is that I still WANT to hear everything they are doing and I still read all the news here. That interest I don’t have for many other artists.
I honestly think people who like something just because it is from that or that person are really pathetic.
Maybe you are one of those fans that “worship” Per and/or Marie?!?! I see both of them as normal people. A bit more musical than normal people maybe, but still normal people.
So if I don’t like something I have the right to think so and I am also allowed to write that opinion here. I don’t think TDR was meant to be a forum for only those that see Per and/or Marie as gods... ;)

Well, it’s nothing like rox, that’s for sure. I think these are songs that have to grow on ya.

But Marie is really sounding great, her voice sounds very strong again. “Many Times” really rocks big time. I hope there are some more uptempo songs on the album.

I hope that after all the GT stuff and their solo stuff they’ll make some new Roxette material. Even without big promo, I don’t care, they shouldn’t either. Just for the fans :)


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