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More international plans for “The Change”

Written by purplemedusa on October 22, 2004 to .

(UPDATED) - The international release plans of Marie Fredriksson’s forthcoming album “The Change” continue to take form. One of The Daily Roxette’s reporters contacted EMI South Africa and found out that the single “2:nd Chance” has been rejected by all South African radio stations and will therefore not be released. But on the other hand, the album will be released only two days after the Swedish release, namely Friday Oct 29, with albums in the stores on Monday.

  There will, however, not be any kind of promotion around this release, since it’s a low priority release for EMI South Africa.

  In Germany, Amazon and other Internet retailers have listed “The Change” scheduled for release November 15, while in Hungary, the release date is the same as in Sweden; October 27. Japan releases it November 22.

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hey, this seems to be a good new. do we expect to get it worldwide ?? Please, Marie, do it worldwide in order I can endly get one of your solo album here in Belgium !!!

It’s also available in many other online stores in Germany: the same store as

And here’s the German EMI catalogue of Marie:

the radio station rejection is pretty bad. Were there any reasons behind this? oam

@brunorox = you can order it at in a few weeks or so, but it’s already listed =)

@oam: Maybe because the song is bad?!

why didnt they just plan a different single release for south africa lol 2nd chance really isnt that greta a song i do agree

i think 2nd chance is the best song of the album, though i have not listened to all songs yet...

Well, it’s not MARIE who decides where HER singles should be released. I think, MARIE personally would like to release 2:ND CHANCE everywhere.:)

i don’t think the song is bad, it’s simply full of feelings and not commercial at all. Things that don’t fit with the current radio-trend ;)

Just 3 days to go :O

Yeah, I am truly upset that the radiostations here in South-Africa turned down her single.....
I think the song is INCREDIBLE and deserves to be heard, deserves to have chance atleast!!!!!
Not fair that this is happening!!!!:-(

i think EMI will never change... I d´like this album had been realeased by any other company...

Well, well, well... I’m a little bit late, but WHERE CAN I GET THE SONG “2ND CHANCE”?
Thank you!

Leo, u have mail! :)

Okay... you don’t... mail got returned!


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