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“2:nd Chance” falls

Written by tevensso on October 21, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Marie Fredriksson’s latest single falls to #12 after only one week on the charts. It entered the charts last week at #8.

  Gyllene Tider’s “Solsken” falls to #25 from #20 after three weeks on the charts.


:-( sad ... :-S

Unfortunately, 2:ND CHANCE didn’t go higher. But it doesn’t really matter. I still love the song.

ah well we knew that, it was already amazing that she got to #8 when radio stations aren’t playing the single :O

It did very well.... :)

yes good to see marie doing well

and i can’t wait to hear the song
have to wait till next year to hear the song!

marie the aussies love you!

@bomkrash kix: didn’t you listen to the full version of the song on this site?
Go to features. Below the first articel you will see it!

I dont think its that bad :-D

A memorable flop... it was expected.

Number 8 is a flop? Are you crazy? :O

#8 is absolutely not a flop, especially given that Marie is not a radio-friendly pop musician... nobody’s playing the song (except P4!) and it’s a top 10 hit anyway.

Speaking of radio...

“2nd Chance” is #2 this week at P4, ahead of “Solsken”! It’s #48 on the national Top 50 in airplay, I think entirely driven by P4 (-: “Solsken” is #6 this week on the same chart.

To me it´s a flop indeed... maybe it´s not tecnically, but I´m so used to #1s with Per´s solo works that #8 it´s really bad... and now #12, please !!!

Anyway. I expected that too... “2nd Chance” is pretty weak for radio audience.

All the best

You shouldn’t compare them! :)

Yeah, really what does PER and what MARIE is pretty different... But I like both.

That is not a flop! #8 is cool! Therefore “after only one week on the charts” sounds kind of harsh!

Anyway, last time Roxette was in the top-10 in Sweden is when The Centre Of The Heart peaked at #1 (RS #23, MTH #21, ATAY #14, ON #11)... And how many stations play Roxette?!

2nd Chance is definitely a hit!!

It isn’t a hit in Sweden at least.

You think top-10 doesn’t qualify as a hit?

That’s weird...By those standards Roxette’s Ballad & Pop Hits wouldn’t have had to be separate releases...

All I’m saying is that this song isn’t being played at all here in Sweden, P4 doesn’t really count. Ergo - no hit. It only went to #8 because Marie hasn’t released anything in years, and that she’s been sick. The song sucks. Nothing more to it.

Yeah, Tevensso is right !! Marie is a very good artist, but “2nd Chance” is boring as hell.

There are for sure better songs on the album, but 2nd Chance is the most intensive song on it.

@animalkingdom: So how many radio stations do play ROXETTE in Sweden???


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