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Gyllene Tider wins NMA award

Written by tevensso on October 21, 2004 to .

OSLO - Gyllene Tider won Best Swedish Artist at the Nordic Music Awards. Anders Herrlin was there to pick the prize up.

  Best Swedish Newcomer was Jimmy Jansson and Best Summer Hit “Ingen vill veta vart du köpt din tröja” by Raymond & Maria.

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nice award, will need alot of dusting ;)

yep, agree

:-) congratulations!!!

Comment removed by author

Congratulations once again!!!

PS Where was the rest of GYLLENE TIDER???

I think it is great they won this price as well! :-))

Phwoar!! Anders is WELL sexy!

I think he looks really strange shape in that picture :-S

*drools* nice pic!

“Ingen vill veta vart du köpt din tröja” by Raymond & Maria or “Hej Monica” by Nic & The Family are the two STUPIDEST songs in the whole world!!!!! I can’t believe they won something!!! The first song translates to “Nobody wants to know where you bought your sweater” and the other one just repeats “Hi Monika, hello to you Monika” over and over!!! This country has weird tastes! :o

seems I’m not the only one ready to drool, oh yeah, what a guy :) When it comes to the songs the latter sucks indeed, no real lyrics in it, but Raymond and Maria’s one is a really catchy tune, and I have to disagree with sparvöga - the song is really touching and meaningful , I believe there are many people who feel lonely in the middle of the crowd, even if they do pretty much to fit in. Loneliness -that’s what the song is about and I like it. So much of my contribution...going back to bed as Im down with a cold again:(

I agree with gyllene_tjej. Hej Monika is shit, but I also think Raymond&Maria’s song is quite cute and have some meaning. But maybe you just didn’t get the full meaning of it Sparvoga?! Since you are not Swedish I mean...
Furthermore I don’t think Swedes has much weirder taste than any other country when it comes to music. Just take Germany and Austria.. I just say Herbert Grönemeyer. HELP he suck!! ;) Or an even better example - Xavier Naidoo!!! *pukes*

Is it me or is Anders getting slimmer and slimmer?

Maybe he’s on the same diet as Per was. ;)

he’s getting tooooo thin i think. he looked much healthier during the CBB and återtåget tours.....

I swear I put a comment here this morning, and it’s gone, tell I was not dreaming....

@ Thomas, did it get moved, or more worrying deleted...

he may get thinner but he’s still being very atractive

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Are the comments cut of at the right side of the screen for anyone else using Internet Explorer, too, or is it just my PC? It doesn’t happen when I use Firefox, though...

@per_mson: Guess what, I don’t like either of them, so I won’t disagree (OK, I got to admit that I do like one song of Herbert Grönemeyer, but only because we had listened to it all the time on a class trip and I was kind of brainwashed into liking it *g*)! ;-) But compared to other so-called singers they are actually not that bad, just listen to Daniel Küblböck... Or on second thought don’t, I don’t wanna be responsible for any damage done to your ears! And yes, he is that bad, probably even worse... ;-)


OK, so GYLLENE TIDER won the best diet award as well. :):):)

Did the award-season already start? ;-)

This will be an exciting autumn/winter for all GT-fans...

Yes, Anders is cute! *hugedrooling*

@starrox: Hehehe, I have actually heard Mr... or maybe I should say Miss Küblböck and I agree he is not what anyone could call a singer. ;) Grönemeyer’s music is actually not that bad, it is just his voice I hate so much. A bit like what I think of Ulf Lundell. He suck as well, but his music can be rather nice. :)

He looks a little bit slim to me=P But I love him!!!,


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