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Television documentary on Marie is still untitled

Written by Jud on October 18, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Swedish production company Titan Television has yet to come up with a final name for their forthcoming television documentary about Marie Fredriksson, and her fight against cancer.

  “This one-hour documentary is a detailed portrait of one of our [Sweden’s] biggest artists,” states Titan on their website, where the working title “The Look” had been on display since Friday. This, however, will definitely not be actual name given to the program once it is ready for broadcast.

  “They put up a test page that wasn’t supposed to appear until today – but without a title – as it was never intended that [the program] would be called “The Look,” explains their publicist to The Daily Roxette. “The documentary is still untitled… simply ’Marie Fredriksson’ at the moment.”

  Titan’s site says “this is the story about when life suddenly and alarmingly changes… and about the meaning of music and songs in order to come back.”

  The documentary – like music on the album itself – is expected to depict not only the pain and suffering she has endured the past two years, but also Marie’s energy, lust for life and fighting spirit.

  Industry sources tell TDR that Titan is attempting to sell the documentary to television channels in other countries where Roxette – and thereby Marie Fredriksson – are well known. This is in line with Capitol Record’s own efforts to make the album available in as many countries as possible.

  The program will first be shown on Sweden’s TV4 on November 24 at 21:00 CET.

  Lars-Erik Olson contributed to this article


remember to sign the petition...

I wonder if we can persuade some obscure channel to show it in the UK???

Well all the UKers could bombard [email protected] and beg them to tell us what channels they are approching, and then contact the channels begging for it to be bought and shown... but somehow I don’t think it will reach the UK... :(

that good news and pix, I like his name, I hope it is possible to see in sudamerica :-)

awwww sounds good a doc (like the pic), i like the name ’listern to your heart’ better than ’the look’ but doesnt matter to me that much.

Thanks Judith for this translation... loved the pic :)
Hope the petition works out and we´ll have it with subtitles...

Mmmm....lovely, what a fabulous way to survive the gloominess of autumn! At the same time i believe we’ll shed quite some teras watching it too...*sigh*. The title doesn’t appeal to me, hopefully it is just a working one? GO MARIE!!!

Nice news!

The picture fits to her new song “A table in the sun”, I hope the song is so wonderful as the picture.

Good news!!! The name THE LOOK suggests that it should be with at least English subtitles if there is DVD.

I love this pix. Is it something from the documentary?

How many people have signed the petition???

192 so far

well, regardless of subtitles its been raining in skåne for about 11 straight hours. Apparently this keeps up all autumn. Lets hope that there are cheerful parts in the documentary.


Im in Oz and I truely hope we get it down here. For the documentary to be a successful worldwide release, it will need more than just english subtitles - i think the whole documentary should be in english - especially if other countries are to pick it up.

Well heres hoping! Can’t wait for the album.

the title THE LOOK doesn’t make that much sense to me ... i’d prefere a tilte like > NO JOYRIDE

I think if it’s being shown in other countries then of course it will be in English or have would be a little bit stupid to have Swedish with no subtitles in other countries! So the petition is probably unnecessary!

the documentary is definitely in swedish...i got an email from emi confirming that. Yes it would be great if one of the english speaking countries in the world showed the documentary with english subtitles, but does anyone realistically think that is going to happen? Those of you in Continental europe might have more luck...your channels might not have such a strong aversion to showing a programme in a foreign language, with subtitles in german, etc. If they truely intended for this to be sold to other countries though, i cant understand why it was filmed in swedish. I think we should keep signing the petition in the meantime.

am I the only one annoyed that emi feels its necessary to attack maries work to roxette? i really am looking forward to seeing the documentary at some point, it would be great if they made a speical edition of the album with the documentary included

Assuming you (Coyboy) meant “attach” and not “attack” ... then I for one am not upset at all that Titan, EMI, or anyone else would, in an attempt to remind people who Marie Fredriksson is, refer to her work with Roxette. It’s completely logical.

in Spain and/or Germany they don’t normally add subtitles, they sync the whole thing.. which is HELL of annoying.. :S

well judith, in the UK they wouldnt even do that....its extremely rare for them to show anything that wasnt originally made in the english language...i know thats not right, but thats the way it is.

I’m pretty damn sure there will be a DVD with this documentary ... There are loads of Marie videos that haven’t been released on DVD, that would make a nice package ...

Well, not that the choice is in our hands, (furthermore looks like it’s been made already), but, indeed “The Look” doesn’t seem like a title matching all that much with this documentary, does it?... My feeling anyway... All in all, why not to simply have called it “The Change”, after the album? Or better yet, “Second Chance”, such a title as the single’s sounds like suiting it perfectly, or?... Oh well, again, just my feeling... In the end, all I hope for the most is that the documentary may reach to some channel in Portugal as well! :) *fingers crossed* Then, and as for the eventual release (HOPEFULLY!) of this documentary in some form, well, I keep my wish from before: assuming that releasing the documentary as a bonus DVD to the album must not be that much of a possibility (considering both dates for the album release and the documentary broadcast), well, if not releasing it as an individual DVD following to the broadcast (which would for us be probably THE dream option), then perhaps it could at least make it as a bonus DVD to the upcoming single (assuming there is to be one) off “The Change”?... Sort of a “fans edition” thing (alongside with the regular edition of the single as obvious)?...

Hmmm that’s a good point Sweepi - “The Change” would be a much better title! I can understand why they want to connect the documentary to Roxette because people outside of Sweden may not know her name, but I think the title does not fit very well at all!!

Then again, and if the idea is definitely to link the title of this documentary (and therefore Marie) with Roxette, which, as LEO says, is a completely logical strategy after all, well then, joyrider’s idea for instance, “No Joyride”, that would fit quite nice even, I think, quite nice indeed... Though, still, still I think I’d rather go for linking it to Marie’s new work, particularly to “2:nd Chance” I guess, as as by listening to this song, I suppose this will be the very same feeling we will get, by watching this documentary: sometimes you are fortunate to be given a second chance, and thank God for it. Thank God. But, as I say, and back to the title, this isn’t a choice of ours anyway, and then, it’s made already, so... It’s just a detail in the end anyway... All I wish is that I’ll be able to watch it! :) *still crossing fingers*

Great to hear that they try to sell it to other TV channels, so maybe non-Swedes get the chance to see it too! ;-D

please if it will be show with english subtitles one day please please please put it on rox bytes

I love the PIC!!!I can’t wait to watch the documentary!

Hope they could release this documentary in Brazil. It would be fantastic :D

Also Finnish will see The Look via digital tv. Maybe i should buy digital box for my tv...Well it costs about 160€, but I want to see so much this documentary.

although i would love to see this doco, i’m not holding my breath that it’ll be shown down here in australia. I just don’t see any of the channels here picking it up :-(

RobS: definitely wouldn’t hold my breath about Australia. We didn’t even get all the singles off the last albums, so the documentary seems unlikely...unless SBS pick it up???

I think we need a new petition asking for the documentary to be released on video or DVD! I’m in Sweden so I’ll see it, but of course I won’t get subtitles and my Swedish is blaaah! I’m gonna be sitting there with a Swedish/English dictionary lol. There’s so many people who won’t get a chance to see this doco at all unless they can buy a DVD, so I would LOVE them to release it officially. Like some ppl have said, it would make a GREAT bonus disc with the album.

It’s a Great New!!! I like so much the photo of television documentary “The Look”


I don’t think another “petition” is necessary for this project. All these concepts/ideas our readers are expressing in comments here on TDR... are being considered.

But there is a potential problem with what is being asked for. Keep in mind that this copyrighted program belongs to Titan and TV4, and not to EMI or Marie.... and the documentary will not be shown in some countries until January. A DVD release would have to follow that (either Titan would release it themselves, or EMI would buy the program from Titan/TV4 in order to do so).

But if fans desire that at some point this be released on DVD so they can see it... then it would be counterproductive to that goal to have it on RoxBytes (which people are also asking for). Why go to the risk/expense of producing such a DVD if a pirated version is already on the internet... potentially harming whatever sales you might expect otherwise?

Please mind that the documentary is NOT yet named.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article has been updated to reflect the fact that the Titan website was in error when they listed “The Look” as the name of this documentary. It is, in fact, as yet unnamed.

i’d call it NO JOYRIDE (c;

great picture!!! great news!!!

I agree with Lars at one point. Yes, if material is on the Internet and everyone can download it, it may affect sales figures. But on the other hand, no releasing date has been published yet. So poeple outside Sweden can’t wait forever...

I’m so glad its not going to be called “The Look”. I mean how does that relate to her ordeal? Why not call it “Marie Fredriksson: 2nd chance” ?

Has it been confirmed that the doco is going to be in Swedish? If so, what is the point of releasing it in other countries? English would make so much more sense! (both literaly and commercialy)

“Has it been confirmed that the doco is going to be in Swedish? If so, what is the point of releasing it in other countries? English would make so much more sense! (both literaly and commercialy)”

No, I don’t think so! Since English is a foreign language in the majority of the countries this documentary might be shown in, the documentary would have to be dubbed or subtitled anyway. Therefore, it doesn’t really matter in which language it’s originally in! And I guess doing that certain interview in her mother tongue has been much more easier for Marie (at least it would be for me!). Talking about her illness and all those changes in her life must already be difficult enough without having to search for the right words...

Amazing news!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

starrox, it might not matter for countries where the native tongue is french, german spanish, etc....but this has virtually zero chance of being shown in an english speaking country....i know its not right, but they are not very keen on showing programmes that are not made in english. Like it or not, english is the international language

i wonder what happens then with German or Spanish or even Asian /Japanese films.. you simply don’t get to see them on tv? :S

no judith, we really dont....sometimes you get a film that gets a cult following like the japanese film Battle Royale...or a one off success like Amelie, but that is very rare...and thats movies. I honestly cant ever remember watching a programme on british TV that wasnt filmed in english...the only exception really is the news, if they are interviewing someone who cant speak english. It’s not that i think thats is wrong, but at the same time, if they wanted to market this documentary internationally then in my opinion it should have been filmed in english....coupled with the fact that the album was recorded in english and this is the only promotion there is for it

Well, the documentary being in Swedish is of course a disadvantage in English speaking countries, but honestly: do you really think they would have shown it if it was in English? I highly doubt that! Especially since the album probably won’t even be released in those countries or - for the UK - only if it’s a huge success in Central Europe...
That’s why I wrote “Since English is a foreign language in the majority of the countries this documentary might be shown in”, BTW! Why worry about markets your chances of selling to are extremely slim anyway?

i think it should be called ’2nd chance’

i understand your point starrox, but surely when you make a product to market internationally you make it as accessable as possible to as many markets as possible. Who’s to say this wouldnt have been shown in the UK? It’s unlikely, but not impossible....they show documentaries of normal members of the public coming to terms with cancer, so there is the possibility they would have shown this also. That kind of programme actually fits into British Tv schedules quite well. I can actually imagine it being advertised as i think about it....”Marie Fredriksson, one half of the swedish duo Roxette who had 4 top ten hits in the early 90’s tells her story of her struggle against cancer”. I’m not saying its likely, but it MIGHT have been picked up by one of the stations. I am almost completely sure that it wont be now.

I agree with Ncurran, even though Roxette may not be popular everywhere, this documentary might be quite interesting to many people because a lot of people would watch a documentary about a woman fighting cancer even if they don’t know her. It would make much more sense to be in English, but of course since it’s such a personal topic I’m sure Marie wants to express herself clearly and she can’t do that in English. So I understand why she wants to speak her own language, but it’s gonna be hard to understand since I live in Sweden there’s obviously not going to be any subtitles!!

>> I wonder what happens then with German or Spanish or even Asian /Japanese films.. you simply don’t get to see them on tv? :S

Jud: Well that’s Australia we don’t really see anything that’s not in English. There is a channel called SBS that shows foreign films but nobody watches it. The cinemas NEVER show a foreign film, you have to go to an arthouse cinema to see stuff like Amelie for example. So it’s very VERY unlikely this documentary would ever be shown in Australia, and I’m sure it’s the same for UK and USA.

I always thought the dubbing wasn’t so nice but seeing what happens in English-speaking countries.. maybe it’s not that bad :S

I think in Sweden they simply play any film in any language with subtitles or?

I just hope it comes out on DVD/bonus disc, with English subtitles. I shorter English interview with Marie would be a nice bonus. Especialy since, she probably isnt doing any other promotion/interviews.

Yeah in Sweden there’s a lot of French movies and stuff like that at the cinemas.

I HATE dubbing so I’m glad that everything is subtitled in Sweden (and Australia too). When I was in France and Spain it drove me crazy to see Friends and Seinfeld being dubbed!! I also have a lot of German videos of Roxette, and it’s so irritating when Marie starts talking and some stupid German voice talks over the top of her and you can’t hear what she’s saying. So I hope that if the documentary is shown in Germany and Spain they get subtitles instead of annoying dubbing!!

Most probably it will be dubbed - in Germany it’s VERY unusual to have subtitles. I can’t remember any series, interview or anything else that had subtitles.
I am sure that it would be dubbed if we got it. :(

That means that she will most likely speak Swedish in the background and they will speak over it in German (did it like that with Agnetha’s interview for example). Urgh, that’s even worse than real dubbing because you try to understand Swedish and can’t understand it because they babble German over it. :S

Yeah, I agree! There’s no way they’d only use subtitles! Just an example: they even started subtitling or dubbing people speaking (heavy) dialect! How crazy is that?


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