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“2:nd Chance” enters the Swedish charts at #8

Written by Jud on October 15, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Marie Fredriksson’s single “2:nd Chance” enters the Swedish official single chart at #8 this week.

  “2:nd Chance” is the first single off Marie’s new solo album in English, “The Change”, which will be released in Scandinavia on October 27th and in some additional European countries around a month later.

  On a sidenote, Gyllene Tider’s “Solsken” climbs up two positions to the #20 in its second week on the list.

Kiwein1 contributed to this article


FANTASTIC!!!!!!! When you consider that Marie hasn’t cracked the Top 10 since “Sparvoga” you just can’t be unhappy with this chart position. Congratulations, Marie!!!

Well it did a lot better than I thought it would... well done Marie... :)

Tomaaaaaa!!! great, it rules, yes, yes!
Well done Marie :-)

Yes, great position, maybe it will climb up later.

I´m sure it will climb higher, because it´s new on the list. I´m so happy! Marie rules!

Marie beats GT with her new single!! (Solsken #20)

I wonder if Per is mad at her.....? :-)

Ow WOW top 10 is great , im so pleased a song with feeling in it did so well.

ps my single should be coming soon yay !

thats great news for marie....hopefully that bodes well for the album.
I wonder how much of this is due to international fans ordering the single over the internet?

“Solsken is taken from a multiplatinum selling album.
Not too many people care about the demos.

I think Marie will outsell Gyllene Tider (even though her singles usually don’t sell that much)”

Looks like my prediction can be pretty accurate :)

I hardly believe that Marie will outsell GT. Not a chance. The reasons are many, but I think the major reason is that people in Sweden will not go bananas about Marie as they did for GT. I don’t think Marie could ever outsell more or less a whole tour either and that of course influences the sales figures as well.

I do, however, wish Marie the best and that it will become a succesful single AND album.

the alum is in english so for alot of swedes they’ll lose interest the only thing that will bost her sales will be the documentary and if the album gets picked up internationally, am I the only one who really wish this album came out when marie was well, say between cbb & Eu hits so she could promote and perform the songs, things would eb so different :(

That’s great! I’m very glad!

That’s not bad considering the radios are not really playing it in Sweden! But the single got a lot of publicity in the newspapers and magazines so I guess that was enough to make people go out and buy it!

@ roxtexanet

Something tells me in my head that Tro DID make it into the top-10 in 96...Number 8 or something.

Anyway, it’s great 2nd Chance is in the top-10!

per mson: You must’ve misunderstood something ’cause the post was referring to the singles Solsken and 2nd chance and thus far it seems as Marie Fredriksson will win the competition.

good news, way to go.

Finally some news about MARIE in the charts. I think #8 is quite good and surprise for me. As I remember, ANTLIGEN made uo to #1.

Its fantastic. And by the way, “Tro” was also a Top 10 here in sweden...

You’re talking about the album Äntligen, right? Just wondering since the single never made it past #34...

That’s a lot for a song like Second Chance. Duh. I don’t think it will climb any position. It is just not good enough :s

:-D I am glad very much!!!! :-D

@strest: Ohh, my appologies! I misunderstood you! :) But if this now have become some sort of a competition (don’t know why it should...), isn’t then a bit whacky to compare like this? If one should compare GT with Marie in the sense you mean, one should do it in fair matters, meaning you should compare the first single out on Marie’s album with the first single out from GT’s album...
But I don’t really care who is selling more of what as long as they both sell! ;-))

Well done Marie,now directly to the 1!!!!!!!!!!!

Well done Marie!

Let’s hope the album will be a big success for her.

per mson:
(2nd Chance or Solsken?)

This hardly surprises me after seeing so many threads demanding the latest news about Marie the past few years. :) I can’t wait to hear the album.

@animalkingdom & Rox-attic: You’re both absolutely right, “Tro” ENTERED at #37, but eventually climbed to #8. “2nd Chance” is beginning its run at #8, hopefully it will climb higer... anyway, my mistake and happy to be wrong (-:

By the way, old singles charts can be found at

What does it mean those numbers in I mean, for instance, (35)/4/.

PS What does it mean “utgiven” in Swedish?


utgiven means released

(NY)/1/ NY means that it’s new, if there is a number there it’s the last weeks position.. and the 1 is the number of weeks on the chart...

tro is a wonderful song aswell :-), love the piano in it.

Why is there a colon ( : ) after the 2 in this title? Do the English type 2:nd rather typing 2nd? Anyone know?

2:nd is the swedish way of writing it apparently....probably a mistake, but not a big deal in my opinion, it adds a little swedish charm and mystery

let’s order some more singles and give them to poor people who haven’t got a clue about good music (Popstars and Famfactory-viewers for example....hehehe)

I press my fingers for #1!!

Hopefully, 2:ND CHANCE will go higher.:)

lol the title speelling annoys the crap out of me if they release the album in the states I gaurantee they change it to second


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