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International release plans for “The Change” take shape

Written by Jud on October 13, 2004 to .

VIENNA - EMI Capitol Sweden’s plans to faciliate the international release of Marie Fredriksson’s new album “The Change” are well underway.

  Here along the Danube – perhaps proving that there’s more than just classical music in the air – one of the first real indications of their success is that EMI Music Austria has announced that fans here will be able to purchase the album starting on November 29th. The single “2:nd Chance” will begin airplay by the end of October. In addition, at least one German online retailer is also announcing the November 30th availablity of the album while EMI Czech Republic has November album release information on their site.

  As indicated in The Daily Roxette’s previously reports, releases by EMI units in additional countries are expected – enough to truly qualify this album as an “international release.” For marketing reasons, many of these release dates will be scheduled for early next year.

  While the EMI plant in the Netherlands actually produces most of the CDs for Continental Europe (including Sweden), there will be pressings elsewhere around the world, when it is more cost-effective to do so. An example of this would be Japan, where Marie’s last two studio albums have been released. They will avoid the cost of shipping from Europe by using their own duplication plant.

  Assuming that the made-for-TV documentary is picked up by networks outside of Sweden, it’s reasonable to expect that marketing efforts (and release dates) will be adjusted to coincide with that.

NeverendingRoxette, Mike76, Abysmo and Lars-Erik Olson contributed to this article.


great news!

i hope marie wont get dissapoined if the single 2:nd change flops, because (not only) in my opinion it is not a very radio friendly song (no intro, no catchy hooklines, no sing along chorus, no sound surprises, ...).

i guess, it would have been better to test the single and it’s airplay in sweden and suggest if it is good for marie’s international comeback to start with 2:nd change.

i hope i am completely wrong and 2:nd change is going to be a huge thing in europe and a real UP and strength for marie!

I think there gonna wait and see which the fans see as strong songs, and maybe release different first singles for radio ! I cant wait to here ’bad moon’ to excited.

Ermm I wonder when if at all it will see the light in the UK!

if the documentary gets picked up outside sweden atleast we’ll have subtitles ;)

although in what language.....who can tell ;)

I hope Argentina release the album very soon.I can’t wait anymore!!!

Hmm... Then perhaps our efforts to call attention over Marie’s new work (requesting for “2:nd Chance” to the radios and asking about the album release at music stores etc) have started out too early maybe?... Could that be it? (Here in Portugal at least thus far no one seems to know of anything regarding the release of “The Change” yet...) Or is it never too early? :P

... and what ’bout CH? Come on guys!

Uk will never see the light i think :-(, EMI likes money more than credibility!

So we have to wait til November to hear MARIE on the radio.

Great News ... but don‘t forget Argentina and Latinamerica!!!!!!!

i emailed EMI OZ a few days back, still waiting on a reply....

I hope that this should happen soon worldwide...

I hope that Marie’s new videos are catchy and excellent, not like the ones for the Roxette’s room service album which I believe was the main reason that that album didn’t do well around the world.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Video killed the radio star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the videos for tcoth and milk n toast n honey were great how can you say they were bad. The very hesitant approach emi seems to be having regarding the international push is understandable given the lacklust performance pers album had outside of sweden

i agree with coyboy for once lol...
well at least as far as TCOTH goes, that was one of my favourite rox videos. MATAH was a great video too....wasnt too keen on real sugar though, found it a little tacky.

In Poladn it will be releases on 22-11-2004.

It really looks like the album will be released on November 30th in Germany - which is strange since that’s not a even monday like it should be! Plus, it looks like Capitol Music Germany sent out wrong info and the album is now filed under the name “Marie Frederiksson” everywhere... *sigh*

I also like MILK AND TOAST AND HONEY. One of the most played ROXETTE videos on MTV.

starrox: the person at EMI Austria also used “frederiksson” when sending the information :(

Oh well, how incompetent can they get?! Another proof “EMI=Every mistake imaginable” isn’t exaggerated ;-)
After all, they’ve had a contract with Marie for over 15 years now, she made them lots of money and still they don’t manage to write her name correctly! How sad is that?

I hope somebody at EMI Sweden realises (hej! ;)) and warns them...

Woohoo! Finally the reply from EMI Portugal and, yes, they told “The Change” will be released here as well. :) (Only the date isn’t set yet.) Gettin’ happy here... :D

what about argentina?. does anybody know anything about it?. i hope emi doesnt forget about us.. because argentinian fans are always left aside.

Any word on an Australian/New Zealand release?

When will I hear 2:ND CHNACE on the radio in Lithaunia???????

although i hate to admit it this album is going to be so poorly promoted anywhere overseas that it will flop or no one will know it was ever released.

in australia people think roxette are an 80’s band that finished years ago. they are quite shocked to know that they still exist.
But the funny and ironic thing is everyone has heard of them and knows and least half a dozen of their songs and usually buys the greatest hits album.

i love roxette i have for a very long time and i can’t wait to hear this new Marie album “the Change” but i think as fans we have been cheated by EMI but not putting enough money to promote a high quality band and letting people know that they are still great and marketable.

Im will be waiting patiently but i am dreading the fact that i will have to get it imported months after the release and will miss out on getting the single because by the time i get around to it, it will be deleted. shame!

if only something could be done.........

I’ve just received a reply to my e-mail I’ve sent to EMI Hungary: they will release “The Change” on October 27th.


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