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Written by tevensso on October 7, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - The artwork that will appear on the cover of Marie Fredriksson’s forthcoming album, “The Change,” was revealed today by Capitol Records, who will be releasing the album on Oct. 27 in Sweden.

  The lead single off “The Change” is “2:nd Chance” which hit the stores in Sweden this week. “It feels like a victory having made ’The Change’,” Marie comments.

  The documentary The Daily Roxette mentioned previously will be aired on TV4 November 24 at 21:00 CET. The one-hour long documentary, produced by Anette Beijer, will show images of the recording of the album in her studio at home, private recordings shot by Micke Bolyos, exclusive performances of some of the new tracks, as well as an interview with Marie done in late summer, where Marie explains, among other things, how much her life has changed since she was diagnosed with cancer.

  The tracklist of “The Change”:

1. The Change

2. 2:nd Chance

3. All You’ve Gotta Do Is Feel

4. April Snow

5. Love 2 Live

6. Mother

7. Many Times

8. All About You

9. The Good Life

10. Bad Moon

11. A Table in the Sun

12. The Change (orchestral version)

Judith contributed to this article.


the drawing doesn’t have many lines/paint, it’s simple.. and yet so disturbing and.. so full of meaning and feelings. Amazing!

Indeed, very good sleeve.

Nice, really simple indeed but a lot of meaning. The simpleness of the drawing is what makes it disturbing and really intriguing. 3 different Maries with 3 differents expressions and The Change is like blurried.

Great, i cannot wait! :-)
Did she draw it herself?

That’s true! It’s disturbing in the sense that the illness was so scary. However, i believe that the lack of straight lines and the abundance of crooked ones points to the ongoing change Marie has been going through.

It’s just like ripples in the water of a pond after a rock or any other object falls in it. After a few seconds of motion in the water, which would represent ’change’, the ripples subside and the water goes still once again; ’the change has been completed’.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

I love it!

I think the cover is great!!!I love it!
What about the track listing?

You are GREAT MARIE!!! I love so much. Nice paint of “THE CHANGE”, very simple.

The cover is very different, I like it.

Can’t wait for the tracklisting. Wonder how many tracks we’re going to get?

How many tracks? I think about 11, like it’s popular last time in music :)

Is the documentary in Swedish or English? Or will there be English subtitles?

It’s on Swedish TV4 in Sweden... My guess would be that it’s in Swedish without subtitles. Although I’d appreciate subtitles since her Swedish is not the best...

So Finally the misterious tracklist is THE REAL TRACKLIST.

That’s interesting... and disturbing...

YEY! The tracklist :-)

I really like the title - APRIL SNOW.


Really deep and interesting cover, matching the single! The tracklist isn’t exactly the same though. Some tracks differ. And Bad Moon is really on it! *curious about the final version*

I CAN’t WAIT FOR HEAR “BAD MOON”“”!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the track list!!
I can’t wait!!I want to listen the full album!!
Great cover too.

Sascha, except for no1 and 2 being in reverse, the tracklist is exactly the same

This is so great! Maybe I’ll book a flight to Sweden to see the documentary there so I’ll be able to see it :-)

@ Thomas: LOL! Are you talking about her ’Skånska’?

edit: I like the titles :-)

*running to the cd player to play Bad moon loud!*

BAD MOON finally on it - can’t believe it! This song is a masterpiece, even the demo!!!!! Can’t wait to hear it!!

Woohoo, 11 new Marie songs (12 if you count the Orchestral version of “The Change” and I don’t...). I’m really happy to see that “Bad Moon” made the cut too, but I hope we’ll get to hear finished versions of some of the others (esp. “Do You Wanna Go With Me?” and “Remember”) too someday (maybe she’s saving them for Roxette (-; ).

I think the documentary is airing too late to be of much promotional value for the album, but better late than never.

Why do you write 2:nd instead of 2nd, dear TDR?:)

Great! I can’t wait until I hold the CD in my hands.


cant wait...only a few weeks to go...well probably a month before i get my copy in the post, but anyway...great cover, and cant wait to here the songs. Thanks TDR again for the swift news update.

Dear Bunio, because that’s the way it’s written on the CD. See

Dear roxeteer, thank you :) but i still think it is strange...

YES YES YES YESSS!!! I LOVE BAD MOON SOOO much :-) , havent been this happy in ages!

As an Artist myself, The cover is beautiful and so personal. We have at last an album of emotion.

I always knew Marie’s solo work is a window over to her heart but like this... *absolutely speachless* Thank you Marie for the very much of you you’re sharing with us.

cover is cool :) i’m assuming we’re not getting subtitles on the documentary?

I love Marie
I love this album
I love.....

...hmm..indeed this seems to be a very very personal album. I wonder how much she has really changed inside....
I guess this album and the documentary maybe won’t be very easy for us..but okay...she’s back, she’s done it...she won (I hope!!)But I must admit that this is the first album I’m also a bit afraid off....

Anyway..Marie it was very dark without you! Let’s be happy again!!


Fantastic! Can’t wait to hear it as a final version!
So now I already get 2nd Chance, BM and All You Gotta Do... that I like VERY much!

The cover is disturbing, for sure - - all the contrast you can find for any Roxette album cover... I like it anyways...

is there anyone who can record the documentary for me.
i don’t understand why this will not be on the cd or dvd there are a lot of fans out there who would like to see this with subtitles.

i hope it will be on rox bytes

I love Bad Moon demo, can´t wait to hear the final version.
I agree witg frisso, hope that document will be ready for downloading from roxbytes. There are only 12 songs on the album, so there´s so much space on the CD, this document would be as a video bonus.

I love BAD MOON!!!! Excellent cover, excellent album MARIE - YOU’RE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care!

i’m sorry but why does it always have to only for the swedish fans i’m fan since 1989 and i’m from holland and don’t understand swedish at all and marie always said that her fans are so importent so do it for the outside fans too.
maybe we should all write to emi and say that we want it with subtitles.

if bad moon isnt a single i will personally murder everyone at emi i have been killing for an easy to understand version of the song my god I am so psyched!

I love The tracklist of “The Change”!!!!!

yessssssssss!!! BAD MOOOOOOON!!!! marie you’re the greatest!!! :D


Ok. We have the sleeve, the track list...but WHAT ABOUT THE DATES FOR THE INTERNATIONAL RELEASE?

Boys and girls, believe me, but I think this CD isn´t going to be released internationally. This is the perfect time to do it, now that a lot of artists release their albums. But only in Sweden.


How can you value if and album is excellent or not without having listened to it? The fan-euphoria is amazing...truly a sociological issue to study.

on the subtitles...note the sarcasm of tev, above!

vi ses, oam.

PS - very much like the cover.

EMI will do what they always do... release in Sweden... let every fan buy it import it... then release internationally.. and wonder why it does not sell!!!

Great cover TDR... :)

Regarding the subtitle issue... in TDR’s original report, it was stated that this program is being developed for television broadcast in Sweden. As such, there will not be English subtitles.

The producers, Titan Television, will hold the copyright. For this to appear as an “extra” or “bonus” on a DVD released by EMI/Capitol, there would have to be some contractual agreement between the two parties. We’re not at all sure this will happen.

Marie Marie, I am so happy, I think Den standiga Resan was fantastic even so i didn’t understand your beautiful words. But this is sooooooooo special for me you really wouldn’t believe it.
xxxxxxxxxxx G


Thanks for applying once again censorship in the messages I added here, regarding the international release of “The Change”. Not only did you changed the meaning of my personal opinion, but also you try to “protect” Emi in some strange way, since you erased “**** *** Emi”. I don´t understand this self-interested attitudes towards Emi...perhaps it is because they provide you with new material or with the breaking news. But, from my point of view, I always thought that the TDR must be a tool for fans expressing their opinions and thoughts about Roxette, Per or Marie, and not a launch pad for Emi official statements (they should have their own site for these purposes).

I received an e-mail for Lars-Erik Olsson awarening me about the rules and “editorial” style of TDR...But now I can certainly say that these principles are systematically changed every now and then without any respect for individual users.

Now feel free to “Edit” the post. It could be hilarious if you do so.


OMG ’Bad Moon’ is on there *faints*!!!! I love the sleeve how brilliant, so touching!

I’m very disappointed if we wont be getting that documentary with the CD or a seperate DVD and not even in English :(

Surely with this being a supposed ’international’ release you would expect it in English well that’s EMI for you! I sure hope they change their mind there is still a few weeks until the release.


It is strange, enigmatic, upsetting in some way, smoothly beautiful, with the pictures placed in a non-logical manner. Even the fonts chosen are restless, one letter red, the other one green (mmm, it could be a reminiscence of CBB! font...perhaps to say us that this album it´s really good)...I reckon the picture shows Marie herself, but the central face really worries is an asymmetric face, not really sad, obviously not shows a certain cool calm.

My personal view: the central face is Marie right now. The other ones shows her in two different situations: the face on the left is Marie before the beginning of the disease, all full of beauty we were used to, smiling. But the other one, the face on the right side, is a tragic representation of Marie ill: small eyes, grimace in the mouth, sad...These two faces don´t seem to have hair...dunno the exact reason, but this could identify the sickness period.

And then, the result: Marie´s face in the centre. Not extraordinary beautiful, but calmed. The irregularity of this piece could make clear that Marie Fredriksson is not the same person as before. She has slowly come back from the figure on the right -the disease- and she is a new person. But she never could forget these happenings in her life. She needs to look back and assume the difficulties and darkness of the last two years. But she has won the fight at last, just with a major condition: she must accepts THIS CHANGE. HER CHANGE. THE CHANGE.

Absolutely an AMAZING COVER. It could be more attractive with red color instead white. But definitely, and from my point of view, one of the most personal, original, strange, caothic, meaningful, risky and beautiful covers that Marie could have created. A masterpiece, really.


P.D. So, what do you think about it? It could be nice to hear some other “reviews” of the cover, since it looks like an authentic art painting.


I love this cover!!! I can’t wait to hear this album.

i think it would be a great idea release an special The Change limited edition,including this film.As Mazarin first edition was released.

@tevensso: What do you have against Marie’s Swedish? I think it’s cute... ;) But I guess I am not so very objective since I have someone from Skåne at home myself. :-D

yes it would be great to have the documentary included in the release, but it is never going to happen.....the TV company would never agree to having it released with the album which comes out a month before it is going to be shown on Swedish TV. The most we can hope for is for it being included in some future DVD release. It could have been included in a Live DVD release, but i really dont think Marie will tour with this album.

Poli: another of the rules (u should spend more time here ;)) is no bad words are permitted, even if they come with ** in between. Has nothing to do with proctecting EMI or not but with keeping this page “clean”. I don’t think there’s any need to use any bad word to ask when and where the album will be released, actually.

Another one is that comments that have nothing to do with the piece of news (in this case Marie’s album, cover, tracklist, documentary) are also deleted. There’s a section in this site: Discussions >> TDR Discussions, for “Discussion on The Daily Roxette web site and TDR’s services.” in where your comment would fit better :)

Sorry, and don’t hate me, please:

I don’t like the cover so much. It’s too simple... I was expecting anything else. Maybe the picture fits the album very well, and that’s the reason.

“Bad Moon”: I have downloaded that demo this week. It’s nice, but I think “2nd Chance” is better. I love the string arrengement!!! Hey, do you know when that demo was recorded???

I have ordered the cd single today. In fact, the B-side is not a B-side. It will be included on the album. I don’t know why I ordered it. Well, I didn’t know the album’s track list then, and now it’s to late to retract the order. Can you tell me is it a cardboard single??? I suppose it is. Marie never releases singles in jewelcases. Please, let me know.

simply touching, the cover. ~Good to c BAD MOON on the album, love 2:nd CHANCE... have it on continuously lately, if the entire album is like those songs, I’d say Marie =’d be better off continuing solo career in English.

from EMI sweden:
Hi Neil,
The documentary was filmed in Swedish. I’m sure the documentary will
be translated with subtitles and broadcasted by other TV-stations around the
best wishes

So we have to hope that an english speaking country broadcasts it with subtitles...or at least german, i could understand most of that. Cant see it happening though.

Marie said in an interview back in ’87 that she always wanted to draw her own record sleeve.

I hope the other TV channels wanna show it, even though I am almost totally sure German TV won’t have subtitles but some idiot speaking OVER Marie :(

***Absolutely an AMAZING COVER.....definitely, and from my point of view, one of the most personal, original, strange, caothic, meaningful, risky and beautiful covers that Marie could have created. A masterpiece, really.***

@polisson: this is exactly what I feel about the cover! =)

I thought Marie was a singer not a painter ;) but I have really to change my mind...This cover shows an extremely high artistic level...can’t stop to contemplate it!!! It transmits a lot of deep emotions...

Marie you are so AMAZING!!! Without any doubt you are the VERY BEST artist in the world!!! You enter so deep inside me...there are no words to explain how much I love you!

now...can’t wait to hear the album.. ;)

it’s a dream come true!! I always hoping that Bad Moon would be on it!!! I am very happy to hear this news!! thank u, marie!!!

It’s GREAT that Bad Moon is included! I want to hear it NOW!!!

The tracklist... I will wait to hear the songs. But I’m sure they are the most personal songs ever of Marie’s.

The cover is... don’t know... kinda strange for me.

i want it now!!!

Me 2!!!!

Joni Mitchel always’ve drawn herself on her album covers.

I just got my copy of the 8-track snipper cd of The Change. Pretty good stuff!

Love BAD MOON too!!!!!!!!!!!

Its great!!!

By the way, can we here in Spain enjoy this album???

Only the Bad Moon...

@msoren.....whhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt??? You just picked up whhhhhhhhhhaaaaaatttt???? OMG!!!!!!
Please let us know what it sounds like!!!! Please make the tracks ava for download....don’t think I can wait that long to hear it!!!!!
I am sooooooo HAPPY “Bad Moon”is on this cd!!!!
Can’t wait to get the cd....but EMI South-Africa said to me today that this album from Marie is not a BIG PRIORITY for them.....not FAIR!!!!!!! Really don’t know when we will be getting it in this country!!! “2:nd Chance”won’t even be released here!!!!! NOOOOOOOOT FAAAAAIRRRRR!!!sniff, sniff!!!:-(
Can anyone send me “All you’ve got to do is feel”??? Can I download it somewhere????


Please, let me know if the “2nd Chance” single comes in cardboard sleeve or in a slim jewelcase...

Let me know, pals...

it’s in a cardbord sleeve.very nice :-)

8-track excerpt CD:


I also love the cover. It really has a deep meaning. and you can use it as a painting as well.:)

I can say more about the tracklisting when I hear it.

Still hope to watch the documentary about MARIE. But I guess it won’t have any subtitles as it will be broacasted in Sweden. I pray Lithaunian TV will show it.

I can just see BBC 1 showing the Marie documentry... yeah I knew I was dreaming...

I think it is indeed great this is happening, the album release, single etc.. I am very pleased... but you know I cannot help feeling all this is aimed at people who live in Sweden!!

**okay at this point come back with the Marie is Swedish**

The album is in English abd fair enough it is to be released in Sweden first of all, I can fully understand that... nothing is set about an international released EMI full well knowing that people will order from Sweden.... and most collectors will order it in there home country should it be released...

But to now hear this documentry will be shown on Swedish TV only for now... is a little annoying... I mean surely we the fans from around the world deserve to be able to see this as well, perhaps at the same time as others, cannot help thinking it would have been better being put on a DVD... or even to the FC for people to view..... I might be having a negative day but cannot help feeling the fans from outside Sweden are being a little left out to say the least.... :S

Well, to be honest, I’m dead SURE that EMI/Titan will try to sell this documentary to any country available, but what would that help if they don’t want to buy it?

and otherwise im sure someone will record it from the tv, someone else will make subtitles for it and encode a divx, xvid or something and put it online ;)

@ Thomas... I think your right, but cannot see it shown in the UK!! :)

upload the snippets!!!!
I die for hear just ones seconds from every track!!!
Please tell us how it sounds!!!

wow!!!!!! I don´t believe!!!, BAD MOON is in the album, this is a song very speciall...
Thanks Marie for this new

THE CHANGE will be a great success!!!!

@ally77: I totally agree! This is an English project and it is only fair that we English speaking people get to watch and understand this documentary on Marie. I mean fine if this was just a routine doucmentary but no doubt it is gonna be so personal and we the supporters of Marie Fredriksson deserve the chance to hear her story too.

I think we should start a petition and really push hard for a limited editon release, perhaps with a second edition of the album or even through the fanclub I don’t know something! I sure as hell don’t think it will ever be shown in Australia, and I really want to see it!

Anyone want to start it up :)

I think i have the heart empty about emotions... so when i’ll get this album finally Marie will fulfil my emptyness!!

ok i have started a petition online to ask for this documentary to be made available to international fans in some way with subtitles...probably wont make much difference, but worth a try

petitions used to work with Marie, remember tour+ dvd? ;)

i hope so i just sign the pitition. i really think we deserve this.
we are really loyal fans.

GREAT IDEA about the petition!!! Just signed it twice.....don’t think it registerd though!!!!
I think this could just make the diffrence, Marie takes notice of what her fans want, like the Antligen-tour petition (way to go Judith!!!!:-) and the petition I started for them to come and tour South-Africa - she listens and understands what her fans want, GOSH HOW I LOVE HER for being like that, so typical her of goldheartedness!!!!
So lets just HOPE and pray this one works too!!!!

I’ll sign! :)

59 signatures so far....keep signing

I signed as well. Crossed my fingers that it would wokr out. But I don’t want it to be a limited edition, just a normal one that everyone can buy.

It looks like It will be a kind of album that I would listen to it on a snowy or rainy day, with a warm cup of coffee in my hands and with my girlfriend putting her head on my shoulders and both appreciating the love in the air!!!!! Or, listening to this record while doing it in my car! Either way I’m looking forward.

Good decision :):):)


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