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Capitol releases Marie promo CD

Written by roxeteer on October 9, 2004 to .

Capitol has released an 8-track promotional CD sampler of Marie’s “The Change” album. A small booklet with pictures is included.

  The promo CD contains previews of these songs: “The Change,” “2:nd Chance,” “All You’ve Gotta Do Is Feel,” “April Snow,” “All About You,” “Bad Moon,” “A Table In The Sun” and finally an instrumental version of “The Change.”

  Despite the fact that these “promotional use only” items are not intended to be sold, copies of the CD have already appeared on several online auction sites.

  New information is also that Capitol is releasing the full album in two different editions: in a normal CD jewelbox (call number 7243 8631812) and in a Digipak (call number 7243 8636752).

  Marie has drawn herself the cover pictures of all the “The Change” releases, including the single “2:nd Chance.”


good for collectors and fans

What’s that Digipak so special about???

Nothing, it’s a trick to get it up the charts. People usually buy both and the sales go up. They are no different.

People buy both versions??? Crazy thing... People don’t have another way to waste money???
The digipack is very nice when you buy it. But it’s too delicate. You must be too careful, because it get worn very fast.
The normal version in jewel case is more durable. You can put it in a new case when it looks very old. And then, it will look as new again!

I’ll buy both realeses.I’m a big collector.

I will but them both too!!!
If you’re not a collector, you’d never understand. A collector needs to have both versions. It’s hard to explain. I think it’s some kind of madness....

I also will buy the promo CD if anyone is interested in selling it. Anyone there? Please mail me!


I will also buy both!

Amazing she did the drawings ... both Marie and Per (with his Mazarin-album) have let the painter they’ve got inside out for a while ... :)

I got a little bit confused: I guess digipack and promo Cd are too different things??? Well, any promo for MARIE is welcome.

Auryte: Yes, as the article says, the FULL album is going to be released in two editions. The promo CD is a different thing.

Tev: Do you have a clue if the digipak will be limited as the GT25 was?

Count me in, I’ll also buy both versions.

@Per: No, but I think so.

I’m a collector too, in some way. But I’m not so obsessive. One of them is enough for me. I prefer to buy something different.
And yes, maybe you are right: I will never understand them.

@tev: was gt 25 digipack a limited edition? didn´t know

lol its still available at CDON so it cant have been THAT limited :P

“Limited” edition...

Yes! I will definitely buy both. She has a unique style and I have always admired her talent. Its very classy and elegant! Unfortunately I have to buy it online since in USA you cant find this types of European albums in store easily.

at least she is a better singer as a drawer ... I suppose the album is NOT available in Belgium ???

At least I saw that CD-Wow has added “The Change” to their list as well now. So go and buy the album there! :) (They don’t have the digipak there though)

where to get promo cd except auction sites?


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