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Exclusive documentary about Marie to be produced for TV

Written by Jud on October 1, 2004 to .

GOTHENBURG - According to an article published today in Göteborgs Posten (GP), the production company Titan Media will produce an exclusive film about Marie Fredriksson for TV.

  This will be the only interview Marie will give together with the release of her new album “The Change.” It is still unknown what kind of film it will result in. “It can be an interview or a documentary. We are looking at different possibilities,” explains Marie’s manager Marie Dimberg to GP.


Hey this is FANTASTIC news!!!! Cant wait to see it!!!!


Put it as a bonus on the 2:nd single of the Change so all of us can watch it over and over again!!

was to be expected ;)

My first thought was that it was fantastic news, but now I don´t think it is. The “exclusive documentary” is the only thing we will get from her, according to the article in Göteborgsposten. She is not planning other interviews as well. I was looking forvard to see her in every newspaper, making promotion. Why is she hiding?

I guess she just doesn’t feel like travelling around and talking to every single journalist, which is quite understandable... Don’t you think that almost everyone would ask about her illness?

I can understand why she has done this, would be just awful to be questioned by everyone asking about the illness and stuff... this is a good idea... just how to get hold of it if it is only shown in Sweden.... :(

Yeah, this seems like the best thing to do. Can someone record the interview and post it online maybe?

Great! maybe it will be like that kind of documentary-interiew she made when Den Ständiga Resan. I never unerstood anything but she could transmit a lot of emotions, she seemed to talked about her deeper thinkings and feelings. It happens the same with her songs, it´s not necesary to understand the lyrics to feel what she is saying.
I´ll watch this one also, although i don´t understand anything.
I´m looking forward it! :-)

No signing session? ;-)

On the one hand I am glad hearing that she’s doing something like this and yes, on the other hand I am not happy at all. Maybe I can decide later for one of those options.. ;-)

It would be great if it was produced in English, or at least with subtitles... baring in mind the album is in English.... and made avail to everyone...

i hope that every fan can see this and not only in sweden.
and with subtitles not like the dvd from marie without subtitles. there are alot of marie fans who are not from sweden you know.
please think of that

Why does everything has to be signed?! Doesn’t people have enough of autographs?!?! ;-))
But I agree that I fully understand Marie in this case. I’m not so sure for instance that she would like to have the reporters from Expressen running after her asking her all about her illness, treatment and so on. So I think it is great that she at least will do this documentary thing! :)

It’s not about the autographs, you know..? It’s about SEEING her not only from a distance, but to stand in front of her and have a close look!

Anyway: I hope they really do keep in mind that there are lot of non-swedish fans who wouldn’t understand a word if the “whatever-it-will-be”-movie was in swedish!

I am sooo glad that she’s back!

This smells Agnetha Fältskog II. She refuses to do promotion totally, and she released a self-produced “documentary” when she release her album. The documentary said nothing about nothing.

That’s good news. It will feel comforting to hear about her and her current condition from her own mouth. As for promotion, we cannot expect huge efforts from someone who’s just been given a second chance. Guys, she will be back on a horse but not as promptly as people want her to. Let’s respect her pace now. I am glad she’s at least back. You guys do the same, be glad without complaining. Best wishes.

I am extremely happy to see her back!!!! There are no words to express that feeling the right way! :-)

You can understand in this case why Marie may not want to do hundreds of interviews though...

Yes, wouldn’t do it any other if I was her.. :-)

It’s great that she’s doing this. I’m sure it will cost a lot of energy... Anyway, according to Kjell Andersson this documentary/interview will be better than the one they made of/with Agnetha F. Today Marie and Marie D. will have a meeting about what to do before the release of the album, so there might be more info soon :-)

this might be in order to avoid answering to the same questions over and over again. In 99 when Eva Dahlgren released her Lailai she did the same, she didn’t want to talk to hundreds of people about her coming out and answer same questions 1283129 times...

*looking forward to it*

I agree. It’s basically to protect Marie; To give her a chance to release the album ’peacefully’ and making sure she has control of what will happen when it comes to the press etc. I think it’s a good way. It’ll take a lot of energy from Marie and she still needs the rest. I think if all of this will go right, Marie will decide to continu with Roxette. I mean, it’s great to start of and taking it easy with this first ’small’ project, it’s a good test to see if she can handle it all. If this goes ok, then the chance of more projects (bigger ones, like with Roxette) in the future will grow. She has to do her comeback step by step and not jump into a big thing like a Roxette-project.
It’s like trying the ice and see if it’s strong enough to skate on instead of putting on your skates and jump onto the ice, it’s saver.
I don’t know really how to explain exactly what I mean in English, but I hope you get what I mean :-)

KANON! ;-)


I’m a bit disappoitend :-/ I know it is selfish to expect her to appear in the media all the time now but I was hoping to see her and hear from her little bit more often now. But you are right, this is quite a good way to come back slowly...

Hopefully the interview or documentary will not only be shown in Sweden. PLEASE NOT!!!!!

Roxfever: I know what you mean, I would love to see here more also. But after 2 years I’m just so happy to see SOMETHING about her. I think it’s a good idea, it’s a great way for her to give one big interview about her illness, then she doesn’t have to do 100 interviews that all ask “So how did you feel when you found out you had a tumour, how did your children react, what was it like when you hit your head etc” over and over. She can tell everyone her story the way she wants to.

Agnethamaria: At first I had the same thought, that she is still hiding, but I think this is her way of returning slowly. She wouldn’t be releasing an album if she was still sick so she must be ok (I pray she is!!) but it’s probably a bit much for her to jump into the spotlight.

I would love to see her being more public too, just because I MISS HER but I’m glad for whatever small part of herself she gives us. I really look forward to this documentary.

well as many times before, this is not about us and what we want but about her and what she feels for ;)

@Sparvogamarie...hej girl! Belinda here from Cape Town....hope you are well and enjoying Sverige (who wouldn’t!!hihi!!)
I couldn’t agree with you more...
I really am glad she is doing this, I kinda knew & hoped for her, she’d do something like this, I was allready worried for her thinking of how HORRIBLE it would be for her to go thru all that hundreds of tidious interviews answering all these same questions about her illness.
Can’t wait to see it either, I just hope it’ll be distributed around the world, so all of her fans can see it.
Isn’t it so FANTASTIC that she is back!!!! VAR GLAD!!!!!! Take care of you!

Hey...let’s stop being so selfish..we should be happy that she’s back!! And giving hundreds of interviews must be really the worst part of this job! (That was it already before!!) Do you really expect that everything will be like before?? Marie has gone thru hell! Nothing will be like before!

So..what about adding a DVD to the Album with this film?????????????? Limited version or whatever!! Pleeeezzzz!!
I think artists should add more DVD’s too their CD’s ....yep!! :D

i really hope that this is made in english, or at least made with english subtitles. It makes sense if as planned this record is going to be released internationally. I mean, in a way it might be easier for Marie to talk naturally about her experience making this album and her illness if she could talk in swedish, but at least then subtitles should be made available for the international fans. After all the album is in english.

subtitles would be nice.

this is a great trhging who wants to be asked 3million times about her illness? Granted it wont be great for the success of the album but does that really matter?

It would be great if the documentary was released in English subtitles. Or maybe we can expect DVD or CD with this material. I think this film will promote the album THE CHANGE perfectly.

@vix TDR Award: Most pertinent comment of the week. Pragmatic, sarcastic, ironic, cutting through the shit and straight to the point.

I salute you.

;) well....i dont mind her talking in swedish but i cant bloody understand it (and ive tried so many times) so a little help would be nice ie: subtitles ;)

i dont beat about the bush ;) i also cant use any grammar, capital letters nor spell checker tonight coz i cant be arsed ;)

Yeah subtitles would be very nice...I can understand Swedish but it’s still a lot better to have subtitles considering the majority of fans are not Swedish speaking!!! I always thought it was stupid that her Äntligen DVD didn’t have subtitles when she knew perfectly well many of the fans that attended those concerts were not Swedish!!!

if this comes out on DVD then it would be insane not to have subtitles. If 90% of foreign movies can have subtitles in a few languages, i dont see it being a big effort to include them on a release like this. The cost wouldnt be too big, and there are many marie fans all over the world who want to watch this.
I’m still interested to know if this is being recorded only for the swedish market or not. If its being sent to media in various countries, then there is more of a chance that it will be in english. Titan is a swedish company i think though, so who knows

I am to agree that, being it aimed to other targets than Sweden only, if so, and even when not, given the fact that Marie’s album is in English and being it released internationally, subtitles to the documentary/interview would be a nice go, indeed.

As for the rest on discussion, I’d steal for mine Judith’s and m-cvk’s words. Yes, rather than our wishes, are Marie’s the ones to count first and last, that’s as it is, that’s as it must be. :) And yes, this is her path to go for, allow then for her to take her steps at her own pace. :) Listen to “2:nd Chance”. Find Marie’s message there. It’s to us too. :) And we’re here for you, Marie, we’re here for you, each moment of the way, we’re here, always. So again, welcome back, and thank you, for being back. :)

What it needs is for someone to read this from EMI and makes notes that the fans would kill to have this with subtitles... I mean come on the majority of Roxette fans all over the world speak English, and I think if anything it would sure a little bit of respect to have subtitles with it adding that the album is in English...

DIMBERG, come in are you reading this... make notes!!

the live dvd from marie with the interview does not have subtitles so i’m not that sure if this interview does if i’t’s gonna be released on dvd

Great idea!

But it would really need to be in English or at the very least have English sub-titles cause this is after all an English album and we all want to hear what Marie has to say and most of us don’t understand Swedish. ’Antligen’ although it was frustrating not being able to understand the interview it was an entire project in Swedish for Sweden so that was ok but this has to be universal and English is the language! Hope it will be on a DVD with the CD or something like that :)

Interesting to say the least. I’m curious.

I hope that Marie Dimberg or someone from EMI is reading these comments.

wel it would be great to get it as a bonus dvd to promote her new album i would love that idea


In my opinoin, letter should include these points:

1. We are veeeery happy that MARIE is back.
2. We loooove 2:ND CHANCE.
3. We are waiting for the album THE CHANGE.
4. It would be graet to have that film on DVD/CD with English subtitles.

Yeah, I really hope this Documentary will be released as a bonus DVD with Marie’s new “The Change”....that would mean soooo incredibly much and would be great since then ALL her fans world-wide can have access to the interview/documentary!!
I also hope that it will be with English subtitles or maybe even ENG (wishful thinking) that her fans all over the world can understand what she is talking about...I know some Swedish but hej, lets face it English is UNIVERSAL.
Please Marie Dimberg if you are out there reading this, please take these facts into consideration and discuss it with Marie F, I am so sure she’ll understand and would want it this way so that all ther fans can understand what she is talking about and can get the DVD with the CD.......pleeeeeeeeeeezzzzzze!!!! Have mercy on those who are NOT fortunate enough to live in SWEDEN!!!!!

She’s worth it, after all that shes been trough

Greatest news MARIE!!! I hope see you again.
I love you.

From Santiago of Chile i’m waiting for the THE CHANGE album. It’s cool!!!
I love you MARIE

Great news. I think this documentary will be released in english subtitles.


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