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STIM to give Per Gessle their first-ever platinum award

Written by tevensso on September 30, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - On Monday evening, October 4, Per Gessle will receive the unique STIM-Guitar award. For the first time ever, the award will be presented with a platinum finish.

  STIM, the Swedish Performing Rights Society, protects the interests of authors and publishers of music in Sweden. The award will be presented by STIM’s CEO Kenth Muldin.

  The platinum STIM-Guitar is presented to Per Gessle due to the exceptionally successful Gyllene Tider summer tour where Gessle has composed the majority of the material performed.

Starrox contributed to this article.

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Yeahhh!! Per and GT are going to winn menny awards this authum=)
Mabye Marie to!

Congratulations, Pelle!

Winning sesion began for GYLLENE TIDER!!!:):):)

Oh wow!! WELL DONE!! :D

Wow, another award. If it’s going like that the whole autumn they have to build an additional room to Leifs lounge ;-)

@lonely, lol


wow thats really cool :D

That’s my guy!!!! Go man!
Gessle Rocks!

Marie rocks also!!! My girlfriend says 2C is a beautiful song, I started liking it too:)

Nice... :)

I found another article, but this one’s different since they actually spoke to Per - guess what, he’s at home and busy working on new songs! ;-)

So that’s what PER meant with resting:):):) lol

Could someone translate that article? Especially the last part. I would really appreciate it

Nothing new...Per is writing songs and it time to change to English ones again, but he doesn’t know what he’ll do with them. This is roughly what Per said in the last part:
It would be great to work as Roxette again but that’s all up to Marie. It depends on what she wants to do and what she feels she can do. He hopes that it will happen in the future again, but it feels like that it won’t happen next year.

I will wait, for sure.

I wonder why Per started writing songs again. Is it the call of his heart or just a habit, like smoking, for instance :) ? Pelle, dear, why not let yourself have a rest?


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