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Marie’s single B-side title revealed

Written by roxeteer on September 29, 2004 to .

The “B-side” of the new “2:nd Chance” single by Marie Fredriksson will be called “All You’ve Gotta Do Is Feel.” The song, which is described as having a “jazzy/bluesy” style, is written by Micke Bolyos.


Nice! (-;

Great news!!! Everything goes so fast. Just wonder when it is played in Lithuania radio stations.


One more song sung by Marie in less than two weeks.


P.S. I thought i was going to be the first posting a message, but you beat me, hehe.

Noooooo, not jazzy!!! Where has all the good old Pop and Rock gone?!?! Why does everything has to be so soul and jazz nowadays?!

And is it as well a song to be on the album or a bonus one to that, clues on this? Hopping so much for the later!!... :)


I gotta agree with per_mson this time. I detest Jazz. :( But it’s Marie, so i’ll give it a whirl. ;)

I hope this doesnt make me wanna cringe. I’ll excuse the guitar playing in advance this time :)

Am I the only one happy about Jazz? Finally no ice cream and bubble gum, can’t wait to hear it!

Written by Micke? Well...I am getting curious...JAZZY? Why not..I think Drömmen and Tid för försoning also have a “jazzy” touch, don’t they? I like that!
We have Gessle to bring us bubble-gum songs.. ;-)

On Marie’s DVD M.F. said that she wanted to do a good jazzy album in english, so theres no surprise at all ( i don’t like that style, but its Marie so if she wanted to do Hip hop... i will buy her album without mind)

oh my!!! can’t wait, hope it’s a jazzy fast rocky song!

btw, she always wanted to make a soul/jazz album, she said it many times before, specially to fans.. I think THIS is the album she always wanted to make.

I love Drömmen and Tid för.. and if the album is like this.. urgh I think I won’t survive it :D

Oh yes! Jazzy sound! I was expecting that so much... I think that’s why I didn’t fall in love immediately with 2:nd Chance. I wanted it to be jazzy! (I must admin that 2:nd Chance has grown on me *a lot*, though)

But anyway, I really hope The Change was the long due Blues/Jazz Marie’s work. Maybe it won’t be a hit on the radios or in sales... but I’ll *love it*.

“Drommen” was my favourite song on “I En Tid Som Var”... I think (like “Drommen”) a song can be jazzy/bluesy and still have a great pop hook (think of how great “I Never Loved a Man” sounded when Marie sang it for “Unplugged”... or “Cry” on the “Room Service” tour... awesome! I’m sure this song will be great if Marie’s singing it (-:

I love Marie’s voice & style in Never Loved a Man. In fact, I think many of the songs in the MTV unplugged have a blues/jazzy touch, and that makes it one of my favorite Roxette performances ever!!!. I haven’t listened to Room Service tour performance of ’Cry’, but I love the MTV one.

oh yes never loved a man :P~ i simply love when Marie sings like that

never loved a man is damn good. If its anything like that then it should be , in fairness, a winner.

There hasn’t been a live performance of CRY during Room Service tour, has it?

No, not on the RS tour - the bluesy version with Jonas on the steel guitar was on the CBB tour... Rich

and the version from the CBB tour has basically the same arrangement than the MTV one, hasn’t it? (I don’t remeber well now)
[ Edited several typos: damn! I can’t write English today :( ]

WOW!!!Great Title!!!!I like it very much!!!
I can’t wait to hear this song!

Another already expected music style from Marie in my opinion I’m again not surprised. A few of her swedish songs have this “jazz/blues” flavour cause it is something Marie loves a lot ....

But take it easy all those who find this anything but impressive this is just a B side and we don’t kno what it yet to come on the album.

don’t want to take it easy ;)

You know I look forward to this single more now....

and even better when I get my hands on the album, I intend to escape to the bedroom, and play it loud.... unplug the phone and drift away....

Well, it’s a nice title, I guess. Finally I’ll get to listen to a song written by Micke Bolyos.

And hey, some B-sides are really good! Take “Happy together” or “Crazy about you” as examples. Marie has delievered good B-sides too. I guess I won’t get disappointed. Not that much! ;P

Marie is not in the mood to record in Rock style. This is a relaxing album, I think jazzy style is a nice choice... Well, “I en tid som vår” was very quiet and slow too. I really don’t like the weird “Mild varm vår”. Please Marie, don’t do a song like that anymore!!!

@Kix_guy: I agree, I love “Crazy About You”: very proper lyrics, and the string arrengement (especially in the end of the song) is delicious! I want to hear the CBB version. “Salvation” single is on the way (I bought it on eBay). I can’t wait anymore!!!

Marie is not in the mood to record in Rock style. This is a relaxing album, I think jazzy style is a nice choice... Well, “I en tid som vår” was very quiet and slow too. I really don’t like the weird “Mild varm vår”. Please Marie, don’t do a song like that anymore!!!

@Kix_guy: I agree, I love “Crazy About You”: very proper lyrics, and the string arrengement (especially in the end of the song) is delicious! I want to hear the CBB version. “Salvation” single is on the way (I bought it on eBay). I can’t wait anymore!!!

the cbb version of crazy about you is nothing to rave about, the mix on the ydum single is much better its quite obvious why crazy about you never made it to for there being no rock moments on the change only time will tell, i mean hell marie can do any format she wants and it will rule

Marie’s comeback –> The best thing I’ve heard in years

Marie’s new album is jazzy/bluesy –> Ok! It’s good for Marie to rest.

A song written by Micke Bolyos –> No! No! No! And 1000 times NO!!!! I think this album is very personal and all the songs must be written by Marie.

I’m not against Micke, but if this album could be the last one from Marie...I wouldn’t like to have Micke’s songs inside him.

I wouldn’t mind that Micke plays some instruments or helps Marie to make a song, but he could record his own album.............Well sorry, I think I’m a little upset...the best thing is to hear Marie again.

Sorry Marie, sorry Micke...


The “2nd chance” is one of the best things I have heard. I am so impressed and simply can’t find the right words to describe my feelings!!! GREAT!!! WONDERFULL!!! THE REAL MARIE FREDRIKSSONS SONG.

I finally listened to this piece of beauty that some people think to have right giving chances or not.
A bit later than the others, I got it heard and I think that all the comments (maybe mine too) would be unnecessary. I guess it is not a song to become #1 in the world charts, it is a message to the world, to everyone of us, a message to God too… That’ why I guess the lyrics are simple and deep at the same time. Isn’t it easy to realize?

I loved the song at the first sounds how I had loved this wonderful voice many years ago. I’m still in love… Thank you, Marie. (But I still love Per too (-: ))

Thank also to all these nice people who made the web-site. Especially for the included files of Marie singing JAZZ !!!! ALIVE!!!!!!!! Fantastic!!!!!!!!

One day I will have the whole new album… Wow!!!! It’s a fantastic feeling for me to wait for it…

Tack sa mycket!!! Oh thank God we’re all alive!!!

I hope this new album will not only contain titles like these. It’s really great MF is back and I’m sure all had a big impact on her view on life, but please not too much: “enjoy, be happy, life’s too short, thank god, etc.”

By the way. What the B-side of Tro? I really think that was the best song of that album/single period.

I can´t wait!!!!!

It is so great to hear her voice!!!!!

flower: The b-side of the “Tro” single was called “Tid för försoning”.

@flower: Better a CD with an ongoing theme than no CD at all!

I’d even be happy if she sang the telephone book of Stockholm!!

@Kiwein: True! but... Well, we’ll see in a month. Yie-haa!!

And according to Per and Rolf Nygren she really can sing the telephonebook :-) And I’m convinced she can :-D

I’ve only heard “Second Chance” tonight on Radio Sverige, and I still can’t say anything about it, but I support Marie entirely when she feels like writing and performing jazz and blues. I think these are the exact music styles that fit her so well! If “The Change” consists of j/b songs, it will be the sweetest sounds for my ears, because it’s the kind of music I’ve been waiting from Marie. The ideal way of things for me will be Marie’s bilingual jazz/blues solo album, and after that - an Roxette longplay full of ass-kicking rock songs, as strong and wonderful as in their early days!

Somehow, after hearing 2:ND CHANCE, I can’t imagine MARIE making a rock song. But I really love 2:ND CHANCE. I go to sleep with the sound of it. :)

Faezdel: Errrr ... in fact i love the dramatic feeling in Mild Varm Var and I’d love to have an echoing song like that on the album. So if i get that song does that mean i’ll get killed by you? LOL I mean I need to time to prepare and death is such a heavy challenge (lOL Just joking but I do love that song)

@flower: ever heard IETSV or DSR? efter så många år? tro? det regnar igen? ;)

she has always sang about feelings, her feelings at the moment of writing the album, I guess it is some kind of therapy for her.. so if she wants to sing about how wonderful life is.. she must (does!) have her reasons. I think this is her way of telling us how she has felt all this time.

Oh My! i cannot wait any longer !

@Judith: I know all those songs by heart, and don’t get me wrong, songs written this personal are great. I just don’t know how to explain what I mean...

I wanna listen to the song now!!!!!!!


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