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Summer “Sunshine” extends into Sweden’s autumn

Written by PeterGm on September 20, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - The new single “Solsken” (“Sunshine”) will bring more Gyllene Tider to the airwaves this autumn to avoid the summer enthusiasm from dying out. The song is already getting heavy radio airplay.

  This summer has been specially hot and active for Sweden. “The boys” from Halland have come back and made everyone dance, sing-along and enjoy the tunes and melodies of Gyllene Tider with the biggest tour ever in Scandinavia… some to be part of the history, others to remember their youth, but all to enjoy this summer.

  But now summer is ending and even if it has been owned by Gyllene Tider with an overcrowded tour, multi-platinum album success and a long playing double-A-side single on radio, they want to offer more “Sunshine” to Sweden, because GT doesn’t want this summer to end just yet.

  “Solsken” (8616062) will be released September 29 and the B-sides are “Ordinärt mirakel” (“Ordinary Miracle”) and “Nere på gatan” (“Down on the Street”), both demos recorded at T&A demos.

  The cover design features a picture of a sunny day drawn by Per’s son Gabriel.

  Daniel Alvedahl contributed to this article.

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:D can’t wait to hear the Mirakel demo :)

This reminds me a song of Queen - Don’t stop me now! Oh yeah, don’t stop Gyllene sommar yet! :-)
Me and my friends have an experience of our lifes thanks to Gyllene Tider and Swedish journalists. Keep golden times going on... ;-)

’Fall!?’ :P


I think “Ta Mej...” or “72” would be better as the second single than “Solsken”.
However, I love them all!!!

i think Mirakel would have made an awesome single personally.......

I think “Nere på gatan” or “72” would have made a better 2nd single. But it’s equal I’ve got them all- and they’re great, aren’t they?

That good, I want already to listen!!! the demo of OM ... I die of happiness!!!

a sunny day drawn by Gabriel!!!! :)

@rox-van - me toooo! its so great!!! my fave song on the album :D

I’m so excited for see the cover!!Wow by Gabbe!


pm? whats up? be happyyyyyy!!!! i cant wait!

interesting... does Gabriel own the copyright for his pic, or has Per “taken” it? Or has Per BOUGHT it off Gabriel?? ;)

lol how cute!!! :) Really happy picture drawn by Gabriel!

It’s realy freat that GYLLENE TIDER are back after a short break.:) At first I was a little bit surprised that GABRIEL was the author of the cover, why HE and children of other GYLLENE TIDER member. But now when I saw the picture, I’m out of words. GABRIEL has got a style. :):):)

As I see it Capitol Records or Elevator Entertainment has to pay Gabriel for it...

*yuk* what the hell are those lines going from the man’s body to the shoes?? arms?? the boy seems to like special cars too.. hm.. and those red shoes.. u sure it was Gabriel’s drawing? ;)

where’s the GT logo gone? :S

btw.. how old is Gabriel? :S

With you there, Judith!! Awefull!! Or maybe it’s just my time of the month!!

This must be a joke or what?!?! The ugliest cover ever in my opinion! ;-)

The Gessle empire is taking over .....
Wow Gabriel...nice pic!! Is that your daddy on the cover ?? Very skinny this person...must be him >:)

however.... do we believe it is REALLY Gabriel’s?? Why not Per’s?? Mazarin style pic :P

Did I miss something? I thought GT were 5? ;) *where have I been the past.. life?*

Wow,great cover!Well done käre Gabbe!

i think the cover is quite cute actually...not bad for a 7 year old

Awww that cover is cool!

I think the little boy has a talent.

>>what the hell are those lines going from the man’s body to the shoes?? arms??

Maybe a try to illustrate the lyrics “Jag knyter mina skor”?

It’s sure different from the mainstream covers. But still, a happy cover for a happy song! Sunshine everywhere! This song has from the very first second of listening to it always put me in a good mood.

talent? really? Of course it is good, but any child can do a picture of a sun, a car, some buildings and a person... all kids do!

However, psicologically speaking, I like the look of the picture as a whole. Children tend to draw big heads and small bodies. Here Gabe has attempted to be proportional... The use of colours looks good, and how he sees things also stands out.

When I was a kid, I drew the sun without a face (being in Spain, no importance was given to it)...I drew houses, not flats and buildings (maybe because I lived in a unit or flat, and found houses interesting as they are not common in my city)... and then the car seems to be a fast 4x4 instead of a sporty Ferrari any other kid might’ve drawn. Very interesting.

really nice picture... maybe not as good as Monalisa:) but it is funny!

Way to go Gabriel!

I don’t believe that “Gyllene Tider” was written by him...

And of course: birds are PERFECT ! :D

@xarrr: also it is my favorite song of the album!!!! I love this song with all my forces, die for listening to his demo!!!!:-D, it hurts that in the tour GT they touched it in alive:-S

greetings xarrr’ we are reading ourselves.


If you take a look on, you can see their picture of the cover is better quality, and you can also see that gyllene tider is written in black, while on this page the picture shows gyllene tider wrtitten in dark blue!

It looks veeeeeery similar to the cover of the last The Cure album...

You’re right Sommartider!
I noticed the same!

I wonder what happened to the conversion of the picture, the original is NOT in these nuances... “Gyllene Tider” is definitely blue, while the sun is brown with purple face. The car is also brown and purple. I’ll try to convert it again, from tif-format.

I also find it srange that the drawing of GABRIEL was used as a cover. But, in my opinion, it would fit PER’s solo album better. However, now GYYLENE TIDER stand out of the whole Swedish music business havin such a cover. :)

Is the car not drawn suppose to be the one in the En Sten/TT video, the green ugly one...

The colors are correct in this picture, it was Windows screwing the colors up in Windows Picture Viewer.

The “G” in Gyllene Tider is for sure Per’s.

Indeed, why a drawing by “Gabriel” if there are way more children “in” GT?

but per and his red shoes! :-)

Well, at least “n” looks very childsh - drawing. But still I am wondering: was GABRIEL asked to draw this picture or PER just thought that it fitted the cover very well? At least, SOLSKEN was writing by request.

nice picture drawn by gabriel!!! it make me smile at the end of a very sad day of mine.
did gabriel realy wrote gyllene tider...anyway nice draw, and nice idea!!!

the back is just GREAT!

I love the cover, can’t wait until the 29th

yeaaah but it could have been better
[like if they used a pic from when they were actually playing Solsken, and not one from Sommartider ;) ]

I cannot believe it, is a nice counterlid, and you prop the demo of my favorite song “O.M” it was recorded on December 2 (the day of my birthday!!!) wowww that honor!!! thank you Per!!! for this happiness gives to me ;-)

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

maybe they thought that there is solsken in sommartider so they took a pic from sommartider instead...

I wonder where the pix was taken. I mean “which concert”? I´d really like to know.

Yeah, me too! At first I’d have guessed it was from Gothenburg as it was taken by the same photographer as the photo used for the “Thank you”-ad, but then I realized that a) the stage’s too low and b) there’s no camera in front of the stage ;-)

I like the cover, is very funny.


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