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GT tour: “There will never be anything like it”

Written by roxeteer on August 24, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - The weather wasn’t exactly the best in the Halland area this summer and it affected many of the happenings in Halmstad and nearby cities. Except for Gyllene Tider: their three concerts in Halmstad were seen by 75,000 people, not counting the 10,000 to 20,000 people watching the final concert at Stora Torg.

  Björn Nohlgren of Nöjet AB worked as a producer for many of the summer’s successes. In addition to Gyllene Tider’s summer tour, he worked on Tältprojektet (“The Tent Project”, a tour with Magnus Uggla, Sweden’s Eurovision Song Contest winner Lena Philipsson, Robert Gustafsson, Cecilia Frode and Johan Rheborg) and Rhapsody in Rock (a special combination of classical music and rock arranged by pianist Robert Wells). Tältprojektet had four shows in Varberg and Rhapsody in Rock one in Falkenberg. All concerts were sold out, but the number of attendees were far from Gyllene Tider concerts.

  “Gyllene Tider’s summer tour is not on the map. Nothing like it has ever happened in Sweden and nothing like it is likely to ever happen again,” Nohlgren said to the local newspaper Hallands Nyheter.

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GYLLENE TIDER have made it: record, history, fantastic summer!!!

... it was a wonderful dream ...

I agree. A dream that came true.

It was pure madness from the beginning.
From the sold-out concert within some hours(minutes??) until the end.

I ’m already curious about the Grammis and Rockbjörnar next year.
Maybe a whole show only for GT?

best song?
best album?
best tour?
best group?
best everything?

I’m sure it will look like that! :D

Well, it’s hard to say about awars. Remember, last year PER was nominated for many (8?) awards, but HE win not all of them. So we’ll see where this GYLLENE TIDER craziness leads to.


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