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Marie’s home town discusses naming a street after her

Written by roxeteer on June 22, 2004 to .

ÖSTRA LJUNGBY - The social democratic party in Marie Fredriksson’s home town Östra Ljungby proposes that a street should be named after their only world-famous celebrity so far. The non-socialists are against the proposal.

  “It’s not about Marie Fredriksson. It’s about the fundamental rule of not naming after living people,” says cultural board’s chairman Jan Lindberg. “Also, there’s no ’vacant’ street right now.”

  Rune Persson, one of the members behind the proposal, has a different opinion. “It’s always a good time for Östra Ljungby to highlight Marie Fredriksson. It doesn’t have to be a street or a market place. It can as well be a school or some institution.”

  The board had a long discussion on the issue, but didn’t make a decision yet.


cool! I want a street named after me to!!

this is the best new in months, ang i hope a street can be named Marie Fredrikssongatan hehehe, or Fredrikssonvägen... :D


I agree with you nox...! But I also think that there should be no street named after a living person. You know how happy we all are that Marie is still alive!

Ermmmmm different...

...I’ll recommend a very hard, if not impossible, to remove sign...

I have a cat named after her so why not a street! ;)

@Flower: LOL!!! That’s what I thought too! :D

and well, why not? At least she could go and open the school or inaugurate the street herself? :)

No I really do have a cat called Marie! or Maz for short

all this becouse she is an angel... fredriksson.angel.vägen hehe


GO FOR IT!!!!!!

Ha, ha, ha... :-) Leandro you’re right and anonymous you’re right, too! I mean probably you’re right, cos i know Gremans. I am from here


Great Idea to me :-)), why only name a street after them when there dead what a waste that to me ! Do it when there alive and kicking ;)

There should be a Cinnamonvägen in Halmstad too...

Street is boring. Better a school or why not an entertainment centre! And I’m with the rule of not naming after living people and I hate when streets or places get new names for popular reasons. But the idea is a honour for Marie anyway!

BTW I always thought Östra Ljungby was a village or a very small town. How big is it for real?

well i tink that it should be named after living people to because this gifs her someting special to be happy for and so people know her

with the words stil alive and singing

lots of love marie i

@Sascha: Pretty small, I’d say, so they don’t have too many streets to choose from... ;-)

Great idea!!!! I loved!!!! We all must agree that Marie deverves even more than this!!!!

Marie, jag saknar dig!!!!!!

“So there’s no Victoragatan in Sweden?”
There are hundreds of streets named after our queen and she’s still around, as are her sisters, sons and granddaughter. They all have their name on streetsigns...

I wonder if Marie would agree with that....Would be nice if they ask her first!! If it’s unusual with alive persons than I it would be really tasteless! But I think that Michael Schumacher has his own street already too in his hometown, doesn’t he???
Marie-Fredriksson-vägen...I think that sounds nice!!
As nice as Gesslegatan...doesn’t it Per????? >;)

What about the first official Marie-Fredriksson-acadamy-for-modern-music instead??

It’s the best idea =)
It would be fantastic for Per too.

I hope to walk some day on that street

I think they should name a square after Marie. The Marie-square! They have a Mika Häkkinen-square in Finland, and he’s still alive. I don’t know though, things might be different in Sweden. Anyway, nice idea!!

wish i knew what does Marie think about it...

this is me ROXETTE’s fan all the way from NEPAL, and it would be fantastic if MARIE agree upon that.


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