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“Finn 5 fel” goes platinum

Written by tevensso on June 13, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Gyllene Tider’s new album, released yesterday, went double platinum - 123,000 copies - in 22 hours! Gyllene Tider comments “We are overwhelmed, happy and touched! Retouched!”

  At Folk & Rock in Malmö approximately 1,000 people lined up to get their records signed. The Daily Roxette’s reporter, David Björnström was there and met the guys. There was no time for a formal interview but at least we got some nice pictures for you.

  Gyllene Tider will sign at Åhlens City in Stockholm at 17:30 CET today. TDR expects a chaos, Åhlens has even told people not to bring any other records to the signing.

  Update June 13th: Pictures from all the signing sessions in Halmstad, Malmö, Stockholm and Göteborg are now available on Gyllene Tider’s official website.

  David Björnström contributed to this article.

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Unbelievable! Congrats, guys! *waytooshockedtosaymore’

that’s unbelievable!! well done guys!!
I have a feeling this is gonna be a HUGE summer in Sweden...

Rock on fellas...

Wasn’t Per in some other group at some stage... started with R... :P

Yes, you’re thinking of Grape Rock... :D

This must be a record!!!

Yeah, 93 copies per minute is just crazy!

Tis a fabbos album. Ohhh yes!

Zaine, still coming to my party. ;)


I love the album!

like bart simpson once said: s u c c e s s that’s the way you spell SUCCESS!!!


there is a god

WOW **totally gobsmacked** ;)


1000 signatures? were they all time standing? I find it really tiring! poor hands! poor legs!


What can I say ???

I bought “just ” 5 copies, maybe all fans buys more than one copy ??? Anyways, just wanted to say thanx to the guys, for being so kind & sign what I had with me, besides the new 5 albums...

It’s gonna be a huge GT sommar for sure !!!

Can’t wait till 31 July in Malmö... U kick butt, GT !!!!!



erh.. just a question: did you get the 5 copies for you, for friends or? :S

... Ebay?




So GREAAAAT... isn´t it a record ?

By the way... told ya that the leak to the internet wouldn´t affect the sales... GO GT !! GO GT!!

I´ve already ordered my copy from Skivhugget... Can´t wait to get it !

All the best



Nah, just one for me, 4 others for my brother & 3 other fans, that was unable to attend the signing...

i have 2 share my story...
that proves that i am a fanatic haha...
i was at the malmö signing and got loads of pic and siggys... all of that u knooooow...
and my deeeaaaaaaar friend said 2 me we must get his coffemugg (cup)... and after sometime i called out PER... and he looked @ us and i was like sooooooooo high on my own adrenalin i asked may we plz have have your coffecoup when u r done with it... he smiled u know that smile he has that make u forget everything and u get all weak in the knees... *sigh* and sad sure...
after he was leaveing my friend said he is leaving and went up 2 him, it was now or never... u forgot about the coffe and he said tha’ts right... and he walked all the way over 2 my friend and she said can u sign it and he said that the coffe was going 2 leek thure it so u better get rid of the coffe pretty fast... and then she said sign it on bough sides he just looked at us really fatherly like or parental or something and said “get a life” and we replyed u are our life... haha... well that was my meeting with Per 2day...

Danke Starrox! :)

i think the sales of this cd r gonna shit on moderna tider, halmstads parlor and mazarin!!!!

@Denny, sure I am!!
I’m not gonna be allowed over there, so I say we make the best of it here ;)

that he said it or what i did hehe... ;-)

Billie, I think anonymous is meaning that you say, ” U are our life”
For me it sounds sad, too.

i know... it is saaaaaaaad...
but @ least he will remember me... i acted like a teenager i knooow it wasn’t the best way 2 act...

:D you sure he will remember you? there are more than you think that act like that ;) (and don’t worry, some are around 30 :D)

@Judith: You are right. :)

This turned into the ’lets taunt Billie’ thread? *Tsk*
She’s not the first to act around Per like that, and won’t be the last.

Can we get back on topic you think? :rollseyes:

DSR... you said it girl! So Billy got a little over-excited... fantastic! Atleast she enjoyed the moment and it’s nothing Per’s not able to handle (afterall he’s been dealing with fans for 25yrs now!)

@ Billy... what did you do with the coffee?

@purplemedusa drank it
what else is there 2 do with it hehe... i have Gessle dna in my body (np on corect me on this plz i’d rather not know the truth about how dna works ;-) i have(had?) his saliva though in my body hehe

@Anonymous & marie-fan
it was a joke just something i said i mean i he really isn’t my life... i’m not inlove with him or anything like that... (y am i defending my self???)

@billie: How old are you? 15? At least you act like it! I agree with Per you should really get a life! A normal one!

What’s wrong with being a bit crazy sometimes? Billie didn’t do anything mean or insluting or whatever. It was just fun.

@ roxfever I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVE YOU... tnx...!!!!! the thing is i’m 21... and never met Gessle b4 and i guess i was a little CrAzY (alot) but it’s a once in a life time thing 4 me... hehe
so i don’t care what people think...
i’m not proud but not sorry either...

i red that @ the sthlm signing 2-3 girls cryed... i really thought that i was going 2 faint when i saw him... the moment he came in 2 the store... i really thought... but he should b used 2 it... but stil i get it y it can b annoying...

There must be a bug in the coding...
I was locked in this time, but it was “Anonymous” again.

Yes my posting above was also anynmous although i (roxfever) was logged in. Now I’m logged in, too, we‘ll see what happens...

@Lennon,I totally agree with you. There’s nothing to add. I can only speak for myself.... as you said you become “euphoric then you really feel alive, like a little child, and that’s great!” Exactly, it’s this feeling of pure happyness, joy,... like a child. This doesn’t have to mean that you behave in a childish way. You just enjoy the situation but when it’s over you have to come back to real life. If you don’t, you have a serious problem, if you do, fine. ;-)

This has gone WAAAYYY off topic.

Hi, I offer 2 tickets to Gyllene tider´s Norrkopings concert (20.7.) If you are interested in it, please write me: [email protected] . Tack and have a nice day! See you on GT´s tour! Iva

I was at the signing in Stockholm...I have never cried like I did that day!! It was crazy and unbeleaveble that I met them there! I can’t belive it... Noone can love Gyllene Tider and Per more than me!! I promise!! And I just have to say to “Billie”; You have a wounderful story!! Lucky you!!
Anybody else who gonna see them in stockholm both days? Can’t wait!! =) See you there ;)

Sorry...I not spell very well... =P


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