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“Finn 5 Fel” out today, official site updated

Written by Jud on June 9, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - The long awaited “Finn 5 fel” is out in the stores in Sweden today. Together with the release of the album, Gyllene Tider wanted to surprise their fans with a nicely updated website.

  Besides the already existing latest news, ringtones and forum, a discography, a list of all GT concerts since 1978 and downloads section - among other things - are now awaiting for your visit. “Our ambition has been to make a site that everyone will like. We’ve checked around the Web to see what people seem to want,” says the Admin of Enjoy!

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I’ve been browsing it, nice PG commentaries, and nice ®tev contributions :)

It’s a good official site, it’s what should have been...

jupp our Thomas has his part there :P:P

Don’t miss the part where it says you can send live pictures to the webmaster if you want to have them online (if they are nice that is :P)

Finally a site that seems to deliver in the Gessle/GT realm... Thumbs up, boys!

ooops sorry that was me before LOL ^^

Good work!!!!!
I’m loving those wallpapers! To me, it was like “you asked it, you have it”, as it was just yesterday I was asking for that.

Very nice site!

@ Xarrr I guessed it was you!!

SCREENSAVER would be cool also!!

Hmm..I guess the reviews of F5F were pretty good - but not amazingly good... 3/5???

Great Site !!! *thumb up* Thx for these really nice site!

Hi, I offer 2 tickets to Gyllene tider´s Norrkopings concert (20.7.) If you are interested in it, please write me: [email protected] . Tack and have a nice day! See you on GT´s tour! Iva

Great site!!!!!!!!


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