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Per and Micke talk about “F5f”

Written by tevensso on June 8, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Gyllene Tider’s first album in 20 years, “Finn 5 fel”, was released yesterday in Norway, and will be released in Sweden tomorrow. Per Gessle and Micke “Syd” Andersson met with the press last Friday to listen through the album and comment on the songs. Some of the comments we recognize from Gyllene Tider’s own site.

  Tomorrow morning Gyllene will morph into its final shape.

1. En sten vid en sjö i en skog

Micke: It’s fun because Per has played a lot of guitar on this album, and here he plays the guitar solo.

Per: Yes, they are nice to me in this band… The song was written up in Stockholm October 2003 after we had decided to try to cut another album with Gyllene Tider.

2. Solsken

Per: It came to a very late and wet night. I found one of those dictaphones with a lot of old song embryos on. I played it to the producers Clarence and Christoffer who liked it. I wrote the lyrics the day after.

Micke: The best song, absolutely. This you should play in your car along the coastal highway down in Halmstad with a cute girl next to you… You should play it when everything is great. I get a smile on my face when I hear it.

3. Tuffa tider (för en drömmare)

Per: I went to a music store to get a ukulele, because I’d heard that George Harrison always traveled with one. I bought two and got one for free so I left the store with three ukuleles. I sat down trying to learn how to play it and realized you tune it as a violin and so I wrote “Tuffa tider”. The others wanted to turn it into a reggae so I left the room! But it turned out as a reggae finally and I guess it’s fine.

Micke: There’s a melancholy sound to it, but it’s special. When a friend of mine heard it he thought “what a fun song” but after a while he heard that it actually has sad lyrics.

4. Ordinärt mirakel

Per: I don’t quite remember how this song came to me, we tried it out anyways, and it became a nice and pretty song. Anders plays a horrifying great bass on this song.

5. Ta mej… nu är jag din!

Per: We were listening to a live album by The Who and heard that riff in “Summertime Blues”, then this song came alive. It felt like something we’ve never done before.

6. Jag borde förstås vetat bättre

Per: This is sad, it’s about a guy who still is hoping… this song is one of my favorites.

Micke: There’s a bridge there that is the best we’ve ever done… it’s a waltz beat and Fritzon who isn’t a pro was totally unstoppable on the piano! He didn’t need a long time before he was going.

7. Du måste skämta

Per: Was written during my vacation in Mauritius this January. I always travel with a guitar and some simple recording equipment. The original demo was made on the plane though, in my cell phone. I still have that version…

8. Nere på gatan

Micke: I’d say this is more “Mazarin” then Gyllene Tider, but I like the beat in this song. This is also a melancholy song.

Per: The idea behind this song was a falsetto melody. Gives the album a little more weight to counterbalance all the summer hoopla.

9. 72

Per: This song is about the year 1972 when I was 13 years old. I actually wrote it for “Mazarin” but my producers felt it was too tough. I saved it and now it fits better.

10. Ande i en flaska (Gabba gabba gabba come on come on karma karma)

Per: This is a tribute to “Ramones” which I actually wrote for Roxette, but it suits Gyllene Tider much better. It was ment to be on “Have a Nice Day” and was named “Ghost in the House”.

Micke: I like it, it has such a nice beat.

11. Varje gång det regnar

Per: I wrote this exactly when “Mazarin” was finished, in April 2003, and is probably closer to “Mazarin” than Gyllene Tider. One of our two ballads.

Micke: Absolutely the most beautiful song I think.

12. Hjärta utan hem

Per: This is the kind of 3-chord song that you think you’ve heard before. It was written on Mauritius early this year. Micke also sings the lead here, we sing about the same girl.

13. Speciell

Micke: The first singing here sounds almost like a stubborn teenager. It’s just two minutes long, this song.

Per: Was supposed to be more acoustic, but became power pop anyways.

14. Har du någonsin sett en dröm gå förbi?

Per: I hadn’t made a demo for this song. I came down to Skåne a Monday in February and I presented the
song in the studio. They liked it, we recorded it and it was done before dinner.

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aaaaaw!!! i sooo cant wait to see them on thursday!!!!! :D

I can’t wait to hear The Ghost In The House!!!!
I can’t imagine how could it be....


*message to self: keep strong PM - hands behind your back - no downloading of the songs*

Didn’t somebody guess that “Ande i en flaska” was “Ghost in the House,” in another thread?? Nice job, whoever it was!

grox, if you’ve heard the more uptempo GT Puls bonus trax, you’ve heard Gabba gabba...

“Per: Yes, they are nice to me in this band...”

then who’s the evil one? Clarence or Chris?? :)
Anyway, it seems we got a nice producer team C&C

Someone please correct that Typo on Tuffa Tider... Geroge Harrison... it’s really bugging me. ;)

Anywho... moving on. :D

Fixed. Thanks, DSR.

Cheers, you’re a star! ;)

OOOH, just heard Tuffa Tider on Metro FM...first time i’ve heard GT on the radio.
*OK, so little things please little minds! ;)* embryos??? Oj...Must be right that Åsa once said that Per is sort of giving birth to songs when he is writing.... ;)
Well..I’m sitting here waiting curiously for my ordered downloading!! I made this mistake with Roomservice once

Wiihhhiii!!!! Tomorrow i get FFF!!!!! I have been waiting for so long!!! I didnt downloaded any song yet cause i like to here them on cd first.

So people that have heard it are not real fans? Hows that work then.

@roxtex: It was me. ;)


i have to say I like the album...i was really expecting something more EP orientated, but I am glad that it has come out with a new style and look and that they really have tried avoiding the “past similarities” or copying themselves... bravo GT!

I *think* that for long flights cell phones are allowed during the flight...

Hi, I offer 2 tickets to Gyllene tider´s Norrkopings concert (20.7.) If you are interested in it, please write me: [email protected] . Tack and have a nice day! See you on GT´s tour! Iva


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