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“Finn 5 fel” leaked to the Internet

Written by tevensso on June 6, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Yesterday, Saturday June 5, Gyllene Tider’s new album “Finn 5 Fel” was leaked to the Internet. All the songs are there, and in good quality. The Daily Roxette suspects that a journalist has ripped his evaluation CD.

  Update: Aftonbladet has contacted Göran Fritzon and Micke “Syd” Andersson about this matter. Göran believes it has been somebody from the media who has leaked the whole album as “only reporters and reviewers have gotten the album.” Last week Gyllene Tider gave away copies of the album to reporters for them to review. “Then we knew that it wouldn’t take long [until the songs reached the Internet]. But it’s still sad,” comments Göran to Aftonbladet’s Fredrik Svedjetun.

  “You can figure out with your ass what we think about this,” comments Micke “Syd” to Aftonbladet, “it’s sad that such a problem exists, but there’s not much we can do about it.”

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So? The album should be out in a couple of days, anyway - so what’s the big deal?

I’m not saying it’s a big deal. I’m just doing my job as a reporter.

I guess in this day and age it’s a result that the songs have been leaked only a few days before the release. I’m looking forward to having FFF in my hands! Still I can imagine that Mr G isn’t best pleased. Rich

^^^ sorry.. me.. was not logged in....

Hopefully will have mine own copy in a couple of days!!

wrong, not everybody has it... to be honest: I prefer waiting a few more days and getting a “real” CD.

Anonymous 6/6/2004 12:25
Nope, not everyone.

Notice how everyone who is boasting they’ve got it is posting Anonymous... Chickens.

He, he, that’s what I always say about “Copy Control”. You only punish the honest listeners who are stupid enough to buy a CD full of errors. I mean, you can chose if you pay money for a record you cannot play on some CD-Players and that you cannot copy (without trouble) to your expensive MP3-Player (that you bought to listen to music like this), or you can get it from the net, for free, in high quality and without errors!

I bet Finn 5 Fel also has copy-protection. But did it prevent leaking to the internet? No!
So why not let the fans buy a “Compact Disc” that plays everywhere, when they can get it from the net anyway?
Stupid Music-Biz.

it looks like Thomas wasn’t the only one reporting about this.. we are talking about Gyllene Tider ;)

He He Hej

I´ve got “Solsken” only (thanks to seba - THANKS) and I won´t get any other song cos I want to listen to them only when I get the “Finn 5 Fel” album from Skivhugget... but since it´s already on line, let´s talk about the album itself... I mean, this leak won´t affect GT this much... I´m sure their album will still be number one for weeks... same thing happen to “Mazarin” and we saw how wonderful this album went on the charts. So, relax !

I´m listening to “Solsken” again again and again... it´s SO GREAT, SO SUNNY, man... love it !! :)

All the best
Go GT !! :)
LoneGunman - a brazilian GT fan... forever ! :)

Anonymous 6/6/2004 18:34
Ignorant or impatient? ;)

GT isn’t immune to this leaking business. They’re not the first, they won’t be the last.

If you give the CD out, it’ll get on the net... obviously even giving it only to the select few didn’t work.

ok, that makes my post, not make any sense now, that message was deleted! Doh!

Thanks for making this GREAt album guys! It sounds great, but I will buy it ofcourse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i will NOT be downloading it.... i still haven’y heard the other 4 clips on and i sure as hell am NOT gonna download this. for hells sake, its only a few more days! come on people!

Well, the next time they should do like Nightwish.
They had special copies for promotion and press review, where in the middle of each track the song fades out, and Tuomas in voice over(the leader) presents the song “Hi, this song is called blahblah, from the new Nightwish album “blah blah”, and then the song fades in again and continues.

“Varje gång det regnar” is soo good. “Tycker om när du tar på mig” class on this song. Hope that the release it as a single, but I doubt it.
Dont forget to buy the almbum on wendsday

already pre-ordered my copies at cdon long agoooo :)

@Anonymous: Freedom of speech and being stupid are two different things.

i have spent over $10,000 collecting roxette, gyllene tider, per and marie over the years i have almost everything and have preordered it on cdon but if i can find it i will download it coz i wont have it for at least a week, and tell me why should i feel guilty? emi svenska / capitol ab have had enough money out of me!!!
also for those crappin on about copy control any person wid half a brain knows adaptic easy cd creator platnum can burn it!!! hang on i think the free bacic version can too! i have been keeping the origional copies at home and a burned and stomped one in my car for years!!!! so am i a criminal too?????

brad australia :-(

so does ne 1 know where to find it!?? if you do name you price and ill transfer funds to you via pay pal!!!!

I agree with Ferdan. I also got the Nightwish promo...with a voice over every minut you can listen to the songs, but its anooying enough to stop you from making a CD of it...

Is the album released today or Wednesday? I’m a bit confused. Thanks! Rich

Today in Norway, and Wednesday in Sweden. :)

Thanks Tev!

Hey hey,
Back in Spain from Oz :)

Several things (which seem redundant from many posts and comments from the past...but still, there to read)...

1) EMI not sensible when releasing samples to media... it is SO easy to give “special” individual CDs to individual reporters or media and when mp3s appear on the net, identify the CD they came from... BANG, identify the bandit...

2) GT are too big...the internet leak won’t affect them saleswise... it will affect (as it has done for any other band and album for the last 5 years) when we talk about the feelings and emotions of your fave band releasing a new album... listening for the first band, reading the booklet from cover to cover etc... that in a way has disappeared...but still, we will all want to have it! C’mon, even the GT25 album has been selling and it was the enth Ghits!

3) My mp3s dont seem to work... Winamp says something about MPEG headers I don’t have the album yet :(

Bleh, mine isn’t and I ordered Wednesday. :@ Ah well. Should be here soon whatever. :D
Ah no I didn’t... ordered early Thursday morning. Whatever... I WANT IT NOOOOW! ;)

Tis good... ;)

I am so happy when I got the original one! The songs are great!

CDWOW, delaying the delivery until 14th. NOOOOOOOOOOOO. *cries*
Mhhheh. *Snorts in disgust*

Anonymous 6/8/2004 14:25
.rar are like .zip files, you need to unzip it with something like winrar or whatever it is.
*I think!*

The songs are perfect!!!!!!!!i want the original cd!!!

Hi, I offer 2 tickets to Gyllene tider´s Norrkopings concert (20.7.) If you are interested in it, please write me: [email protected] . Tack and have a nice day! See you on GT´s tour! Iva


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