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“Återblickar - Gyllene Tider 25 år” opens today

Written by per_mson on June 6, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - The Gyllene Tider 25th anniversary exhibition “Återblickar - Gyllene Tider 25 år” opens its doors to the public today.

  The official vernissage took place yesterday afternoon. Already when arriving to Halmstad, visitors got a pretty good idea that Gyllene Tider was in town. Everywhere one could find road signs saying “Gyllene Tider.” By
following those signs, one ended up in front of the museum. The huge poster on one wall left no doubt that it was the right place.

  All five band members as well as Per’s family and Marie Dimberg showed up for the opening of the exhibition. After the approximately 100 guests were gathered the exhibition
was inaugurated by local politicians. After these formalities, the guests were invited to wander around freely. Gyllene Tider mingled with the crowd as well and seemed to enjoy it as much as everyone else.

  Since an image tells more than words, please follow the link below to see a collection of pictures from the opening.

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The album covers with backlight look nice

ow, the put a pic of the grafitti reading “Argentina” on T&A

Per seems to be really amazed :D

hahaha, they put a pic with my graffiti there.... muahahah! *runs* :P

Does anybody know what this bunny is about?

The bunny is in front of the motorcycle (Honda) MP had and this rabbit is symbolizing the rabbit MP once had to brake for on his way to the studio (Listen to “Harplinge” and you’ll know... “I just denna kurva har MP haft bekymmer”). This rabbit however is a real GT-fan! ;-)

do ya think its so that the fans that see the exhibition can sign it?

How long is it running till?

6 june –> 31 october 2004 :)

The door is of course not the T&A door! The original door is in Leif’s Lounge in Hotel Tylösand! The “second” door, the one they putted in the house where studio T&A were before is still there (which also has writings on it now).
This door is meant to become the “third” door meaning that people who are visiting the museum can write something on this door like they did on the original T&A door. I think it is a funny idea! :-)

@per_mson - thats exactly what i’ve been saying LOL.... i mean, they wouldnt just paint the door(s) would they? LOL.

its really cool what they’ve done.... maybe i’ll draw another union jack on that one this year ;)

PS the anonymous post up there was me... at work *hmpf*

Wow...the builder of such wooden doors must be rich already... :D

Great, can’t wait to see the exhibition...

LOL, a rabbit which is a GT fan? *GGGGGG* ;-))))))


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