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Gyllene Tider releases tour DVD in the fall

Written by robban on June 4, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - According to Aftonbladet, Gyllene Tider will release a tour DVD in the fall. Many of the concerts will be filmed, because in those concerts the scene features large video screens to allow everyone in the audience see what’s happening on the stage. Per says a tour DVD is a certainty. “We don’t yet know what will be included. A lot of concert material, maybe a little backstage also. We’ll make it as good as possible,” says Per to Aftonbladet.

  It has been reported that Gyllene Tider’s earlier tour documentaries “Parkliv” (1981) and “Återtåget” (1996) are also planned to be released on DVD this year.

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Great news for those who cant attend the concerts :-).

I hope they make a good work on building a great stage for the concerts.

I was quite sure that they would release a tour DVD. BTW: I am still waiting for the official RS Live DVD 2001. (-:

kiwein: Official RS tour 2001 is on roxbytes ;) :P

and yes it was expected that GT’d release a live album :) Great it will be from different shows, then everybody will have a bit of “his/her special concert” :)


Judith: As far as I know there isn’t any good-quality video of RS-live available. Some webcasts or amateur-footage can’t be compared with an official DVD/video. I’d be glad to be wrong!

forgot to /sarcasm OFF


Will all 3 concerts fit onto one DVD? If not I want the others now :-)

NOOOOO... can’t do this. *I’M SKINNNNT*
*Manda feels her credit card it gonna get a bashing again soon*
I’m so bad. :(

please make subtitles, per!!

@Judith: Roxbytes ?? How do you mean ??

ye i still do get why RS wasnt released , It looks amazing from pics ect.

I must admit that the concert featured on roxbytes ( for those ppl who’s been in the dark for the last couple of yrs) is of good quality; I was even able to convert the 300mb version into a VCD...

I hope the DVD will be a real live DVD as the Mazarin one is, and not a documentary like Återtåget, which leaves you wanting more.

@ktoto - same here! but i want BOTH!!! i would like (heheh) a full live show, and a kinda documentary of them on the road aswell :D

I think this DVD will have both!

@Anonymous: Who are you *gg*


I want the DVD with both documentary like återtåget and a full concert! the best tour needs the best DVD!

great news! :) I agree with daniel. this dvd must be the best dvd so they must include a full concert and different scenes from another concerts. Everyone will get the chance to see a small part of each concert in dvd, that is really great, I think :) personally I will buy a big argentinian flag for the concerts! :D and I will write this message: GT25-ARGENTINA LOVES YOU! :)


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