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GT’s new video premiere tomorrow

Written by Jud on June 2, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD (UPDATED) - Gyllene Tider will be in a television studio early tomorrow when their new video for “Tuffa tider/En sten vid en sjö i en skog” will have its premiere on Swedish Television 1 “SVT Morgon” at 06:45 CET. Informed sources tell The Daily Roxette that this video will be “something out of the ordinary!”

  The video will also be available on Gyllene Tider’s official website beginning at 10:00 CET. Additionally, it’s likely that SVT Morgon will show the Gyllene Tider interview segment as the “Dagen’s Video” on their site. If so, it will be posted by 11:00 CET.

  Xarrrr contributed to this article

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LOL i submitted that 5 minutes ago! >:-/

What an efficient crew! Super fast!

Carlos E., New York.

oh how sweet,cant wait to see the video

in the studio at 06:45? Can’t believe that! :p

Oh yeah! SVT Europa also shows SVT Morgon!

You will see and be amazed.

Have u seen it, Thomas?

No, but I’ve talked to persons involved, and I’m merely quoting them. I will myself set the alarm to get up. Why oh why so early??

LOL... okay. I’ll be watching Roxbytes carefully 2morrow and hopefully it’ll be uploaded with a .zip or .rar extention as I’m not able to download movie/music files with my connection *hint-hint to Pietro & other webmasters*

@Roxrider USA: Long time no see!
Welcome back

yes, why are all the preimers so early???

according to they will show tuffa tider... they don’t mention en sten...

the official site says “tuffa tider / en sten” so... I’d believe the official site ;)

WHYYYY who’s stupied idea was it 2 show it @ 6:45 :-( stuiped svt crew...

can’t wait though...

Just as long as it’s not ’Opportunity Nox’ style out of the ordinary...

2 in one! At first i thought, this is soo bad.. but really, its great!

Awesome! The best I have ever seen :D A hippo?

So it was screened already?

Spoilers, please! *begs*

And what did the guys say?

You have to see it yourself :) It’s hard to explain. Well, there was a hippo, which watced tv, a cartoonbus with GT, a blue house, a shy girl etc.

It´s not a hippo, it´s a unicorn! :) Eating corn flakes! For sure it´s hard to describe it, it has to be seen.

lol hippos and unicorns don’t really look similar, do they? :P

someone could show me the translate english of the new GT songs,i try to understand the real mean of the new video...i remember a cartoon series of my country during the 80’s.........
the video 7 over 10..........

Strange video, but cool. Have seen better videos though. (-:

The lyrics have been translated by TDR.
@Judith: In this video it isn’t too clear if it’s a hippo or a unicorn. :D It looks like a hippo with a unicorn horn. :S

His trousers is what uses to be extremely ugly, so I guess he just looked down on the only mirror he has :D

I think it’s intended to be an unicorn (it deals with the dream-theme), but you’re right, it does look like a hippo...
I like the second part (en sten...-part) but I don’t like the tuffa-part; I don’t like it at all...was it suppose to be funny? because it’s not funny enough and it looks like the director wasn’t able to reach his’s almost boring...sorry.

I don’t think the “Tuffa” part is supposed to be funny really, just cute... it actually makes me like the song more, it fits somehow... the “Sten” part is very psychedelic in a way, but still very innocent somehow, like all the fun stuff is happening around the unicorn/hippo thing, but he’s not really a part of it... one thing we can all agree on though is that this video is *weird*!

What’s that ??
I don’t like it...

OMG! Tuffa Tider - Per you made a video which reminds me about myself.... :)

En Sten... wicked!! I love it....

Ok, THAT SHIRT... it’s clashed with the fruit!!!

It was a great idea to put both songs in a video less than 4 minutes long. Both songs should now get played on TV when other artistes will only get one song played. This Double-A side thing is a very cunning idea indeed. Well done! Rich

Okay I watched the video through SVT using real player and also from the GT site, is it me (again!!) or is the end of En Sten different in the two videos... 1 shows the white thing kissing the girl... (SVT version) The one on the GT site doesn’t!!!!

Yep is different.... the SVT video, the little white things raises the girls hand and kisses her.. you get a little red heart... but this is not in the video on the GT site... :)

hahaha its so random!

Screenshots, anyone, pleaaaase?

bad bad bad video....
i guess i consider myself a fan and can’t even watch the whole video

are the videos NO BUDGET productions? i guess this work is all made with adobe after effects and sth like this is finished in 2 or 3 days ...

i liked the “first video” i mean the homemade one with scenes of the recording sessions ... this one was great but this new ones did not catch me ...

to be different doesn’t always mean to be better! just my point of view.

Weird video... the best part is GT singing in the bus (8 secs!). This video reminds me “Beavis & Butthead” cartoons (Grrrrr....). Not my style, but I love the songs anyway!

^^I can identify with that! Well said.^^

It has a tail and mane, so I would say it’s a unicorn also! ;)
Funny video. :D

Yaaaaay... it is serious????? Tell me no...
The Tuffa Tider part is simply horrible, you can’t enjoy it, cause it’s boring, not funny, very badly produced... it’s embarrassing... The En Sten part is crappy too, but at least it’s funny and you can actually see something not just a stupid animal washing its teeth...

i think....what can i say?????.....SIMPLY GREAT!!!
Really funny video!It Looks very cool!And i love Per’s shirt!!!!All the guys in the interview look very cute!

since videos are not of that big importance in sweden and swedish radiostations play both songs over and over and over and over and over again (... u got my point *lol*) i would say that it almost doesn´t play that big role whether there is a video or not actually... well, but: it´s fresh, new, sth different. i like it!

Oh boy!!! What a post! seriously, to Anonymous above: I think Per knows a lot of things about his target. Don’t worry about him. He can handle it. He can handle us all. He can even handle you...Hahaha...

I have read all the posts one more time: there are not very’t be too dramatic; some people liked the video and the feedback is really honest, not too bad and not too good... Usually a completely positive feedback brings any good.
So, once again: why so dramatic????

I can only add I’m happy it’s a GT video, not a Roxette one... so at least people outside Sweden don’t see it. Imagine if that was meant to be a Roxette-comeback video. Do you think there’d be a TV-channel to broadcast it? What’d the critics - and not only the critics, but the people in general say? I’m not saying it’s not original... it’s just... embarrassing.

BTW you can download the video soon from ROXBYTES in SVCD and VCD format.

Anonymous 6/3/2004 14:52

Not ALL of us are complaining. ;)

Anonymous, 1. not everybody is complaining about the video and 2. not everybody is complaining all the time! Do we always have to love what roxette, Per, Maire, GT do just because they are roxette, Per, Marie, or GT?? I thought we can think for ourselves, can’t we. If You expect from your “fans” to like everything you do because you don’t want them to critize you you should in deed stop making music, sorry.
And btw, I’m pretty sure GT knew exactly that not all their fans would be to happy about the videos, but that’s the price you have to pay if you make something “extraordinary”. I think they can live with our criticism.

So, this video would be error # what...? LOL! (Atleast judging by what I’m reading!)

Still waiting to download the clip in .Zip format... rather excited to see it in good quality!

You can also view it via Aftonbladet now.

Ally: I saw the video at gt site (only) and there you can see the thing kissing the girl + the heart??

As if those voices in Ally’s head isn’t enough...

I got to admit that I never spected a video like this!!
It’s really funny, but strange for my taste, don’t know if I like or not =P

Here I leave you the URL to download the video from aftonbladet site (It’s in Quick Time format):

Just when I thought they couldn´t do a worst video... there comes this thing !! :(

Awful... not funny... not cute... the most stupid thing I ever saw (after “Stars” video).

But you know what... the songs are great and this is what´s really important.

Go GT !! :)


PS : Does anyone knows the name of the director that did this thing ? Maybe it was Gabriel playing with his computer.

@ purplemedusa

LOL!! :P

LoneGunman, I totally agree with you.
I don’t like the videos, I don’t know what they tried to do with all those cartoons... they’re horrible.


hahahahahahahahaha......oh my holy God..was is that...Hej GT-guys...what did you smoke?? Wanna have the same......ROFL...fantastic
Who made the drawings?? Per?? Gabriel?

or who did have the ideas for the videos?..har har..sorry..that’s to much for me for today....
Please make a DVD after the summer and add the videos.....PLEASE!! I MUST HAVE THEM!!!!!

Hej..don’t take it all soo damned’s just entertainment

Okay I must go now, I need therapy too much GT is sending my head a little crazy.......... !!!!

:-( I can’t watch it because it would take AGES to download it with my modem... I have to wait till I’m back at my parents... >:-( But my fantasy is running overtime already while reading all the different descriptions here...

everyone knows how much Gessle dislikes making music-videos... i’m not @ all suprised that it’s animated...
it was a cute video...

does anyone know who drew the animations???

@ally: should we start to worry?? :P

I think it’s great, in an age where for many bands the video is more important than the music...
GT seems to don’t give a crap about it. *thumbs up*

Even Gessle with Mazarin, did not release a single video-clip and was a success.

So something bad is not bad if it was meant to be bad, I hope I’m not wrong tho ;)

ps: the last video is reminiscent to Magical Mistery Tour :)

LOL @ CRIZ: Was gonna say the same - how much/what drugs ...and did Gabbe do the artwork? ;) ehehehe

The fact that you don’t like the new great video,doesn’t means that it’s horrible,i’m not sure that the correct word is”horrible”,think about it.The cartoons look very nice that you drawn in your classbook,or fanclub’s book.
When i get it on VHS,i’ll never make a copy for you!Hum!je,je,je,je

2 Anonymous ppl with so much truth in what they said. Finally someone that has the same opinion as me about the ppl on this forum.

I personally love the video - though it couldve been better. Think Badly Drawn Boy or Blur... but it’s great for something that wont probably be televised that often. And it’s very much GT/Gessle. Its fun, quirky, stupid, funny, odd, simple, and puts a smile on my face. And it has no similiarity to ON whatsoever. I really enjoyed it.

Thanx for QT file, I saved it on my HD, will be converting it and putting it on SVCD to watch it on the telly.


Hey ’Ro... glad to c you’re still alive (cing that you don’t reply to emails anymore! LOL) Anyways, I’m still waiting to download it in .zip format... mmmm!

It’s a strange video, but i like it :)

OK, after watching it a few times I started to quite like it :-))

Ok i’ll watch it today 10 times :-)

There was a point when some band in the early 80s when MTV starts didn’t want to make videos cos it wasn’t “real music”,cos music must be only music..
But now in the new milenium.... i don’t think so..
GT never rely on video to make them popular..but for a band which sells already 120-130 000 cd from new album you expect something extraodinary..
However the most important thing is “video” environment in Sweden–if most of the videos are like this or more of the band don’t make videos at all..that OK..
I’m writing this cos in my contry every band makes at least 2-3 videos for the album..

With or without video i like FFF very much..but sometimes is good to see lyrics and music match with picture –this take all fellings on the upper level :-)


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