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GT to play in Norway?

Written by Jud on June 2, 2004 to .

OSLO - The Norwegian newspaper Aftonposten reports today about Gyllene Tider’s success – that has also reached Norway.

  Per explains to Aftonposten’s reporter Knut Utler about the day he bought the ukulele and later composed “Tuffa tider.” He wanted to buy a guitarstring and had company with a journalist. When he was there he saw a nice ukulele and just bought it straight away. The journalist also bought one. The store keeper liked this so much, that he gave Per another one as a gift. “I got home with three ukuleles,” laughs Per.

  He also got a book to learn to play the ukulele, “but I think the best way to learn to play a new instrument is to write a new song with it,” he tells Aftonposten, “and ’Tuffa tider’ was born.”

  Some of the songs on “Finn fem fel” are shorter than two minutes “so short that people will want to play them again and again,” says Per. He thinks that one of the mistakes that artists do nowadays is that they release long-lasting albums. “68-minute long albums is only craziness,” he states.

  Per also revealed that Gyllene Tider may play in Norway in the beginning of August.

  “And what is up with Roxette?” Utler wondered. Per explains that he is “eager and willing” but nothing will happen until Marie says she is ready. “Besides that, she is still under treatment and is also working with a soloalbum, which is to be released during the fall.”

  Ketil contributed to this article

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Can’t wait till Marie is back! There is too much of Per these days, a bit tired...

I agree tatti :-))))

Yes, great news about Marie solo :)
If GT will play in Norway will they come also in Finland (like Per last year did)? Of course we don’t know it yet but what do you think?

Some of the songs on “Finn fem fel” are shorter than two minutes “???? :-O
In that case, i’ll wait until it’s going for pennies on ebay!
Maybe i’m the only one, that skips the short songs in favour of the longer ones!?
Ah well...
Still looking forward to hearing it all the same. :)

Can’t wait to see Marie again as well!!!!!! It seems ages have passed since Room Service tour 2001... It’s such a great desire inside to seem them both on the stage again! ;o))) And.. may be some new songs too? ;)

“He thinks that one of the mistakes that artists do nowadays is that they release long-lasting albums.”

He made that “mistake” back then, Tourism was pretty long.
I like these mistakes! More, more, more...

More, more, more of MARIE!!!!!! :-)

I can take the boat to Oslo from here:D

Still under treatment, would that be more after the first lot was over.. I am sure we heard last year treatment stopped...?? or was I dreaming that?

heard from someone who lately saw her she still wasn’t in too good condition. can only wish her all the best in fully recovering... must say admirable she;’s recording again!

“Besides that, she is still under treatment”

That does not sound positive to me at all.
Does anyone know how long such a treatment takes?
I really hope everything is going to be fine with Marie.

Brain tumours vary, depending on where they are located... An old school friend had one, for 3 years, it went it came back... sadly she died in 2002. But of course this is just one of many thousands, possibly millions who get brain tumours every year and I am sure there are many who make a full recovery...

There will always be rumours.. no one here knows nothing, unless they have seen her with there own eyes...

It´s crazy when you waiting five years for new album and than there is 12 new 2 minutes long songs. So you 5 years waiting for 24 minutes of new music. I think that this is craziness. But.
I cant ´t wait for Marie´s album. And ofcourse Roxette´s album. I hope that there will be 15 songs and 60 minutes of music in next Rox album.

Like Per I actually enjoy shorter albums and shorter songs. It wasn’t always like that though I used to want every song to go for 5 min and for there to be 16 songs on every album :)

Great to hear some news on Marie. I wish we would get something offical from her and how she is progressing with her treatment. A new album in the fall, awesome!!!!!


I really hope GT is going to play in Norway. I’ll be there for sure! We all had a great time when Per played in Oslo last year.


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