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Gyllene Tider: “We are like cornflakes, everyone likes us”

Written by Jud on May 28, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Anders Herrlin and Per Gessle visited NRJ and RixFM radio shows yesterday morning to talk about Gyllene Tider.

  On NRJ, the hosts Benji and Alex of the show “Kalaset” talked about the Gyllene Tider hysteria, the band’s future plans - and cornflakes.

  Alex wondered how come everything they release become hits. Per explained that this time they hadn’t worked together for eight years and how you can hear from the songs that the band has been longing for it. “The happiness of playing together again might be the reason for such resulting songs.”

  Gyllene Tider has also been able to gain a very vast audience. Alex commented that her children like Gyllene Tider, she likes GT herself, her mother likes GT… Everybody likes GT! “We are like cornflakes!” Per laughed. “One also has to add the fact that GT means summer and is very Swedish and that the other bands from late 70s and early 80s, our competitors, aren’t in the business anymore.”

  One of NRJ Kalaset listeners phoned to ask Per how many songs he has written for Gyllene Tider. Per didn’t know the exact amoung, “150, maybe 200?” he wondered.

  They also discussed Gyllene Tider’s future. Per said that they have no plans yet. “There’s always a limit for things,” he said. “We have no plans for another album or anything.” Per also explained that he has promised his family to take some time off in the fall after the Gyllene Tider tour, as he has been busy since early last year. “First I made the ’Mazarin’ album and the summer tour, and then I went to the studio to record with Gyllene Tider.”

  Benji also asked what Anders does when he is not with Gyllene Tider. “I’m a musician, a producer, a technician… I have my own studio as well.” Per couldn’t resist to add that he [Anders] has worked with Janet Jackson on her latest album. “Are you also involved with Eminem?” Benji asked. “The most involved I am with him is that I know who he is,” Anders replied laughing.

  The interview at RixFM’s “Morron Zoo” took place on a boat where they grilled salmon and perch. Both Per and Anders confessed that they don’t own a boat. “Where should I go with it?” wondered Per. “I think it’s better to get to know people who own a boat… one can’t own so many things.” “But one can own many cars,” commented the host Titti Schultz. “Well, cars are a different thing…” replied Per.

  Per and Anders were also asked what they prefer to grill. Anders prefers fish and Per thinks that “burgers aren’t bad either,” even though he cannot see himself cooking hamburgers, mixing the meat with egg [according to Titti]. “But I have seen how my wife does it.”

  The band has already started to rehearse for the tour. “However, we will of course not rehearse ’Sommartider’ or ’Gå och fiska’,” said Per. “Those songs can’t be played without the audience.” The most difficult song to play live will surely be “Tuffa tider” due to the part with a ukulele. “It already took us six hours to record the song because the ukulele didn’t stay tuned very long,” explained Per. “We’ve constructed a ’super ukulele’ for the tour…”

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I love my cornflakes... ;)

I hate cornflakes...

Anyway: Great article (-;

Glad he is taking time off after tour, family is most important thing in life.

So Anders did some programming for JJ?

oh btw, Anders is in the list of “Famous Warwick basses users”.

I normally have choco krispies - but anyway, I love GT :D

I have to say that I don’t like cornflakes either... I hate it when they put in the müsli!

I think the NRJ interview is horrible, what is wrong with the hosts’ voices?? OUCH!

Hmm... What could Anders have done? The Damita Jo album is Janet’s WORST ever!

ermm my dog like’s cornflakes..

btw crashi “Anyway: Great article (-;”

Thanks :D

Anders did some programming on her album. I don’t know which song(s).

Nice article, excelent picture. Anders looks great!, and Per too of course. But Per taking a time off after this GT album and tour = no Roxette for more than we thought

Well, if they need some audience to rehearse “Sommartider” and “Gå & fiska”, why not invite some of us - we will be willing “victims” for the job. :D

the man will need a break somewhen! :)

And hw specifically said that if it will be anything more with Roxette... it is so totally up to Marie to decide if she wants to or not.
I can’t say I blame her if she decides not to...

the most important is herself and her family.. so yes, it is her choice if she doesn’t want to go on with Roxette anymore.

What a great picture!
But I can’t hear the Interview? Please help!

I understand Per and Marie, and their families, and all that, but I can’t help but miss Roxette :(

cornflakes? hehe!, Roxette were like cornflakes, but no GT ...

I wonder how Anders got in contact with Janet Jackson...

a Super Ukulele!!! hehehe, sounds great Per... ;)

The previous comment was mine :)


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