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GT to visit Rix FM’s morning show

Written by tevensso on May 26, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Per Gessle and Anders Herrlin of Gyllene Tider will be guests at one of Sweden’s biggest radio stations - Rix FM’s “Morron Zoo” tomorrow morning.

  Per visited the show last summer, and like Per did last time, the guys will be helping to barbecue during the program “and it looks like this time it will be fish,” says Rix FM’s website.

  The program runs between 6:00 and 10:00 CET and can be heard via Internet. According to the hosts Gyllene Tider will appear shortly after 8:30.

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Mind the fish bones, guys! They’re nasty little buggers!

The barbeque part of the show has been at 8:30 every day this week, so I guess it will be so tomorrow too.

i think it was also quite early last year, around 8:10 or 8:20 or sth.. *yawn*

I was the anon ^^^ up there, I could not be arsed logging in! ;) I am in lazy mode today...

Have set alarm to wake me up at 5am to tune in to the show!!

oh man, did you all woke up in a bad mood today? ;)

Well, by the looks of things I’ll be rather passed out when this gets broadcasted... hope someone will be able to take notes & inform a sleepy-head like me... and don’t tell me it’s my fault that I’m up at all hours of the morning - I was busy with some exciting stuff (hey time flies when you’re havin fun!)

PS... I wonder if Rolf will be on the BarBQ menu?

Judith, you did it again! *LOL* Seems they have a thing for your emails... *g*


I guess you know what I was talking about now, don’t you? ;-)

yes :P

Wanna share it with us? ^^^

okay... what have missed?

It would truly surprise me if they talked about anything interesting. That radiostation is n o t h i n g but garbage.

The talked about Micke Syd, that he is probably the worst drummer ever. That’s about it. And yes, that was a joke by Per and Anders.

They will also have the same background on the scene as on the Mazarin tour.Per liked the power-pop most, Anders liked the reagge. And they also said that they can not practice songs like Gå och Fiska! and Sommartider, those songs can´t be played whitout any audience.

What was that about Micke Syd??? I sent a mail joking about his “In the summertime” single... did they read that??


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