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Signing sessions for “Finn 5 Fel”

Written by tevensso on May 24, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - Record signing sessions for the forthcoming Gyllene Tider album “Finn 5 Fel” have now been published on the band’s official site.

Wednesday June 9, Skivlagret, Halmstad

Thursday June 10, FOLK & ROCK, Malmö

Thursday June 10, Åhlens City, Stockholm

Saturday June 12, Skivfyndet Frölunda Torg, Gothenburg

  All times are CET.

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oj!!!! *jumps around!!!!!!!*


Yep. Guess who´s gonna be at Skivlagret...
Nice Skivlagret, you´ll get what you wanted (and for me too)..:)

wish i were there :-(

Anonymous; Most people are free from work on Saturdays. And in other case you can take a day’s vacation.

I’m sooo nervous and excited... :-)

Oh piss me off more than I already am!

**thinks can I sell dog and buy plane ticket**

This is great news! I have off those days – GT here I come!

By the way, is The Daily Roxette now writing the news for the fanclub too? At least it looks like they are copying information from here ;-)

Cool! (if you’re close enough)

Otherwise, try your luck when your visiting one of the many concerts.

... or, just like me, miss all of the above... may use our info if they wish, but they should name TDR as the source, not in that case...

They could actually have read the GT-site first...

Actually no. Compare gt’s site with ours and their, and you will see the difference. And quite frankly, when was the last time .nl did something first??

@ anonymous: Because we’re idiots! :P ...well, and the fact that Ryanair can get us to and from ridiculously cheap! ;)

hehehe, i’m with fliss there ;)

I ment: they might have read the info first on the GT-site (before they saw it on the Daily), we all know they’re not that quick with news as you guys are.

Anyway, I don’t know ’the rules’ but they are redirecting to the main source. Looks fine to me.

** I don’t really care anyway, sorry I brought it up in the first place**

And if there any reason a non swede can’t jet in for the signing, or are we banned.. beside I think Per would appreciate seeing some outside fans!

great news for swedish people! but not good news for fans from outside of Europe! :D
lucky for you all :)

Anonymous; But the signing in Stockholm is quite late, so it won’t be a problem to go ther after work - for most people (as me for example).

Signed CDs can also be ordered from (but only with Swedish delivery).

Can´t understand the critisism really..
GT are a swedish band, and why would the go to, för example, Berlin to sign som CDs? Where were you people in the 80s? It´s really fun that many people abroad likes GT, but its a swedish band, for the swedish people first. You foreigners are bonus ;) Same complains about tickets, hard to get outside Sweden. Thats a reason for it. Cant really understand. For me, as a I remember in the 80:s GT were not the biggest band on the continent..
So people, you´re most velcome to Sweden this summer end please enjoy GT! But no more complains about how hard it is to get tickets or signed CD:s please :)

To stand in front of his house is not gonna make a lot of us jealous... IN the villa, that would be enough reason to envy you,so... GO for it!!!

Next time anonymous will log in as Åsa ;-)

WHOHOO you know where Per lives.. and your point is???

Anonymous 5/25/2004 14:53
I know where he lives to. Been there got the t-shirt.
I think A LOT of fans know!

No signings for me. *Sob*

Actually, he knew where I lived too. ;) But I moved, darn it... could’ve had him knocking on my door. :D

STILL no signing for me. *Double sob* ;)

@Anonymous: No prob there - we will join the session in Gothenburg. (-: Though we don’t smoke and don’t scream. I LOVE labels. :-P

I also hope there won’t be any Germans. Germans are so embarrassing. How comes they always scream although they’ve got such terrible voices? It should be forbidden. No, not it, sorry, they. Have you noticed the way they dress? Baaa, that must be joke! And Germans stink. Yes, they do. But why? Gemany is a highly developed country. Don’t they have water? Well, as long as they don’t waste the Swedish water... Really anonymous, I´m with you. I don’t like Germans. How about building a wall around Germany? They did a big mistake a few years ago, they should’t have torn the wall down but enlarged it a bit. Too late. What a pitty:-/ If you have any suggestions how to prevent Germans from entering Sweden mail me. Maybe we can work something out. But hurry up, there are only few days left.

Greetings from Stuttgart

@Roxfever: *ROFL* Maybe they should start building that wall around the Southern part of Germany, especially Baden-Württemberg - I’ve been hearing the worst fans live there!

Yes, absolutely. I’ve already written a nice letter to the German government. It was addressed to Gerhard Schröder himself. I mean, issues of such importance should be addressed to the big boss, should they? He even answered it right away although he is a very busy guy. He totally agreed and promised me to pass a law that forbids Germans to leave the country especially if they are heading for Sweden. Unfortunately it was rejected in the German Bundestag by a party called “die Grünen” (the Greens) (what a funny name for a party, hahahaha), which is, as Gehard told me, quite interessted in the peoples rights and therefore couldn’t agreed to this law. But Mr. Schröder also asked me to consult people from Sweden and to make them start a poll in Sweden about this issue because there the results would be quite clear which would make it more likey to be able to pass the law in Germany in the end. To all the Swedes out there, help us keep the Germans away from your country. Gerhard Schröder need you help!

Really? What a pity! We gotta do something to help him pass that law! Maybe we could found a party - something like “GAGS” (Germans against Germans in Sweden)?

This a German forum! Do you really think I would visit it? NEVER!

*edit* Starrox, good idea! We must do this!! In the name of all Germans and for all our Swedish friends we don’t want to bother any longer.

See you all there then?? ;-) The happy Gyllene fans family all together again?

I will visit Stockholm. Am I the only one?

I will join the signing session in Gothenburg and would like to get in touch with some GT fans before the signing!!! :)
Come from Norway 9th of june in order to attend a meeting in Gothenburg. Will stay until the day after the signing. Don´t know anybody in Gothenburg and it would be soooo great to meet somebody... Anybody out there????


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