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Gyllene Tider to release karaoke record

Written by tove on May 25, 2004 to .

GÖTEBORG - People have been singing along to Gyllene Tider songs for years, but now there’s to be another option available: karaoke!

  Göteborgsposten in their print edition on Friday reported that Gyllene Tider plans to create karaoke versions of their songs. Anders Herrlin is now listening to the songs and mixing them to take the vocals away.

  The compilation will be sold during the tour for the benefit of BRIS - Barnens Rätt i Samhället (Children’s Rights in Society).

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An official karaoke album is just perfect!

Oh Lord, I can already see myself jumping through the flat, this time singing on my own with the appropriate music... ;)

Anybody got a clue how much it’ll be?

Have a nice work ANDERS!!!!! :-)

Cool thing, I want that. :D

poor neighbours :D

Some unresolved rage issues, anonymous?

Meh, think I’ll pass.
I, and most likely my neighbours as well, prefer to hear Per sing.

Nice idea! I wish something like this was available for Roxette as well... Roxette - The Party Hits: Get yourself drunk and sing! ;-)

I wonder why you gotta hide behind the anonymous name…

But anyway, det är tuffa tider…. For a Roxette fan ;)

well i wont hide i admit to being sick of gt :)

If your that sick then p***off else where and leave others in peace... talk about wining like a friggin baby...

Yeah...if on DVD I’ll buy it just to laugh at the typical corny karaoke music vids...

#SOMMARTIDER lalalalalalala.
MEhnnarrr hennn yeaaaassss ehaffttttt adddrrrrrblablablabla#
Yeah, I can do karaoke! *Continues to sing*
Yeah, this could be fun. I can’t sing in Swedish to save my life, and karaoke, you’re allowed to sound a complete a*se. Yeaaaah. Coool.

I am gonna buy it... It will look good in the collection :D

and you guys who complains about TDR writing a lot about GT... would you prefer that TDR didn’t write anything? Roxette is not active this year...

What if I should vall the newspapers and tell them that I don’t want to read mroe about sports, how tupid would I be then? Just skip reading about GT if you are not interested...

yeah, it’s great, I will get e CD to my collection and the children gets more help.... It’s just great...


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