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Summer fun... Gyllene Tider’s new singles see sunshine!

Written by tevensso on May 16, 2004 to .

The Daily Roxette is proud to present, courtesy of EMI/Capitol Records, snippets of Gyllene Tider’s brand new double A-sided single “Tuffa tider/En sten vid en sjö i en skog”. In this Flash-based presentation, you’ll find several surprises!

  Many of our regular readers have already heard the complete songs after reading a TDR report Friday that revealed that one Swedish newspaper did not follow the procedure mandated by the record label and prematurely posted the songs to their website, in full. Göteborgs Posten has since been directed to remove the songs.

  Nevertheless, even if you’ve already heard the songs, we invite you to explore our Flash presentation, created for The Daily Roxette by Judith Seuma and Txiqui. You’ll find more than a few things to explore, including a contest for registered TDR subscribers!

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Bloomin’ clever lil’ web thingy there. :D
Although, that quacking duck almost gave me a heart attack. Don’t expect that this time of night. ;)


talk about the duck! I nearly died! I found out how to play the song....onlyfound a short stream of one song though....what about everyone else? :)

Wow! That was VERY nice of you, TDR team! You’ve found a way to surprise us, despite many of us have already heard the songs.
Great work! It was very funny!

GOD!! I’m way to blond to figure it out!

@purplemedusa :D

thats not fair - u guys didn’t cater for the blonds *sits in the corner & sulk with big puppy eyes*

=>I think it’s time 4 bed: can’t seem to post a message without fixing the spelling/grammer afterwords

I dont get it... perhaps it’s too early for me yet... *smile* Don’t find any contest and just one snippet of tuffa tider... and ofcourse the lyrics and that other stuff...

Ha ha! Great job guys... I couldn’t find the clip for “En Sten” at first, and then after I did I felt *really* stupid...! (-;

Baby-C: Just keep looking... ;)

Ha Ha... great works guys, a real credit to you....

I’m working on it... ;)

I’m glad that you like it! :))

I think I found everything.... ;) although must admit the EN STEN clip.. got me, until my brain kicked in!!!!! ;) ;) ;)

Just great!!!!!!!!
Thank you! I enjoy it a lot!!

Well, I have to admit that it took a while for me to figure it out, although it’s very logical ;) You guys really know how to surprise us. I felt like a little kid doing this. Really funny. Thanks a bunch! :D

lol. now THATS nice, thank you! i liked the two above micke best. ;)

lol that’s seriously great!! thanks guys!! Ally, I was the same on that one. it was actually your post that gave me the hints ;)

Move the mouse around EVERYWHERE. Bottom, middle and top. That’s what I did and found all in seconds. :D

NAJS, It will be a summer hit!
I’m going to the concert in Stockholm with my “ex-pre-ex” girlfriend.
We’re gonna have a great time.

Tuffa Tider is the Hit warning of the week on Rix FM, the biggest radio-station in Sweden.


OH... now I get it... it makes a big difference if I switch my speakers on... Clever tit I am!

May be it’s not too polite of me to write off-topic... but I’ll go totally mad if there are no news on our divine Marie! Dear TDR hosts, PLEASE, find out something on how she is now! As far as I remember, she must be also working on some stuff... And, please, don’t forget to pray for her!.. for them both...
Best regards to all of you,
stupid little Loki, deadly in Love with Roxette

Oh yeah - miss our sweet Marie, but trust that she’s doing gr8 & takin some needed time off!

We HAVE asked about Marie, but there is no reply from anywhere about her. So we’ll just leave it for now. Please continue discussing the topic.

I also tested the Flash without my speakers on... Ummm. :(

Thomas & TDR... you guys are doing a fantastic job & i trust that once you hear some news about Marie you’ll share it with the rest of us. So Loki... we’ll just have to b patient (but i know its hard!)

Just pondering over my thought-process of switching off the speakers in order to play those clips... weird indeed!

LOL, this is gr8, especially the duck! Thanx everyone!!

@ Loki: I agree!!! Too much silence makes me wondering if she ’s really feeling better.....

eerhm..yeah..the Flash-thing is funny..Thanx guys...

I still didn’t find tuffa-tider....grmpppfff...(...but I can’t take it out of my mind since yesterday...)

Tevensso thanks for putting the site with the lyrics and translation. It’s nice to know what they’re singing about. You saved me some time from opening up my dictionary and trying to translate it myself!

I pretty much figured out the chords, now with the lyrics I can play the song!

gr8 flash...

loooooooooooved it...

hmm i think i have found everything, but someone mentioned En sten... clip? I havent found it, so can you tell me where it is?;)

Nice flashy thing!

Sten=rock. :)

Aww tev-you give in too easy! You should have let them ’sweat it out’ and find them all on their own!! :)

I know, but I hate whining people... ;)


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