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GT’s single world premiere on May 15th

Written by tevensso on May 15, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Gyllene Tider will appear this Saturday on a morning television program. Their website has announced that the band’s first single will premiere on TV4’s program “Nyhetsmorgon” on May 15th.

  Update May 15: A “video” was shown, homemade, like the “Mazarin” sessions. The video looks perfectly OK. What was interesting is that a recording schedule in the video listed the illusive Roxette song “Ghost in the House” to be recorded. The Daily Roxette guesses this song has become “Ande i en flaska” in Swedish. Other interesting things on the schedule was for instance “Ingen kan som du”, which is on Per Gessle’s album “Demos”.

  Other than that Gyllene Tider feels that it was great to meet again, the songs were recorded very fast, sometimes even “too fast”, according to Micke Syd, drummer. The interview was rather vacant as nothing really new came up.

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hmm videoclip? Gyllene in the studio?

Awesome awesome awesome! Only 3 days to wait!!

My guess is that they will perform the new song playback??? Not enough time to put together a video clip yet, or...?

Awww they gonna miss the Eurovision! ;)

Hope we can see it at RoxBytes...

Good News... we’re counting on you :) very much :)

Well, now we have what we call “sommartid” in Sweden, which means that we’re not CET, we’re EET...

It still is called CET since central Europe also has switched to summer savings time. (No, I know that countries outside of EU haven’t.)

tevensso; Really? *surprised* And I thought I’d check it out and then I read about timezones and so on on :-/

Oh no! no chance for me to watch it! My parents won’t be very pleased with me spending the whole morning infront of the computerscreen when I’m back home for once... ;-)

The “video” was cool.

Are the rest of us going to see it on Roxbytes...someday?

maybe if you ask “please”? ;)

Big Please Pietro - with .zip extentions (*me* gives big puppy eyes).

You deserve a huge, warm, hug for all the effort for our convenience!

en sten vid.... was one of the best song on a lon long time, it wil be THE hit of the year in Sweden

Well, I can’t receive this channel, so I van’t seen the video myself. I dunno if anyone recorded it. If yea, mail me.

Pietro, log onto icq plz :)

Hmm, only me who noticed that the farfisamelody is the same as on Crush on you? I guess I liked Tuffa tider the best.

Where exactly is it on TV4’s website? I’ve tried to find it both in the Nyhetsmorgon webb TV section and in the videos section, but I couldn’t find me. Can anybody pass me a direct link to the page that has the stream? Thx.

sofia: I think this was the thought of many.. the intro reminds me of Love doesn’t live here or She doesn’t live here or.. don’t know, some other gessle song and the keyboard = crush on you. Sometimes I got the feeling Marie will start singing “crush on yoouuuu” :D

I can’t get the TV4 website to work!

Nope still not working here, is anyone getting unknown host error whilst trying to get on TV4 site?

First, get yourselves Flashget ( Then download the following files:

rtsp:// (for the music video)

rtsp:// (for gt’s appearance in the morning show)

When done, just open these files with Realplayer. Have Fun!

Btw, to find them on the website: , left menu >> NYHETER/VÄDER >>now you have to look at the right column. Headline: “Världspremiär för Gyllene tiders nya låtar” along with a photo similar to the one shown here in the news.


The video is available to download from - nothing tricky, simple http download. The two songs from the single are available in CD-quality now, but will be removed on Wednesday.

Thanx Pietro... much appreciated... I got the singles last night... although of course I am still buying them as well, only I’ll order with the album to save on postage! ;)

That video was kickass! Loved it!

Excellent video.... just as I expected! ;)

I can‘t find the new video on Roxbytes... Why? Did they remove it? Please help!

czesc blunek!

you can find it where the mp3s of the new songs are. That is:

Thank you very much Ktoto! :0)

is the interview still not available for downloading?

there’s just ’hidden text’. So, there’s nothing to see and/or enjoy about this link...

Well, that’s one of the nice things about YaBB SE-forums - you can hide stuff so only the people it’s meant for can see it and not everyone who happens to be a lurker... *g*

(And just in case you couldn’t tell before: yes, I’m REALLY sick and tired of people registering there just to be able to download stuff!)

I registered to that forum (long before this link was given) but still I can’t see it...typically the well-known thing of most German ’fans’ is getting clear again > keeping everything to themselves!

But OK, this is getting waaaay off-topic. I loooove the new GT songs and the video. Thanx for sharing! :-)

Sure, we always keep things to ourselves... *sigh* Ever thought about the fact that good and fast webspace and traffic isn’t exactly free? Why don’t you host the stuff, then we’ll talk again!

And you might want to find out who uploaded a majority of the things on RoxBytes...

Oh, and BTW: I shared things here more than once, not only mp3s of new songs, but also videos - I can’t exactly remember you doing that, so I don’t think it’s your place to complain...

AND you can’t see the link because you didn’t write anything in that particular topic, that’s all and that’s a feature that YabbSe offers.

/K. thx!

... which you would have known if you’d read the topics in the FAQ-section *g*

@Kiwein1: thanx!

this is NOT a competition to see who puts more things online for the others to download or whatever. It’s always _team_ work that makes it possible. One records it, the other edits it, the other puts it online...

It is nice when people record something and SHARE it for the others who don’t have the means to do so or have no clue how to do it.

So THANKS to ALL who share stuff :))

First of all: it’s never been a competiton for me, not at all! I just wanted to reply to that stupid comment about German fans always keeping stuff to themselves, cos that’s simply not true!

And well, in this case it’s definitely not team work! I recorded, edited, encoded and uploaded the file in question (a file that’s not even interesting if you don’t speak German, BTW) - to webspace I’m paying for, I might add! Don’t you think it should be my decision with whom I want to share the limited traffic with, too?

Actually, I didn’t mean your files, I was talking in _general_ about what is uploaded - specially - at roxbytes, cuz there’s _normally_ not only one person doing everything.. or there are files from many people :)

On the other hand, this has nothing to do with this piece of news...

No, not at all *g* But TDR doesn’t have a split-topic-function, does it? So I had no choice but to reply here ;-)

ok enough then :P

And as I said before, thanks to everybody who shares recordings and such :)

It says that she hasn’t said that the data has been removed, just that the link doesn’t work anymore.
Anyway: nuff sa(i)d!

Should I send the video to you m-cvk or don’t you want it anymore? :-) I can upload it if you want.

I think that Starrox is right about her decision. SHE has to pay for the traffic and it is HER webspace and SHE is one of the persons who offers VERY OFTEN things for download, isn’t she? What about you? Did you ever share something with the rest of the fan-world?

Get back to topic, please.

m-cvk has helped me with some files more than once - that she doesn’t share stuff online (which I have no clue if she has) doesn’t mean she isn’t a nice sharing person :)

And yes, get back to the topic.. you have a nice shinning off-topic forum for such stuff :D

I’m sorry for going off-topic! Won’t happen again. Only one more thing: I didn’t mean m-cvk and I didn’t blame HER, I blamed the ANONYMOUS person. (-:
My offer is still up-to-date - I can upload the video if she still wants it.

And here I am too get back to the topic :)...

why does the moderator (presenter?) asks Per about George Martin?

I guess my Swedish has to improve quite more if (hopefully) I’m gonna live for a year in Sweden and attend most lessons in Swedish ... it is easier to understand Swedes when the sing than when the speak, though they almost sing when they speak (I love this funny language ;) )...

Well, I got eventually off topic, sorry LOL

I can agree on the fact that m-cvk is a very nice person!!
So don’t blame her.
And no need at all to mention the war!!!

Sorry, but have to reply once more :-/

To the really brave anonymous person: thanks for reminding me why I chose not be on TDR as often as I used to! I really don’t need this kind of behaviour...


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