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Gyllene Tider updates their web site

Written by roxeteer on May 12, 2004 to .

(UPDATED) - Gyllene Tider has updated their official web site with the first promo picture for the forthcoming “Finn Fem Fel” album. In the photo the band poses by the sea and their faces, as well as the name of the band, have been covered with a crayon.

  Confirming that the release date for the album will be June 9, which is a week later than originally planned, the site plans to re-launch with new content on that date as well.

  Gyllene Tider has put some effort into their online presence. In addition to the band’s official web site, their GT25 summer tour has its own, regularly updated site. Both web sites are in Swedish.

Update May 12: A large picture of the sleeve has been added.

  Jicko contributed to this article.

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I want this album NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! jag har funnit sju fel.....

...and what kind of instrument does the duck play, by the way?

the duck’s been rescued (spelling?) from Stars video :D

They could have made this site in English too. I s’pose GTs know how many of their fans live outside Sweden...

The ducks were white...weren’t they..well....maybe the duck sings backround ...who knows...

@Junkie: Learning languages makes fun...try it...

Or the duck followed him because Per fed him with a bun...
Can’t wait to listen to the album!!!

Amazingly gr8!!! Hopefully the cover will really be like this, the duck rules!!! :) Want the CD now...and the single, mmm. :)

so.. who is who on the cover? ;)

i have to say that the frontside is kinda ugly. funny but ugly.

heheheh i cant wait for the album!!!! just a month to go*heheh*

I think the cover is quite clever... viewed at full-size, you can see that the crayon marks are not completely opaque... you can see through them a bit. It’s possible the marks may only be temporary... just a “teaser” preview of the actual cover. Either way, I REALLY like the photograph and think the beach setting is perfect.

However, I would have not chosen the “Wild West” font. I feel it’s out-of-place... and thus... on MY list of five mistakes, it’s #1. ;-)


I think it is like this...
Orange: Göran
Light green: MP
Red: Per
Purple: Anders
Green: Micke

The picture attached to the article may also be the cover of the album, but this picture has the release date printed (you can see the tiny text “Utgivning 9 juni 2004” below the band).

Can’t wait for the album!
I like the cover, but as a webdesigner I have to say that their site could have been better.

I like the pic. I hope its the cover. Minus the crayon of course :)

yeah pic is cool - would be better to see their faces though ;)

If this is the cover, it´s absolutelly perfect... very cool the crayon paint... very original idea.

Go GT, Go ! :)

All the best

Well, how many mistakes are there? I counted 7... ;-) Well anyway, funny cover...

check out the site there’s new stuff in it ;)

confirmed, the crayons will disappear in the original cover :P

WOW! GREAT COVERS for bothe the single and the album!

He he, now I see - MP is sitting on the air! ;-) I heard the photo was shot in a museum?

yeah - at least Micke said so :)

THe sitting on the air must be one of the errors to find :P’s a goose...not a duck! :)

I love this picture!!!! I want!!! I want!!! I want!!! I want!!! I want!!! I want!!! I want!!! I want!!! I want!!!....


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