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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

Extra concerts added to GT25 tour schedule

Written by tevensso on May 7, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Due to the enormous pressure for tickets Gyllene Tider has decided to add four new concerts to their schedule this summer:

July 24 - Stockholm’s Stadium, Stockholm

August 10 - Gränsö Castle, Västervik

August 17 - Jogersö, Oxelösund

August 18 - Örjans Vall, Halmstad - Sold out

The tickets will be released Friday May 7.

  There are now over 325,000 tickets sold. These new concerts are added to stifle ticket scalping.

  “We are overwhelmed! Not in our wildest dreams we could imagine that this tour would dwarf Återtåget! This may be very fun,” Per Gessle says in a statement.

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Cool! :-)))

weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii this rocks!!! my oh my... my poor bank account! :O

I simply KNEW the last concert won’t be in Skellefteå! *g*

poor scalpers :P

how many tickets did atertaget sell????

Great news!

And could this be the cover for Finn 5 fel?

It sure says teaser, but if that´s the case it must be the ugliest albumcover ever. I bet the content is better. :)

it is better than Konstpaus!

album covers get better and better :D

but I think the real cover won’t have those drawings.. btw, is that the duck from Stars? ;)

over 325’000 tickets? Incredible!

Glad I have one for three different shows...

Can’t wait for summer ;-)

Oh my, if this is the real cover... *LMAO* Even the ducks head got “removed” *GG*

Good news... good luck to all those wanting the tickets..

Simply great!! Now I’ll just can’t avoid buying tickets for Stockholm and Halmstad.... AGAIN!! oh well... hope for some fast luck on friday then ’cos I dunno if I have the energy to stand ticnet a whole day again.

Seems like they’re getting worse - one hour after the tickets went on sale and there are still some for Halmstad left ;-)

we got for Halmstad :D

I got tickets to Halmstad(18) and Malmö if somebody wants. [email protected]

Hell yeah... just got tickets for Öxelosund & Halmstad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Still no one who wants to buy a ticket to the premiere gig in Halmstad?

whats happenin in eskilstuna?!

@ xarrrr: I’m just guessing that he/she has a ticket for the Eskilstuna show and can’t wait ;)

Good Gt News :-) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....


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