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New GT single due to air on May 17

Written by tevensso on April 29, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Capitol Records announced today that Gyllene Tider’s first single off the forthcoming “Finn fem fel” album will be released to radio stations on May 17th.

  Although TDR was told at the release party for “GT25 - Samtliga Hits!” that the first single would be “En sten vid en sjö i en skog,” the band members will meet again next week to make a final decision on which one of the 15 songs featured on the new album will be chosen as the first single.

  The single is expected to show up in stores in early June.

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Can’t Wait!!!

i can’t wait anymore!!
And plz put a brand new pic beside article!

Great! By the way, the new album is already listed on CDON website, but we can´t encommend it yet.

About picture: I’m sure TDR would put a brand new picture beside the article... IF there was any new pictures taken! Which I think there ain’t. Yet.

Good news...;)

ah still some days to go.. *countdown*

oh wait, this is not about Roxette so who cares?? ;)

I actually don’t care, either. (-;

Yeah, me either...GT sucks actually!

(God, I am counting the days till May 17!)

Hip Hip Hooray! Can’t wait anymore... *gg*

GT rule! Can’t wait :D

GT beats the living crap out of Roxette any day of the week and twice on a weekend!!! ;-)

Dear God... they’re really cutting it fine with time... only deciding next week on first single which means the promo’s must be manufactured & delivered within a week... not to mention all the work that goes into putting a promo cd together => cover artwork ect... Good luck to the GT boys... seems that they have a lot to do the next couple of weeks!!

Yes sounds very promising :-))

Tssss what a shame printing an ariticle which has not to do with Roxette ... what a shame :-P *gg*

and the album is still due to publish on June 9th?

some send “home-recorded” CDs in a plastic bag with a printed promo text in it.. such CDs just have a blank sticker with the name of the band and title of the single.. ;)

Home-recorded: recorded at the record company’s.

great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It will be gold on the day of release, platinum 2 days later, I think :-)

It was birthday of Majsan’s daughter on April 29th, if it can be regarded as news about Majsan herself:) Anyway, happy 11, Josephine!

... Oh my God ...


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